The Top 10 Hits of 2015 That Are Packed with Value

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1 year sounds like a long time.

But if you break it down in 365 days, or 52 weeks or 12 months, a year is an instant.

And 2015 was like instant noodles.

Gone before you knew it.

But… unlike noodles that don't pack much value, I've got 10 posts that were published in 2015 you don't want to miss.

Number 1 – Changes in Working Capital and Owner Earnings


Starting at the top is the detailed explanation to Changes in Working Capital and Owner Earnings.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to changes in working capital and for the longest time, I struggled with the concept myself, so make sure to read it and download the companion spreadsheet.

Number 2 – Mohnish Pabrai: The Checklist Investor


This one was published in early December so for this article to make the top 10 list shows that

  1. people are interested in checklists
  2. Mohnish is a favorite in the value world

Either way, make uses of checklists or a process to keep emotions out of the equation and to limit your downside risk.

Number 3 – How Buffett Interprets Financials Statements

shareasimage (1)

I updated the article in 2015 to provide more examples and better clarity of explanations.

There's literally a ton of ways to cut the financial statements and analyze it, but this one takes a look via the Buffett angle and what metrics and criteria he would look for.

Number4 – My Top 10 Stock Valuation Ratios

valuation ratios

These are still my top 10. If I change my mind with anything, I'll update the article.

But as of 2015, this is my list of favorite metrics and how to use and interpret each one.

Number 5 – 60 Value Investing Resources


Save yourself some time and use this list of sites and other resources that I personally use.

I hate wasting time searching and looking up stuff so this is a focused and filtered down list of the web's best resources for value investors.

Number 6 – What is Owner Earnings

Microsoft Owner Earnings CalculationMicrosoft Owner Earnings

I show you how to calculate and interpret owner earnings. It gets complicated because of the “changes in working capital” but read my explanation and it should become much clearer.

Examples and companion spreadsheet provided.

Number 7 – Best Investment Books


I'll be working to update this list more often.

My focus when recommending books is to look for hidden gems. I'm not after light reading or simple intros to value investing. I love practical and actionable books and those are the types of books that I recommend.

Check out my list that I've also categorized according to level of expertise.

Number 8 – Why You Shouldn't Worry About Market Crash 2015


After all the huff and puff in the media throughout 2015, it ended where it started.

There was no crash – 2016 maybe ;P

Either way, a simple and logical reasoning for why you shouldn't concern yourself with market crashes or the fear that media puts out there.

Number 9 – Walter Schloss' Wisdom on Producing Towering Returns

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Get the entire 10-part series on Walter Schloss in PDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your tablet, or email to your colleagues.


An under the radar legend.

Lots of insight into how he thought about stocks and what produced his amazing returns. The more you read his writings and thinking process, the more impressed you get over his ability to stick to his strengths and principles.

Number 10 – 5 Advantages Your Hold Over Professional Investors


Despite what people or the media say, you have a very good chance of beating professional money managers.

These are simple advantages that you should remember and maintain. Don't try to play the same game or by the same rules, otherwise you'll lose.

Play to your small investor strength and you'll do better than billion dollar hedge funds posting double digit losses.

Bonus: Top 10 Articles Throughout 2015

The articles above were for the articles published in 2015. This list the top 10 from all the articles ever published.

  1. The Best Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet
  2. 20 Balance Sheet Ratios to Determine Health Status
  3. The Complete Guide to Changes in Working Capital
  4. How to Value Stocks Using the Ben Graham Formula
  5. FIFO and LIFO Inventory Valuation Methods
  6. Does the Magic Formula Really Work?
  7. Warren Buffett's Career Timeline and Investments
  8. Master Analyzing the Cash Flow Statement
  9. 7 Cash Flow Ratios Every Value Investor Should Know
  10. How to Calculate Maintenance Capex

There you have it.

20 links packed with value that will be helpful to get your 2016 started.

Additional Articles I Recommend

Get The Full Warren Buffett Series in PDF

Get the entire 10-part series on Warren Buffett in PDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your tablet, or email to your colleagues

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