Old School Curated Links And News Aug 22 Edition

Old School Curated Links And News Aug 22 Edition

Old School Curated Links And News Aug 22 Edition by Jae Jun

Welcome to the Aug 22nd edition of the Old School Curated Links and News.

I provide the latest round of valuable content that I’ve been reading/following as well as short updates to Old School Value you may be interested in.

Seth Klarman’s 2021 Letter: Baupost’s “Never-Ending” Hunt For Information

Baupost's investment process involves "never-ending" gleaning of facts to help support investment ideas Seth Klarman writes in his end-of-year letter to investors. In the letter, a copy of which ValueWalk has been able to review, the value investor describes the Baupost Group's process to identify ideas and answer the most critical questions about its potential Read More

With many people on vacation during August, Friday isn’t the best time to send out a list of links.

So I’ve moved it temporarily to a Monday for the next month or so.

Old School  Value: VIP Email List – How to Get Added

In the meantime, I’m preparing to send out extra hidden content to VIP people via email.

I’ve had a lot of people request to be added to the VIP list or ask how they can be included.

Here’s how it works.

If you want to get added to list, just open your emails regularly. I’ve got it set up so that when you open an email, you get a point.

Reply to an email and you get 5 points.

Visiting a page on old school value also scores you a point.

Everyone starts with 30 points and when you reach 45 points, I take it as a sign that you are interested reader and you get added to the VIP list.

Inactive people lose a point each week and get deleted when the last 12 emails are not read and scores are below 30.

Competitor Comparison Around the Corner

This week, our first version of the comparison feature will be released.


It takes us longer than what I’d like to release new features. But there’s a reason of course.

We could easily create a simple feature to meet user requests, but as you’ll see, we treat each feature like its own dedicated app. We opt for creating top-of-the-line features heavily focused on usability to make it easier and enjoyable to use.

We are also working on the screener which many people have requested. And again, I want to make the best one possible and not just throw out a “pizza box” and expect you to be happy with it.

Thanks for waiting folks. Getting closer to being able to fully market Old School Value as an online + spreadsheet valuation app.
Once the screener is up (expecting September release), prices will be going up on Oct.

If you’re an existing member, your rate is locked in. No price increases if your account is active.

Now, onto the links.

Old School Value Articles You May Have Missed

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  • The Profoundly Simple Wisdom of Walter Schloss on Producing Towering Returns

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