iOS 10 To Give You Access To Dozens Of Third-Party Apps Within iMessage

iOS 10 To Give You Access To Dozens Of Third-Party Apps Within iMessage
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Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 will bring several new features, including improvements to the iMessage app. The Cupertino company has opened Siri to third-party developers to integrate their apps with the personal assistant. But an even bigger change is coming to the iMessage that will significantly accelerate the movement of messengers into the ‘new browser,’ reports Recode.

You’ll see many third-party apps in iMessage

The opening of iMessage to third-party developers through app extensions will give users access to apps within iMessage. It means many of the apps that sit on your home screen would soon be occupying a position inside the messaging service. These apps will be invoked natively from within the iMessage, so they should have the same OS-level capabilities as apps clogging up the home screen.

Chinese messaging app WeChat has already been doing something similar. WeChat, fundamentally a messaging app, has turned itself into a full-fledged business, generating revenue from games, payments, and advertising by app developers on the platform. Now it has become so popular and powerful that it has replaced the role of larger operating systems like Android and iOS. Users open the WeChat app to book a cab, order food, make payments, and do much more instead of opening a separate app to perform the same task.

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Which apps will be integrated with iMessage on iOS 10?

Among the first set of apps that will integrate with iMessage when the iOS 10 rolls out to consumers will be the payments apps Circle and Square. There will also be dozens of apps that will add a visual layer like GIFs, emojis, stickers, videos and disappearing texts to the messages you send. You will be able to use the full screen of your iDevice to use an app within iMessage.

Apple is betting that chat would become the next platform on which other companies could build multi-billion dollar apps. According to Apple, iMessage is the most-used app on the iOS. People are increasingly using messaging apps to communicate their ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It means the messaging apps have the best understanding of a user’s emotions, ideas and thoughts.

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