U.S. Wants War With Russia: Former U.S. Army Officer

U.S. Wants War With Russia: Former U.S. Army Officer
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Amid hot tensions between the U.S. and Russia, there are indications that Washington is seeking to wage World War 3 against Moscow, according to a former U.S. Army officer.

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine suggests that Washington is seeking a war with Russia by stirring up tensions in Ukraine, says Joachim Hagopian, a former U.S. Army officer and an analyst. Biden arrived in Ukraine on Sunday to reassure the Ukrainian government that the U.S. still remembers its eastern European ally even though it cooperates with Moscow on fighting ISIS – a.k.a. Daesh – terrorists in Syria.

Biden arrived in Ukraine to “kind of reassure the Kiev puppet ally government that the United States is standing behind them, ready for World War 3 against Russia,” Hagopian told Press TV on Sunday.

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“I think that we are seeing polarization and a movement towards more confrontation, unfortunately, and I think that this Biden visit to Ukraine is the same [as] ‘you know, we are going to be there for you when World War III starts, we are going to be fighting right alongside you’,” the analyst said.

Russia has a winning card over U.S. allies

Hagopian also said that Russia’s enormous natural energy resources are Russian President Vladimir Putin’s winning card against America’s constant push for military confrontation. Countries like Turkey and Ukraine, both of which have been on the brink of unleashing a military conflict with Russia, are having difficulties over the future of their energy ties with Moscow, their main supplier, according the analyst.

Moscow recently introduced economic sanctions against Turkey, which will cost the country approximately $9 billion. Moreover, Ankara is on the verge of losing Russia as its main energy resources supplier after the Turkish military last week shot down a Russian jet in its airspace.

Describing the situation with Russia using energy resources as a very effective deterrent against Washington’s influence, Hagopian said that Turkey and Ukraine “shot themselves in the foot” and have become “puppets” of the U.S. in exchange for energy supplies.

Here’s how the U.S. is going to win sea battles against Russia

The former U.S. Army officer’s comments about the U.S. seeking to wage World War 3 against Russia come amid reports that the U.S. Navy’s largest-ever guided missile destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, began its first sea trials. According to RT, the state-of-the-art destroyer cost over $4 billion to design and build and took a couple of decades to construct, while its design has flaws and even potential risks. On Monday, the ship left the Bath Iron Works on the Kennebec River in Maine to go through several naval tests.

“Over the next several days, the Navy will demonstrate many of the ship’s key systems and technologies,” said Capt. Thurraya Kent, a Navy spokeswoman, according to the Associated Press. “The Navy and the shipbuilder are executing the test program of this first of class ship with extreme rigor and this initial at-sea period will allow for earlier issue identification and risk mitigation.”

The USS Zumwalt is 600 feet long and features laser weapons and antennas. With total costs likely to reach $22 billion, the ship is set to replace the Navy’s current fleet of Arleigh-Burke destroyers. It can be particularly useful in multi-mission warfare, being an anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface guided-missile destroyer.

Controversy over USS Zumwalt and its dangerous flaws

However, the design of the USS Zumwalt has already triggered a round of controversy. According to Defense News, the destroyer’s tumblehome hull, a wave-slicing angled front in which the warship’s sides slope outward rather than inward, is intended to pierce through waves and ride them.

Such hulls have not been featured in ship designs since the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 when French shipyard designers commonly used the tumblehome hull in an attempt to create better sea-worthiness. Instead, French shipyard designers learned that these hulls caused stability problems, while the Russians found it perfect for navigating through canals.

Defense News reported that at least eight current and former U.S. Army officers, Navy engineers, architects and naval analysts have voiced concerns about the USS Zumwalt’s stability problems, saying it could easily roll over. And then there is its alleged stealth ability.

“Stealth was BS to start with and is still BS,” a civilian naval architect told Defense News.

Are destroyers worth taxpayer’s money?

“The trouble is that as a ship pitches and heaves at sea, if you have a tumblehome instead of flare, you have no righting energy to make the ship come back up,” Ken Brower told Defense News. “On the DDG 1000 [Zumwalt], with the wave coming at you from behind, when a ship pitches down, it can lose transverse stability as the stern comes out of the water – and basically roll over.”

However, the U.S. Navy still insists that the design of the destroyer is completely safe, claiming that they have already tested the warship for all potential risks. Meanwhile the destroyer’s safety and costs are not the only concerns of the public. Many analysts question whether it is a reasonable use of U.S. taxpayer’s money in the 21st Century to build warships and whether warships are the right fit for future warfare.

“No ship is more interesting in the way that it links the past with the questions that surround the future of naval war,” Peter Singer, a senior officer at the New America Foundation, told Associated Press. “It is a both a throwback and a breakthrough. It is the size of a World War I battleship, originally designed for gunfire shore bombardment, a role many are not sure we even need any more, but utterly revolutionary in other ways.”

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  2. She is incapable of writing one of these clickbait, sensationalized “articles” without mentioning “nuclear war” and “World War 3”. It’s just irresponsible.

  3. You should read an article about nuclear primacy in a publication by the Council on Foreign Relations.
    Again, the goal is to have an arsenal convincing all nations that the US can launch a “winning” first strike. This line of baloney includes NATO/US being able to use its overwhelming conventional forces to bomb or invade anywhere, in eastern Ukraine, Taiwan, and Russia and China cowering. Our national policy for over a decade has been preemption, prompt global strike – code speak for first strike.

  4. How does that pertain to my comment? You’re just pointing out the obvious… We were VERY close to a nuclear death during the cold war, and we’re there again now. Not as close right now, but we’re getting closer everyday.

  5. Yeah right… And Santa Claus is real :) NATO wants to keep peace on Earth. That is one peaceful alliance. Shame on Russians, look how close they put their country to those NATO bases all around it.

  6. There you go again, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH… did you just copy and paste in the top comments? lol – you are most likely living around our bible belt.

  7. Where is Russia do you live? How much per asinine post do you get from the KGB? Russia built its castle on sand. The USA does not give a crap about your failed state.

  8. There is nothing accurate about your post.

    There is no Air Force base in Russia that belongs to the US. The American anti-ballistic missile defense line is mostly in Europe, not along the border to Russia. There are not thousands of Abrams tanks in all former Soviet Union countries combined. Russia can not afford to modernize it’s military. It can only afford a few of it’s newest hardware; which are still being developed but are all 30+ years behind American tech. Nukes are much scarier than any other weapon developed period. Many underground bunkers can survive a powerful nuclear blast directly.

    I’m pretty sure you’re pulling my leg at this point.

  9. Always found that stupid people always make stupid assumptions but in your case after clicking on your icon I know what you are, and as for my residence try the Empire State and if you don’t know where that is look it up LMAO.!!!.!!!

  10. Polina, when you turn 40 (if) , suddenly a shame of realizing how tiny in terms of value and how disgusting in terms of centuries long friendship between Ukraine and Russia these articles were, will conquer your sole

  11. if it were truth and not a bunch of made up nonsense, in addition to finally enabling comments with out censorship. incitement to riot is a thing….creating hypothetical ideals and saying they are facts is a twisting of the truth and it gets people killed by proxy of lies.
    has nothing to do with US media I watch public broadcasting anyway to get world news.

  12. Welll, well, well… what do we have here? Another baby crying for CNN and the US media? Ahahaha


  13. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN….That’s why I keep saying that she needs to move to CNN, or ABC, Foxy, The New York Times, NBC or any US media. Ahahaha…. HOW FUNNY WHEN WE SEE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN, HUH, MY FRIENDS? We immediately start Crying. WELL GUEST WHAT? WELCOME TO REALITY…WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN…WELCOME TO WHERE THE TRUTH HURTS!!!!!

  14. The prospect of nuclear war has existed since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It certainly isn’t any more likely today than it was during the height of the Cold War when Russia actually WAS a superpower.


  16. OHHHH YEAH— That’s why I keep saying that she needs to move to CNN, or ABC, Foxy, The New York Times, NBC or any US media. Ahahaha…. HOW FUNNY WHEN WE SEE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN, HUH, MY FRIENDS? We immediately start Crying. WELL GUEST WHAT? WELCOME TO REALITY…WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN…WELCOME TO WHERE THE TRUTH HURTS !!!!!

  17. Oh yeah we don’t care- that’s why we dismantled NATO, and stopped poring billions of American tax $$$$ into their governments. Oh yeahhhhh- we don’t care about Russia. hahahaa

  18. This question is as useless as asking why is the US maintaining NATO.. Everyone knows the US does not wants for Russia to be as powerful as it is, and has invited other nations (by pouring billions of American tax payer’s $$$$ into their governments), in an effort to keep them together against Russia.

  19. ValueWalk is a propaganda rag anyway. Although once when I was in the Navy as a young linguist in training a master chief cornered me at the coffee pot and told me how he was spoiling for a fight with the Russians. He missed the cold war. This was at the one of the NSA’s foreign language centers on the University of Maryland’s campus. That and Obama being elected a month earlier did it for me so I tossed my uniform in the garbage and went UA to the Nevada Desert, because I was sure that we were all screwed. Later on I wound up in Ukraine translating and teaching. Nowadays I realize a few fringe whackos do not speak for the whole, and am a bit slower to act on my ill-advised impulses. At the time I deserted we were friendly with the Russians, and senior RU-ling personnel were being encouraged to retire so they could cut down the number of billets. The Russian language department was shrinking. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t get court marshalled for desertion, they just let me go. In the end no sane military member wants war, although they constantly prepare for it. The ones that say they do aren’t worth quoting because they’re obviously off their rocker. What happened between now and then is anyone’s guess, but to me it looks like desperation on the part of Vladimir Vladimirovich. The media that tries to fan the flames of this conflict ought to be ashamed.

  20. Russia is the country with a published first strike military doctrine. None of the western nuclear powers have that in theirs.

  21. I agree with this article. The propaganda against Russia and China reach all time high recently. Looks like US is preparing for WW3.

  22. No misinformation at all. Unlike your home of Russia things like this are public record in the US. Easy to find if one cares to look. Of course Russian propaganda has never been very well done.

  23. Same old, worn out script. Can’t your handler’s in St Petersberg come up with anything new?

    Of course Russia doesn’t want a nuclear war. WE all know it is bluster trying to hide how weak Russia is from the larger population. Putin wants to remain power and he knows if he pushes too far and war breaks out he will lose it. On the otherhand he could care less if he destroys Russia internally as long as he is the one in charge.

  24. Narusasuke… Maybe I was not trying to impress anybody as you seem to think. Maybe I was trying to get attention and express my concern which is a different approach to the problem from any other that I have read on these sites. Also, I don’t need you to decide what is mature and what is not mature because I’m sure that you don’t have a monopoly on how opinions should be expressed.

  25. There are certain leadership traits and clarity that Putin brings to the forefront. Although I do not agree with all decisions he makes nor do I trust his motivations…there are some thing he correctly observes.

  26. I am really not understanding where you are coming from. I am against any war right now. I have no desire for a war in Russia with Russia or anyone else.

  27. Absurd. The US is no nation of saints, but our leaders aren’t completely stupid: they aren’t looking for war with a nuclear-armed opponent.

  28. It’s not an opinion, Yuliya Pogosova. It’s a paid propaganda piece. I know propaganda when I see it. I watch the Republican Presidential candidates lie every night on the news.

  29. The US is not trying to go to war with Russia, but it is doing everything to preserve its dominance. It’s a very very dangerous game. It involves keeping everyone else from rising, with military force if needed. Of course every empire in history of mankind who had tried thought they would succeed where others had failed before them. America is no different.

  30. News flash Russians and paid trolls. The USA doesn’t care about your mafia run country. Just don’t mess with people that don’t want to live like you.

  31. This guy is an idiot. How would it feel to wake up and Washington DC, CHicago and Houston are gone? Totally wiped out from Nuclear war? This is what WW3 will bring. Avoid it at all cost. Only way to wage a war against russia is from within, they have to get the people to get rid of putin.

  32. I am a ex- US Army Captain and if I say the moon is made out of chese it is just as fact based as the rediculous statements in the article. The world is full of paid spokesmen for the gangster named Putin. This nuckle head is off his rocker.

  33. Wow. If a person with the “credentials” that Polina Tikhonova claims can write such an article, based on sophistry and wild speculation, it shines a bright light on the institutions of “higher learning” that endowed her with those journalistic and philological “credentials.”

  34. Stealth was BS to start with and is still BS

    Yes and no. It is not BS right now. But stealth can be defeated by software which removes the background noise. Think of it like looking into night time sky for a geo-stationary satellite. That satellite does not move in relation to the stars so you think it is just another star. Now imagine that you have a computer program in your binoculars that hides everything beyond the moon’s orbit. Suddenly all those satellites stand out clearly.

    This type of computer logic was not possible 4 years ago. It is being developed now. When it comes online, all stealth will be BS and the only capable fighter the US has will be the F-22. The F-35 is slow and not maneuverable and has limited range in comparison to 20 year old American and Russian and Chinese fighters. Hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars spent developing an air force that can and will be defeated by a team of 10 good computer programmers.

  35. would value walk stop publishing the 1/2 truth propaganda for Russians in the world view………..for christs sake your an idiot fooling the fires of ignorance and innuendo.

  36. After hundreds of articles demonizing Russia by pushing into people’s head the expression “Russian aggression” i am still waiting to this day for someone to point out what exactly Russia is doing wrong.
    The Ukraine crisis where Russia’s troops aren’t even present, and that US has started by overthrowing Ukraine’s government ? is that it? And if this is so wrong that US needs to go to war with Russia what about the countless wars of US where they actually had it’s troops in using bombs and killing millions of people? The Iraq invasion alone was illegal and against UN permission leaving 1 million dead.
    Leaving aside the numerous other countries US has invaded , and the countries US has overthrown the governments of.
    By Joe Biden’s theory US should have been bombed to ashes a long time ago.

  37. You guys do realize this lady has been posting inflamitory articles like this for over three months? First of all none of her articles are legitamate. And the little bits we have been able to verify were actually grossly misstated to the point of only resembling the original informationing in structure. @disqus_KsWllXbaTx:disqus Seriously… turn off the damn caps key. No one is impressed. If you want to have an adult discussion… act like an adult.

  38. I’m not surprised anymore of any idiotic US govt and people intentions and decisions after 20 years living and working in US.Yanks is nation of 80% of irresponsible imbeciles.Clear indication of mankind degradation.


  40. Broski you’re wrong. There is even an American Air Base in Russia . only one but its there . A missile defense US build all over Russian borders. There are thousands of Abrams tanks in former Soviet Union republics. It’s all normal my brother. Russians don’t sit on their asses neither. Look how they modernized their Army. Nukes are 20th century. Now there are way scarier weapons . even super duper underground bunker won’t save you if you’re in a wrong place at the wrong time.

  41. It doesn’t look like we actually want war with Russia. Our politicians just can’t stand for any country that won’t take orders from us. Everything would be fine if Russia would learn to take a knee and wait for orders

  42. It would be my dream come true: seeing the planes bomb the Kremlin, Russian ballistic missiles exploding before leaving the launch pads… BUT AIN’T gonna happen. We all know this, since Russia will do anything it can to avoid it and the US has better things to do.

  43. So you base your article on some random ‘analyst’ and ‘former U.S. Army officer’? One, which may I add, refers to the Ukrainian government as a ‘Kiev puppet ally government’? Sorry Polina, apparently your degree at Oxford means very little unless you are actually a propagandist rather than a journalist.

  44. How stupid is that? If the US wants war with Russia then how come they don’t give Ukraine the weapons??? If they want the war with Russia then how come they don’t come to Ukraine and fight for it??? WHAT A DUMB ARTICLE! I am sure it was not based on the US officer’s statements, but a lame stupid media worker that knows nothing about anything and is a typical moron dummocrat!

  45. The guy is a former army officer talking about navy ships?? EPIC FAIL PULINA (as in Putler’s Girl) Ukraine and Turkey going to war against Russia? How about the other way around.

  46. That is exactly right. Defense. There will be no winners in a nuclear war, and with the US putting up all types of missile defense systems, Russia needs to make sure that it’s not forced to fight a conventional war it can’t win. As long as enough of its nukes can get through, Russia knows the US can’t wipe it off the map without ending the world, as Biden apparently wants to do.

  47. Nobody should need any article, or retired military person to tell them that the U.S. is trying to instigate war with Russia… just pay attention to world events. It is obvious! Everything our administration does aims to antagonize Russia and co-opt their distribution of oil to Europe and Asia. Furthermore, the mentality of those who control our country is such that they will not want to wait until Russia and China gain better military might and technology. 20 years from now we will have no chance of winning a war against either one, let alone both. They study game theory, and game theory says (in their logical view of the world) that if we are going to fight Russia and China, we have to do it now. But, of course, we don’t ever (officially) start wars. So we are doing everything in our power to instigate war, or to put ourselves in a position where we are on the opposite side in a global conflict (i.e. NATO and friends vs. Russia, Syria, Iran, etc.).

    Those who cannot see this for themselves have too many screws loose!

  48. US is number one in the world in spending thrillions on the projects that end up as garbage or being cancelled at early stages. Same thing happened with f22 raptor. 44 states were building it and it was called “impossible to fail” …its been cancelled . each plane costs 356million USD while Russian pak fa or t50 is better in every characteristic, cost 58 mil USD, flies higher, longer and faster than f22. Stealth and laser technologies are bs. Russians build UHF radars since ww2 and they have longer waves that make it capable to see any stealth from 200 miles away. Laser weapons can hit a slow moving drone that is flying by straight trajectory. For mach 3 plane like 40 yr MIG25 can do, or for a hypersonic Rocket or for torpedoes that move under water at mach speeds as well , all that laser crap won’t work. You want to know how superior we are, please read what happened to uss captain hook or admiral hook in black Sea. People think Russians stuck in the 80s ask yourself how many drones were simply taken by Russian system ” avtobaza” ? Do u know that Russians have radio electronic forces that can do the same thing you saw in the movie Independence day, when no missile can penetrate the force shield on ufo. Remember that? Well, it looks exactly the same but works on missiles and rockets only. Of course there’s no shield , it just looks like that, but its effective. US however has amazing technologies as well , only we don’t hear about them. Like they have a camouflage that works the exactly same way as an invisible cloak in Harry Potter movie. MIT students invented by the way. I think instead of laser US should put a rail gun on that ship. Rail gun projectile flies at mach 7 easy. It doesn’t even have a war head . pure force of depleted uranium and tungsten. Or do you ever hear about TR3b ? Its basically reverse engineered UFO. 89% gravity reduction so 89% less gforce on the body. You can fly at speeds people cannot withstand in a regular jet fighter, not even SR71 that goes 3,2 mach . Anyways , don’t let this article give u panic attack. It was made to scare Americans and to make Russians masses be more patriotic and obidient. Putin doesn’t want to die as much as Obama. And with new crap invented nukes are not the strongest weapon anymore. So since US is surrounded by bad spots like San Andreas, we’ll lose both East and West coasts as soon as WW3 starts. I’ll fight for US even though I’m a Russian immigrant. I have an American wife and my family is here as well. I know just because I’m fluent in Russian and I served in the Army, my skills will be put to a good use. USA is the best country in the world. I’ll gladly die protecting it .

  49. Why does russia have more nukes than america, even after russia and us agreed to dismantle them, oh yeah defense for American aggression right?

  50. Hey old….you can take this to the bank……Russia does not want WWIII.
    This crap in Ukraine and Syria was all started by you know who…..
    The U.S. created and resourced ISIS and Al Qaeda…and the U.S., as per Victoria Nuland, spent $5 billion destabilizing and overthrowing the lawfully elected government of Victor Yanukovich in Kiev.
    Wake up pal……Fox News, or CNN for that matter, is NOT a very good source of truthful/factual information…no matter what the No Spin Zone infers!!

  51. And the trolls join the conversation this old whatever has a long history of posting mis-information and I’m sure he has many friends all employed by the same source.!!.!!!

  52. I was young during the Cuban missile crisis. Yes, there were kooks back then who wanted a nuclear war with Russia. Sane minds prevailed, and generations of people from both countries lived lives without experiencing the effects. Of course there are people in government now who have the same insane desire. But that isn’t what is driving this. To promote wasteful defense spending, the defense industry has floated the insane idea that the US, with enough money, can build an arsenal capable of launching a successful 1st strike against Russia or China. The “sane” spin on this idea is that the arsenal will enable the US to dictate world events by threatening 1st strike. So sickos + crooks = WWIII.

  53. As the mailman told Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, “Bitches be crazy.” Thanks, Polina, for proving him right. Russia steals Crimea and invades eastern Ukraine and Polina concludes that the U.S. wants war based on the purported comment of some ex “Army officer” with undisclosed rank. But then I would suspect that a journalism degree from St. Petersburg State University focuses more on the promotion of propaganda than it does truth-telling.

  54. Officer, enlisted or whatever, he is an idiot and a moron, and publishing this C _ _ _ on line is idiotic. From 4th generation military ( USMC Vietnam veteran )

  55. I posted this earlier. It’s and excerpt from the the case in the Library of Congress.

    Cadet Joachim Hagopian was ordered separated from West Point for deficiency
    in conduct after receiving 107 demerits, an excess of five over the maximum
    allowed for the December 1971 – June 1972 demerit period. His separation came
    after consideration by the eighteen-member Academic Board. ….

  56. Check out the West Point record of the “Army Officer” in the article. He was expelled as a cadet, forced to serve as enlisted to pay back the money West Point spent on him for education. This happened in his third year at the academy in 1972. Docket on the internet. So he was never a Officer in the Army, cadets are not considered Officers in the U.S. Army.

  57. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    Albert Einstein
    He was right.

  58. It seemed more specifically between the two states, not their allies. Even still, the US navy would be a fair match for Russia and its allies combined. But if you want to bring allies into it, the US has FAR more naval firepower when their allies are factored in. It’s not even a competition really. But all of this is a moot point because the notion that either the US or Russia want war with each other is ridiculous. No one in their right mind wants the nuclear disaster that would inevitably ensue.

  59. Obama will do anything to destroy this country. He wants to take away American guns while sending Muslim “moderate” terroist in Syria assault weapons.

    I have no faith in Obama and wouldn’t put it past him to start a war with Russia to appease his Muslim friends in other countries and the bloodthirsty warmongers like Hillary and Harry Reid.

  60. The alleged officer was kicked out of West Point in his 3rd year so he has an axe to grind. Of course he doesn’t tell people that.

  61. So some rather low-level officer’s comments are the basis for determining that WWIII is wanted by the US? At least this ‘journalist’ did not quote Obama, the captain of the bathtub navy.

  62. She’s a Kremlin propagandist. Would you expect anything different from a country that can’t even do a decent fake with Photoshop?

  63. It is important to note this guy has multiple conspiracy books he it pushing. Let’s also take a look at this so called officers history.

    Excerpt from the Library of Congress:
    Cadet Joachim Hagopian was ordered separated from West Point for deficiency
    in conduct after receiving 107 demerits, an excess of five over the maximum
    allowed for the December 1971 – June 1972 demerit period. His separation came
    after consideration by the eighteen-member Academic Board.

  64. Yeah, yeah, RUSSIA. Yeah, yeah, WAR. All this dumb bitch ever writes about is how great Russia is and how America would lose any conflict because we apparently only have the ability to throw rocks and jab with pointy sticks. Anyone stupid enough to believe it, feel free to jump.

  65. How this idiot journalist Tikhonova (I use the term short of a public description I’d rather not use) can equate the U.S. wanting war with Russia because of Biden’s visit is beyond me. She takes the term poetic license to a new level!

  66. Ms Tichonova seems to have some sort of agenda of provoking conflict. She writes an entire article based on some “analyst” comment to a magazine rag. This guy Hagopian is a blogger who makes some comment about his thoughts of why Biden is in Ukraine and she runs with it. Amazing she has the means to convey her stupidity on this site.

  67. This will not stop. It WILL get worse. This is the end of days. The Last Days. You need to read your Bible more. Particularly, Daniel, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Matthew 24. That would be a remedial beginning.

  68. This just show that lunacy of some analysts do not have borders. After 50 years of real ideological conflict that did not end up in WWIII, the assumption that Ukrainian, Turkey, or Syrian hiccups can do it is moronic.

  69. Regarding the U.S. supposed Naval dominance, You left out Iran and China…They BOTH have Russia’s back. Author…you need to read and research more.

  70. You sir, have a severe case of (analrectalitis)-translation, having your head up your own ass previnting you to see the light of day!

  71. NATO doesn’t show any signs of falling apart, no matter how hard the illusion of dissension in the NATO ranks and the weakness of the alliance is put forth. These are exciting times.

  72. As far as my opinion is concerned, no one will be benefited from world war III. Hence, we need to see a peaceful world. These two nations are superpowers. If they allow themselves into war, they might use their mass destructive nukes and the world will be disappeared. Stop war!!! May God bless our world!!!

  73. US does not have a leader that wants war, however Putler has been pushing his luck and threatening Nuclear war yet again and if he keeps threatening the pentagon will have no choice but to prepare NATO to defend itself regardless of odumbo’s position..

  74. Not really. Biden just called Crimea The Crimea while in the Ukraine. The optics would suggest he’s laying claim to it as this corrupt Administration has throughout its war with Russia. Basically Obama is funding killing cops in the USA with only BLM with anti-Russian military bluster. As the entire world now knows, he’s a bad racist. But please, keep up the Charlie Rose euphemisms. As you can see, jargon comes in handy.

  75. As far as my opinion is concerned, no one will be benefited from world war III. Hence, we need to see a peaceful world. These two nations are superpowers. If they allow themselves into war, they might use their mass destructive nukes and the world will be disappeared. Stop war!!! May God bless our world!!!

  76. anyone who has not yet figured out this is a planted Russo-friendly story is stupid. Alleged “US Army” officer is not identified by what his specialty is, and has an Armenian name, two strikes against his credibility. Quoting RT, the Russian al Jezeera, is another “Red” flag.

    Ship hulls are exhaustively tested similar to air frames, so the ideas that an insufficient handling profile is garbage.

    surprised Russian propaganda is so sloppy.

  77. The only people that want war are the politicians and corporations, they are the only beneficiaries.

    I lived abroad for years, partied with Russians and many other race/religions/cultures and we were always more interested in learning about each other than killing each other.

  78. So let me get this straight. A random military officer who hasn’t been in the military for over 25 years is being used as a credible source of insider information? Uhhhhh, what? This article is ridiculous at it’s premise alone.

    America has treaty ties to Ukraine and the Ukrainian government has been seeking more ties with the West. A simpleton could see why Biden is visiting Ukraine. He’s there for diplomatic relations (it’s his job for crying out loud).

    There are no American bases being built. There are no ballistic missile defense systems being placed. There are no airfields being used by American warplanes. How would you think this is a build up to construct war with Russia? Just how?

  79. She has the time and ability to improve, and useful skills to build upon. She reported on the comments of a nut and placed too much importance on his self described background: a mistake that can be corrected in future…

    We all make mistakes. I hope she continues to try, and that the mistakes become fewer.

  80. The person in the photo is doubtfully the person writing this article, who is some crony in the depths of the Kremlin propaganda dept.

  81. I want to add to that – Most people in Europe do not want war either… This reporter does a good job at targeting less educated/fortunate folk in order to stir up some trouble or anger.

    The only people who want war are the people who benefit from it – weapons makers/transportation companies/contractors and others.

  82. Mr. Hagopian is reading far too much into the “optics” of a visit to Ukraine by Joe Biden. While it is true (IMO) that the third world prays for war between East and West, and it is true that the present US administration is frighteningly stupid when it comes to international affairs, no American citizen their right mind wants the mutual destruction that would result from a war with Russia.

  83. You starting to sound like a pro-war separatist. Maybe the New York Times can start a movement of outrage that my spy satellite can’t extort your family for doing your job?

  84. The U.S wants a war with Russia??? No, I wouldn’t go that far. The U.S simply likes to keep the fire going just enough to keep those defense contractors, whose lobbying power is enormous to keep busy. The only problem is that in that plan, it’s likely to spread into a wildfire beyond control!

  85. Stop being an urban American. Democrat. National Socialist Republican. Whatever it is you call it. USA has been waging war on Russia for 3 years. Telegraphed it too. ”The Reset.” This guy Obama is like Nero.

  86. If Ms Tikonova wants to be a serious journalist she needs to get some better sources. RT? the Kremlin Poop Line? or the retired fruitcake? if the sources have no credibility, how can she have any?

  87. What the hell kind of journalism is this?
    I highly recommend that the lady who wrote this article find another career such as modeling.
    The reason I say this highly sexist statement is because her beauty clearly outclasses her intellectual honesty.
    There is not one damn person in the US Army that thinks that war is great and we ought to start a fight with Moscow. And Yahoo puts this up as news? This, I don’t know what this article is except for stupidly written and narrowly thought out opinion or propaganda.

    You mam, honestly sound like the mouth piece of the type that North Korea would put out to spew its brainless rhetoric.

    No one in the US wants a damn war with Russia. Are you nuts? Hell, half the American populace wants us out of the middle east.
    And I guarantee as much as i think the current administration has stupidly conducted our Foreign Policy that not even he would like us to get involved in a Russia/American War.

    Hell all I want to do is drink Vodka and relax.

    Get a life and a new career.

  88. This writer is nuts. She should be banned from the internet. Her writings have no substance and is for sensation only. A dangerous person.

  89. Nice try troll, but the 2x’s elected President by the majority has righted the ship of Republican failures in the early 2000’s, and the 80’s!

  90. The former military guy you quote is a blogger trying to bring people to his blog by saying the stupid!
    He has also stated in the past how the US government did the mass killings you hear about on the news to take away the guns!
    The guy is a nut! Always remember to understand the motives of the writer, and those quoted in sensational articles like this that are simply untrue!

  91. obama will do whatever he can to destroy this country. He has leveraged to destroy every good relationship this country has had around the world. Plus cause significant racial divide in the USA. He is at the most. ZERO in providing income to minorities other then protest and activism. Just look who he has in his administration. Anyone and everyone who has a back ground with dividing the American foundation which he is being paid. At this point in American history. Putin would make for a better President.

  92. “New” Russian tank…catches fire in Red Square
    “new” Russian planes……cannot be built because Russia cannot afford
    “new” Russian smart bombs…don’t exist…most Russian bombs used in Syria are dumb
    “new” Russian moon base will never be built…Russia cannot afford
    Russian govt loots through its “leader”, Pootin (now worth $200 billion??!!)
    Russian sub tragedy Kursk proves Russia abuses military!

  93. Get a job and a life you moron! You’re here only to start arguments and trouble and have no clue what you’re talking about! Have you served a day in your life?

  94. All of this woman”s columns are knee jerk reactionary, pushing for inciting a WWIII . Aside from the idea of the first amendment, I’d personally like to see her banned from posting this sort of garbage on global media. But really, trolling like this is a daily occurrence coming from the Baltic troll factories., It’s just ridiculous though that yahoo doesn’t have better filters. If you google her “source” , all you can really find out about the guy is a baseless biopic. There’s simply no journalistic accountability here except from this Kiev based, and obviously biased junior reporter. She might make an accomplished fiction writer though!

  95. obama needs to be taken out of the job, but Biden really ain’t much better. but at least Biden may have enough smart’s to realize that war ain’t good for men, women and children. . And let em hang till they start falling apart from rot. Then the one’s you didn’t get would walk a straight line. This country is in no shape to go to war with anyone right now. Man it’s a scary thought. But obama needs to go.

  96. I have no idea how this writer us taken seriously, the other officer she quotes, Joachim Hagopian believed in the Jade Helm conspiracy, thats all you need to know about the truthfulness of this author.

  97. Actually, it is Obama “we” don’t agree with, not Russia. The Cold War was over and he restarted it by meddling in Ukraine.

  98. I bet Ya , Putin is F—ing this Bitch Polina Tikhonova . What trash Journalism she writes, keep the war going Puss Putin , you will send Russia broke , America does not need WW111 with you because they are more interested in Sanctioning your Ass off the planet

  99. Americans have Obama’s number and it’s obvious he supports the Caliphate, which wants to take over Russia. Get rid of Obama, dispatch ISIS and the other camel jock gans and get on with the mocha latte.

  100. Just because we dont agree with Russia it does not mean were going to war with them . We need each we need each other more then we need war .

  101. lol.. like always people call each other trolls here.. zero argument of any kind.. nothing but baseless accusation.. No wonder.. I mean look at the type of articles this page prints.. This is a quote of officer.. “No ship is more interesting in the way that it links the past with the questions that surround the future of naval war,” Peter Singer, a senior officer . So therefore.. Obviously.. USA wants war with Russia according to the author. How do you get away with printing such XXXXX? Does anyone even edits these rejected creations call press?

  102. WW3 will be USA+EU against Russia+China…But, not any US President can dare to start a war against Nuclear Superpowers Russia & China ! & USA can not win a Conventional War, it will be defeated…just a month ago, China’s Pesident Xi Jinping said :” in a war,
    China will mobilize over 20 million troops & militia ”! & what if a WW3 happens ?
    Thousands of Russian tanks willl start to cross borders to attack EU… & then ? in couple of hours Baltic countries & Poland will surrender… & then ? in first 24 hours all US troops will flee back to USA…& then Nato’s chief Stoltenberg will take first US military plane to flee to DC & will say to Obama :” I am resigning” !
    & then ? 72 hours later Merkel, Hollande & Cameron will surrender…of course protesting Putin…& this time Strait of Dover will not be enough to save British…& then ? 2 weeks later USA will surrender…not because of Russia & China but because after 10.000s
    of Americans killed by Russian & Chinese intercontinental balistic missiles…American people will revolt…they will attack to the White House, overthrow Obama, they will occupy
    the Capitol Hill, Defense department…& then ?
    & then…. finito la musica passato la fiesta…. :O))

  103. bobs, bills and other so called “americans” from russian villages are trolling like crazy nowadays. really wonder how they get paid. By hour, comment, monthly salary?

  104. The human racists only hope, is repentance and acceptance of our Lord Jesus Christ. With out the Son of God in each persons heart as their Lord and Savior there is NO hope.

  105. @Steven! Is true,US weapons are useless comparing to Russia weapons.
    The Problem with US is that their government loot from their citizens through the military industry.
    If any one in US can remember how 30-Year Old French Sub Sinks the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt as well as several of its surface escorts.

    Do not be deceive by your government to start a war with Russia because that will be the end of US.

  106. She is not the smartest author, but she is cute. She should read up on MAD, basically was is impossible between the U.S. And Russia

  107. Google or go to Wikil, operation Lentil. I swear by the God you are going to pay for every Caucasian blood drop you spilled for the past 500 years of war, and we are not going to rest until your terrorist country is the size of current Chechen-Ingush republics somewhere to the East of Urals.

  108. He said I am a russian imbecile, I had lots of vodka, I hate everybody, I am a wild predatorial beast thats why I need to eat small countries like Ukraine and Georgia for breakfast or I am gonna starve to death. I am hungry now, time to eat Europe or the Middle East.

  109. Chark pidoras you forgot the Caucasians in the Caucasus but please explain me why did USA support nazis in Kremlin when they supplied weapons to russia in WW2 and in Russo-Caucasain wars: In 1995 “Chechen leader Dzhokar Dudayev was assassinated, reportedly thanks to telephone homing equipment supplied Moscow by the US National Security Agency.”-US journalist Eric Margolis.

  110. Before WW2, Germany had most powerful military in the world but was bankrupt…
    & Hitler started the WW2 !
    USA”s GDP $17,6 trillion…national debt $18,7 trillion ! & with states’ debts USA’s total debt $40 trillion !!
    Total GDP of world countries $80 trillion…USA’s debt $40 trillion !! Half of it !!
    Before WW3, USA has most powerful military in the World…in 2014 USA’s military
    spending was $600 billion ! & USA is bankrupt ! So…when do you think USA will start
    the WW3 ?
    btw, thanks to the ”known family” owning the US Federal Reserve (& the US…)
    since 2008, billions & billions of dollars (toilet papers) pumped to USA & to the
    world !
    Total GDP of countries $80 trillion…
    Money in circulation in the world $835 trillion !
    & Swap Money ( interests, currencies, stocks, interbank actions…) $2,5 quadrillion !!
    $80 trillion…& $2,5 quadrillion !!
    Soon…a Big Global BOOMM !!

  111. Dick Cheney – Is the Devil according to Urban Dictionary
    George W. Bush – The Puppet

    If you get pleasure watching the stupidity of the Bush family – watch the recent video of Jeb Bush explaining that Christians can be identified just “because” – Legendary stuff.

  112. No Joachim Hagopian is far from a nut job. And as we will see you and people or moles like you were and are the NUT BAG JOBS.

  113. Shes just putting out warnings of an approaching 3ww.. But if people are to Dumb and Dumber too get it ,Like you. Then they talk shite like you do out of a deep seated fear and so- let the accusations fly.

  114. “John”, would you care to explain where my name came from? It is a mash-up of what people from two different universities are known by. Can you name them, “John”, because this info probably isn’t common knowledge in your cubicle back in St. Petersburg Russia!

  115. Growing up doesn’t go hand in hand with age, but I’m sorry for revealing that… You clearly didn’t learn anything while traveling.

    Again look at your – “measuring the size of my shlong” attitude – The same as a teenager (not grown up yet).

  116. Buddy, I think Ive traveled the world probably much more than you (China, Australia, Russia-multiple times, Europe)
    And I’m 47, which is about 35 years older than you.

  117. It takes one read of the title and I knew that the author is this stupid Russian girl. WTF does this trash website hire such a dumb child to write these antagonistic rhetorics? Just pure trash.

  118. She, either writes how Russia is about to wipe every other living being off the planet earth, with only Russians remaining to repopulate the earth, or she writes about how America is about to start a nuclear war they’ll never win, because Russia would certainly wipe everyone else off the surface off the earth, with only them importing some special oxygen from the heavenly realms to survive the catastrophic event. W-a-o-o-w here comes one of the most propagandist journalism I’ve ever come across, and personally I’ve decided to look at the name of every writer of this kind of news first, before ever wasting my precious time to read it in the future!

  119. Wow – you must be 17 at most. I recommend to travel the world – You are completely brainwashed. Don’t you see the hostility of your comments? it reminds me of 5th grade in the US when kids would say, “lets just bomb them” because it was the idiotic things they would hear in their education-less homes.

  120. I don’t think anyone takes Joachim Hagopian seriously. I mean he’s a fellow West Pointer who usually gets the benefit of the doubt but he’s clearly a nut job…

  121. Uh..”John”? (nice, American-sounding name, yet your post gives you away as Russian)
    We DO have the economy to handle it. Although the level is onerous (look up the definition), it can (and has been) be managed.
    The REAL ticking time bomb is Pootin rapidly making RuSSia a pariah state (this week Turkey is their mortal enemy, who will it be next week, Sweden?)

  122. Janet…Crimea, Ukraine, Tuekey…Russia is not really the model for peace, are they.
    And the Russians are only one talking nukes…it’s like they have a gun and are just BEGGING for an excuse to use it.

  123. USA wants to conduct business with Saudis, Qatar ,One one hand . It is a war meant for the political supremacy and egemony of America over these territories and on the other hand it is also conceived in order to establish the strength of Islamic system backed by the arabic countries which are not democracies at all . There are substantial stake on the table .
    Unfortunately western citizens are paying the price . Western politicians have the major benefits from Saudis while euopean citizens face the threat of terroristic attacks that will increase due to the fact that western countries don’t want to fight isis because they have to kiss the ass of the saudis . So they will let do the job by Putin , and they they will join him whne the job will be almost done

  124. Dick Cheney – The Devil according to Urban-Dictionary.
    George W. Bush – The puppet

    If you take pleasure in watching the stupidity of the Bush family – Watch the recent video where Jeb Bush tries to explain how you can easily identify “Christians” just because.

    And by the way – Christian is such a vague term… You can be Christian Catholic/ Christian Baptist and so on.

  125. Graor…getting more countries into NATO is not expansionistic…the countries WANT TO JOIN to prevent another Soviet bloc…because that worked SO well the first time.
    NATO should be on your doorstep. It was created to defend the world against YOU.

  126. Forgetting USA international debt of $17 trillion , Russia’s debt $0.00 , enough said, that credit card must be working overtime ……

  127. Too funny. How many people around the world have the delusion that in an apocolypse…a. They would survive and B. They would WANT to survive.

  128. One of the funniest things I see about this article is the fact that the author touts Russia’s natural resources as a source of strength. If it ever came to full out open warfare, a few cruise missiles in strategic spots would kill Russia’s ability to refine and deliver oil and natural gas.
    This author was educated in Russia, so a huge bias alert is in order. The US doesn’t want any sort of war…only failing governments want war to convince their population that the taxes and poor management are not their fault…Putin is desperate to use his natural resources to make him and his cronies even richer at the expense of the people she puts into harms way is several countries…kinda like Bush/Cheney did 15 years ago.

  129. Oh and I suppose that Russia’s KGB Czar wannbe Putin seizing the Crimea and attacking the rest of Ukraine is just a walk in the park???

  130. Oh, this idiotic writer again. I think she either is a plant by Russia or she works for the war industry, because she only advocates war without any credible sources. Ignore all of her ranting.

  131. This isn’t an ego measurement – we aren’t measuring our penis size to compare with friends. Its just a tad more serious – I don’t really think your tone is helpful.

  132. Yes, “Russia is taken steps to protest itself against U.S military expansion and aggression”- lucky us that the Russians don’t have the resources any longer to export war in Africa or Americas and are compelled only to invade its neighbors and to barrel-bomb some poor Syrians. It’s a real blessing in disguise !

  133. Why those articles written by this author aren’t labeled with her name at yahoo main website? If that were the case I wouldn’t click to enter this article (learned by experience that those articles are bad). Or in other words: those are clickbaits.

  134. This writer is a joke; she reminds me of middle school when the instigator would stand behind the bully and go “Ouuuuuuuuuuuu you just got made fun of”.

    Isn’t your arm already beefed up from stirring so much? Work on something else.

  135. Perhaps the era of big ships already over.
    It has no real protection against Russian intelligent torpedoes “Squall.”
    Its speed under water more than 300 miles per hour.
    Small boats can run Russian cheap cruise missiles.
    Why such a big target?
    To show Russian, we have a laser gun?
    So this Russian first conducted experiments on installing lasers based on ships.

    But water spray and mist greatly reduce the distance of the shot.
    Show Russian working the Railgun?
    But there are easier ways to destroy ships.
    No need to reinvent the ships invisible, the Russian has a small semi-submersible ships.
    They move at a depth of about three feet and immediately float to strike.
    And no amount of stealth is not required.
    But then why spend the money?
    You need to scare the Russian?

  136. This writer is like the instigators in middle school that stand behind the bully and go “UUUUUuuuuu he/she just made fun of you!”

    You must have a beast of a forearm from taking pleasure in stirring up the mess.

  137. Her articles are trash and she draws her own conclusions from copy and pasting from other journalists and news websites. She has no thoughts of her own and obviously if you read the above, independent with politcal Russian war mongering propaganda. Nobody believes your articles and it’s never picked up by mainstream media. Do us all a favor and go search for blue smurfs and rainbow dragons! Would at least be more entertaining!

  138. How much has and is America spending on it’s military ? and most of this spending is on offensive weapons , more than all the other countries on the planet put together and you see Russia as been aggressive , ask yourself what country has invaded the most countries and been responsible for more human lose of life than any other in the last eighty years , by the way U.S spending on it’s military is expected to surpass $890 billion this year also check out how many military basses the U.S has around the world you will see that Russia is taken steps to protest itself against U.S military expansion and aggression .

  139. This writer is a joke – seems she is daydreaming with life in a post apocalyptic world, so stop playing Fallout 4 – its far from reality. What a drama queen.

  140. How much has and is America spending on it’s military ? and most of this spending is on offensive weapons , more than all the other countries on the planet put together and you see Russia as been aggressive , ask yourself what country has invaded and been responsible for more human lose of life in the last eighty years , by the way U.S spending on it’s military is expected to surpass $890 billion this year also check out how military basses the U.S has around the world you will see that Russia is taken steps to protest itself against U.S military expansion and aggression .

  141. Click bait. All it does is incite rhetoric, and it works.
    There is no winning a war on either side. To beat the U.S. for example you’d have to take out the thousands of fixed, naval, air and ??? offensive weapons systems around the world which is impossible. Then there’s our allies. Hitting the mainlands on either side will destroy millions of minivans and flat screen tvs along with civilians. Kiss your family goodbye because no matter who starts it they will all die. The number and size of weapons is irrelevant with the redundant capabilities on both sides.

    Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. Using them is suicide.

  142. What a joke! Russia’s trump-card, energy resources, is constantly losing its value as current customers turn to other more reliable suppliers.

  143. I do not know why the “valuewalk” has become a mouthpiece for putinoid garbage, but it has done so. Perhaps it was organized with that end in view from the very beginning.

  144. Are you realy that blind? Your country organised and supported protests in Ukraine, because they wanted to throw down pro russian leader. NATO constantly expands, and if Russia do nothing NATO will be at their doorstep. Your country invaded Lybia, and what happened? That prosperous country become a total mess. Before that, your country invaded Iraq because some misterious mass destruction weapons. And what happened? No such weapon have been found of course, because that was just a lousy excuse of your criminal government. Lybia-OIL, Iraq-OIL, Afghanistan-DRUGS production…What is happening in Syria? Your country wants to throw down Asad because they claim that he is a dictator. Well, I know much bigger dictators in heart of Europe but your country do nothing to throw them down because they are USA-s puppets.

  145. So….we go meet the government in Ukraine and that proves that America wants war with Russia…. and when Russia sends their military into Ukraine and claims Crimea and deploys their ground forces to assist Assad with his civil war and threaten to use nukes against countries that want to join NATO and start building a ton of military bases in the Arctic means that Russia wants what…..Peace? Sorry, I cant stand Obama and I do not agree with most of our foreign policies but Russia has been FAR more aggressive than anyone over the past 2 years.

  146. Those that are criticizing the article are morons of washington and the CIA who only get lost at the tale end of the ordeal just like Trump is now making wave after the system has gotten strenuously devasted by former politicians and the media.
    They know not the CIA are doing everything they can to see if they can reck once more the government of Russia and bring back the result of what happened in the cold war. The only Obama instrument of warfare this time around is to disitergrate Russia allies without knowing that such bold exercises can only cause world war or bring destruction to the countries that it is inciting agains Russia either economically or physical confrontation. Obama beleives he needs to fight in one war or the other and therefore he choses the option of witch hunting which we know can also mean open confrontation when exhibited to certain levels and cospiciousness. But Obama is so dehumanized and embittered both from home and abroad that he is out of calculations other than just to fight by any means . He now nevers talks to the world without showing of animosity and hatred for certain segments loaded with bias analyses to the extent that his words are no more taken for anything.

  147. Unfortunately the hoped arms that American polititicians and their hawks had been banking on in professing their superiority subjugating the international body UN for their own use of unilateral order and injunction on the world is now being debated as obsolete. Which means all hopes are continusly being dashed for the Americans in their quest of posing as the indisputable world leader which they only want to display with threats of military force.

  148. “Joachim Hagopian, a former U.S. Army officer and an analyst”-what rank ? which branch ? an analyst where ? Typical Russian propaganda- a guy we don’t now anything about and an erratic narrative, that jumps from one topic to the other-Ukraine and Zumwalt destroyer- and finally blames the West and praises Putin. A f…. troll !

  149. Obama should return the Nobel Peace Prize that he won at the beginning of his administration. He has glaringly ignored Russia’s request to form a coalition to resolve the issue in Syria; instead, it is stirring war either directly or thru surrogates. A nuke will not wipe out Russia as the USA probably, naively thinks. A retaliatory nuke will equally kill a lot of people in the USA; another sacrifice of lives that can be avoided.

  150. haha. I am still laughing at article. Could there be an agenda? Lets start with authors name. No that doesn’t look russian at all. Thanks for the laugh.

  151. The war is impossible.
    1. The NATO troops among queers.
    2. In the european rear of the alliance crowd of Arab terrorists.
    3. America is without a leader.
    The world in the abyss. It is necessary to start, China will bring it to the end without effort.
    ??????? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ? ?????? ?? ???????? ????-????, ? ?? ???? boring ???? govnero ?????????? ????????? concretno.

  152. ????, ????????? ????? ??????. ?? ? ???? ?????? ???? ???????????? “??????? ??????? ???????” ??????, ?????? ??? ??? ???… ?????????. ??????, ????? ?????? ??????? ???????, ?????????

  153. And where did all these Trillions of dollars come from to build all these War Machines like this one – the F-35 and a new crop of tanks and APCs ? Social Security – that’s where – The Gov said it ” barrowed” 2.5 trillion and left IOUs uckers. They lied – the account had anywhere from 5 to 10 Trillion dollars in it – I spent days non-stop doing the Math and using a very large calculator along with Gov. # of %s along with calculations on the workforce and their earnings, and shared tax deposits. SS should/ could have ben doubled if it hadn’t been Stolen ! ! America wants Russias Resources just like they will own Ukraines Farmlands and cheap labor – not to mention a BS NATO patsie.

  154. This Zumwalt thing looks like a terrible idiocy and another hole in taxpayers’ money. No armor, not mentioned and not seen sensors, no automatic Gatlings to counter missiles, and a stupid faceted shape designed only to take on water waves and not be able to manouver.
    What can you want worse for a ship?
    I think wiser Americans should take over and scuttle this ship and make it a reef, and in the process, save the souls on board. Unless the ship is sunk by anybody including Turkey, or Pakistan, and loses all the crew.

    Might see my comments earlier.

  155. Is Shytyn ever going to grow a pair of BALLZ and accept any war challenges??? or does he like to invade countries that have no army to defend themselves….Jeez midget, u got NUKES remember???

  156. Ukraine will fall from within soon enough. Russians will be a few minutes away to fill the void. Whoever wants to take that territory, good luck.

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