Analyst Quiz Part II: Mr. Ackman Enters Your Office

Analyst Quiz Part II: Mr. Ackman Enters Your Office

    • Part I: I will discuss in another post and send a gift to all who provided comments.

      Mr. Ackman calls you into his office and tells you that he shorted gold three days ago, because he wants to make money to support his positions in VRX, etc. Goldman Sachs promised sub-$1,000 gold in 2015.  He ignored whatever you said because you are a “junior” analyst.   But today gold is up $50 +.   Pershing Square recently installed two hotlines: 1. for investor suicide prevention and 2. for death threats.   Phones are ringin’ off the hook.

      Also, this morning Janet Yellen had a nervous breakdown during her testimony to Congress.  She told Congress that, “We have no clue what is going on.”  Then she asked Congressional leaders to join her in prayer, “God, Help us!”

      Quant ESG With PanAgora Asset Management’s George Mussalli

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      You recently read:

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      The above readings you may or may not agree with but you press on to learn more. And you see this:


      What do you advise Mr. Ackman to do now?

      God, Help us!

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