US Military Faces Great Threat From Russia’s Navy

US Military Faces Great Threat From Russia’s Navy
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While Russian President Vladimir Putin announces nuclear weapons race with the U.S., the Russian Northern Fleet ships are holding firing drills to include missile launches in the Barents Sea in line with combat readiness exercises.

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“Currently, crews from the destroyers Rassvet and Aisberg, as well as anti-ship frigates Yunga and Snezhnogorsk, are firing at difficult sea target positions as one group,” Russian Defense Ministry’s Northern Fleet spokesman Vadim Serga told journalists on Thursday, as reported by Sputnik News.

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It was also reported that Russia will reveal 84 of its military equipment models at the Milipol-2015 exhibition in Paris, according to the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC).

The Milipol exhibition in the capital of France is an international trade show on internal state security, which is organized under the patronage of the French Interior Ministry. The Milipol-2015 exhibition will be held from November 17 through 20, and some 950 countries from 54 are set to participate.

“The exhibition will be attended by 13 Russian organizations. Military products — 84 items — will be displayed by Rosoboronexport,” a statement released by the FSMTC on Thursday reads.

In the statement, it was detailed that Russia plans to reveal models of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, the SPM-2 GAZ-233036 Tigr (Tiger) high-mobility multipurpose military vehicle, the BTR-80A armored personnel carrier, the Ansat light multipurpose helicopter, the Mangust high-speed patrol boats as well as the Murena-E assault hovercraft.

U.S. plans to respond to growing presence of Russian warships in the sea

The U.S. Navy is impressed by the growing capabilities of Russia’s Navy, according to the commander of the U.S. Navy, Admiral John Richardson. Adm Richardson said that over the past two decades, Russia’s navy has grown in terms of its capabilities to the point where it presents a real threat to the U.S.

Adm Richardson also revealed that the U.S. is currently considering to respond to the growing presence of Russian warships in the sea.

“How are we going to posture our forces to make sure that we maintain the appropriate balance and are suitably engaged?” Adm Richardson asked during his interview with Financial Times. He added that this is something senior U.S. officials are currently discussing.

The U.S. is particularly concerned by the growing Russian Navy capabilities after it launched cruise missile strikes at targets in Syria from its warships in the Caspian Sea.

“That’s a significant capability, a significant demonstration,” Adm Richardson described Russia’s operation in the Caspian Sea.

The Russian Navy’s threatening activities range “from the eastern US coast to the Pacific” and raise concerns in the White House, according to the admiral.

Putin announces nuclear arms race with the U.S., shows off deadly nuclear weapon

The comments come amid Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the start of nuclear arms race with the U.S. Putin said Russia is developing strike systems capable of penetrating any missile defense shield, including U.S.’s missile defense shields.

Moreover, during the broadcast of Putin’s announcement, a secret document revealing Russia’s plans to develop a nuclear torpedo system has been accidentally shown on state-owned television.

It was later reported by Russian media that the deadly nuclear weapon is designed to bypass NATO radars as well as all existing defense systems to hit coastal areas of the Alliance.

And with top U.S. Army General saying that Russia is the only country in the world with the nuclear capability to destroy the U.S., these reports do not bode well for peaceful relations between Washington and Moscow.

Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley called Russia an existential threat to the U.S., speaking in front of the audience at the Defense One summit in Washington, DC last week.

Over the past few weeks, Russian armed forces have conducted a number of military drills in what appears to be a preparation for war. Two weeks ago, Russia held a large-scale exercise that included the firing of various types of missiles ranging from ballistic to cruise missiles.

U.S. officials have already noted the growing frequency and intensity of Russia’s military drills.

U.S. officials are willing to unleash nuclear war with Russia

With top Pentagon’s expert on Russia warning that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. and its allies, U.S. military officials have been reported to be further escalating the tensions between Washington and Moscow by considering to send even more American troops to Europe

While Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley recently said that Russia can easily destroy the U.S., it does not seem that U.S. military officials reviewed all possible consequences of the proposal to deploy more troops across Europe to deter the growing Russian aggression.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that proposals for the deployment of U.S. soldiers in Europe were made over the weekend during the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

General Mark Milley told The Wall Street Journal that he plans to push forward the proposal to send U.S. attack helicopter units, artillery brigades and more rotating brigades to Europe.

The report comes following last week’s reports that some 4,000 NATO combat troops will be stationed in countries neighboring Russia. In Poland and the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, roughly 800 to 1,000 troops will be stationed. The NATO’s decision has a high chance to unleash military confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers: the U.S. and Russia.

But a nuclear war involving the U.S., NATO and Russia “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” as reported by ValueWalk, citing Press TV’s interview with Don DeBar, U.S. political analyst.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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    Why would I disclose anything? Didn’t you say that I was Russian? I can’t argue with a fool who assumes as much as you do.

    Typical troll tactics going ad hominem. But no you can try and change the topic all you like. U.S nuclear arsenal is stil FUBAR.

    Not sure what ruthless evil leaders you mean. Too many Hollywood movies for ya this weekend maybe? Just too bad that all along history the U.S has always been last to do fighting. Two world wars and U.S always took years to show up. Now let’s see the capital humping troll change the course of history cos reality does not agree with him, lol.

    Definately not any bravery to be found there. Nor freedom. Yes that is right the 2015 World Press Freedom index puts the U.S in the 49th place! That’s going beyond 3rd world category considering press is more free in Burkina Faso, which is as 3rd world as it gets.

    Now which country is in 4th place on that list? Hmmm yup it’s mine! ;-)

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    Saving innocent lives? 165,000 civilians have died from direct war related violence caused by the US. Yes that’s right the U.S is never saving innocent lives. Every conflict the U.S has been involved in seen innocent civilians die. Commiting warcrimes across the globe and even attacking hospitals.

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  29. and I’m MORE than sure, that most of Russia’s, China’s, and much of the Middle East’s people want peace as well,……….. but just like here in America, there are those FEW nut sacks that control everything. Yes , THEY are the evil doers that put harm to all the innocent. The people of these countries need to RISE UP against their governments, stand together as ONE, and remove these FEW in whatever ways are necessary, and THEN change the laws, as to where EACH and every new President and Political figure elected into office can be FIRED at any time that (He or She) does NOT perform as promised prior to their being elected into such position. That’s right,……. even the President of the USA could then be FIRED, is position, and someone NEW woud be elected to “DO THE JOB CORRECTLY” ! ! No more putting someone into a position, MERELY because they promised this or that. If or when they screw upthey get ONE more chance,…… and if they can’t get it RIGHT,……. BYE BYE,……. C-ya later pal. If everyone Politician KNEW before hand that his JOB PERFORMANCE will determine how long he keeps his JOB, then maybe there won’t be all this scamming money from the people paying taxes, while they fill their pockets from corporate kick backs. DO YOUR JOB OR GET FIRED, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  30. I am American. Those names may not be talked about but they represent the Neocons who run this country. I totally agree that the majority of Americans do want peace, but how is it that a few nut cases can control the whole country? That is my beef.

  31. not believable. Russia has rust buckets for ships. Their aircraft carrier is always followed by a tugboat because it breaks down

  32. There are many reasons to fear Russias military. Their navy isn’t one of them. Even at the height of Soviet power the US Navy was the greatest naval force on earth. The gap between the us and everyone else on the waves has increased drastically since then. Russia’s navy would be obliterated in short order in any conflict and they dashed well know it. Torpedos are short range weapons and long before a sub could get close enough to fire one the war would already be over. Plus a torpedo can only directly affect a coastal area which vastly limits its suitability as a strategic nuke anyway.

  33. the majority of Russia fleet is rusting and not even sea worthy and many that are capiable of going to sea require towboats. They also lack any ability to build large warships because many of the shipyards that built the Soviet Unions fleets are now in other countries including the only shipyard capable of building large warships which is currently in the Ukraine.

  34. The same Russian Navy that most of its ships are unseaworthy and many of the warships that are capable go out to sea including some of their subs require towboats on hand? The same navy that has no method to build large warships because all of the shipyards that built their large warships are now in other countries?

  35. So your saying at 15% the U.S isn’t poor but Russia at 16% is poor?

    Let’s see the real facts:

    You are both poor. Those are the facts. My country, Land of the Free and Brave, is just better then both of Russia and U.S combined. ;-)

    Funny to see you assuming i’m Russian. That happens when you have a 3rd world education system. Could you provide proof concerning my nationality?

    Yes that’s right. Simple words and good arguments. That way you don’t have to resort to overusing your ‘caps’ button. lol!

    Remember Katrina? We had boots on the ground in hours. Took the U.S 3 days. Where we’re you feet? In line for wellfare?

  36. Now those capitals are all over the place. English is hard to type on Russian keyboards isn’t? lol. No rubbels for you this month!

  37. “Keep evading the question. ”

    – Yes you are. Still can’t Tell me what servile Russia Supposedly has?? Or are you Willing to admit now that you servile morons are hosed? I’ll Wait. :-)

  38. “So it’s like I said,”

    – No it isn’t.

    ” They can destroy us”

    – With what? Fewer than 90 R-36’s that may or may not actually launch? To face a bewildering array of missile defenses? Not hardly. Now it’s time for you to whine about their spurious SLBN capability. Good luck with that.

    ” MAD.”

    – The US hasn’t had a MAD nuclear policy since the sixties. Our policy is Counter Force. This is one of the many reasons you servile Russians are hosed. Next…?

  39. So it’s FACTS you want,……………. Poverty Rate in Russia Jumps to 16% The number of Russians living below the poverty line rose to 22.9 million, approximately 16 percent of the population. The number of Russians with incomes below the “poverty line” increased by 3.1 million in the first quarter of 2015, compared to the same period of the previous year.Jun 12, 2015

    Maybe you should have KEPT your mouth shut,…… but you Russians are SO intelligent ! ! Don’t preach to me about BOOTS on the ground either,…….. the ONLY reason your still talking is because you NEVER went in the first place. lmao

    and by the way,……. here is USA rate,……….

    The nation’s poverty rate fell to 14.5% in 2013, down from 15% a year earlier, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday. This is the first statistically significant drop in poverty since 2006, when it was 12.3%.Sep 16, 2014

  40. Sorry I’m from the Land of the Free and Brave here. Cowards hide behind nukes. And most cowards are highly insecure.

    Come back when you know what it’s like to put your boots on the ground. ;-)

    If a Pentagon report, study and review says it’s FUBAR? It’s probably FUBAR. Good luck argueing against facts of live.

  41. Haha come on intelligence? U.S scores below the human average of intelligence. U.S education ranks 27th in the world. Come back when the facts are in your favour?

    The U.S Census bureau puts the poverty rate for the U.S in 2014 at 15%. Almost 4 times that of my country, lol. 1.3 million little children living on U.S streets. 3.5 adults homeless as well. And many more starving.

    Do you realize those numbers put the U.S.A in the same category as 3rd world countries?

    You sound like one of those brainwashed people who are unable to accept facts and numbers even when they hit them in the face.

    Keep spending 700 billion on warmachines instead of your own people. Only shows the heartlessness of U.S politicians.

  42. Once again another baseless report by a totally rookie cub reporter. Basically “Click Bait” fish wrapper, cat litter box liner material.

    Lets be honest. Last time the Russia tried an arms race with us, under President Reagan, they lost badly. Now with Russia under Putin, economy in shambles, military industrial complex decades behind the USA, Russia’s supposed Navy is not a big issue. http: //www .thestreet. com/story/13309114/1/how-russian-president-vladimir-putin-will-bankrupt-his-country.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

    Russia had to ask France to build ships above their tech level. Russia sold their carrier to China, could not maintain, could not afford it. Russian naval bases are filled with the rusting hunks of old ships, submarines, failed ventures, never to set sail again.

    Basically Russia’s entire military is a paper tiger, lots of talk, no action. http: //nationalinterest. org/blog/the-buzz/not-so-scary-why-russias-military-paper-tiger-14136

    Note: Remove spaces from hyperlinks to make them work.

  43. Keep evading the question. Which country writes duck with a capital.

    As expected and predicted … no answer. Even a 7yo knows how to use capitals. Russian paid trolls often make that mistake though.. ;-)

  44. Actually I sleep quite well, whether it’s day or NIGHT. Whenever I feel the need for rest, I just close my eyes in complete comfort. Maybe it is a bit more difficult for YOU to have such PEACE, as I’m sure that camera and microphone up your A$$ is not to pleasant ! ! ! But when you live in a country that needs to know and CONTROL every little thing you do,……. you’ll have that. OH, and by the way, America will ALWAYS be the SUPREME on this planet. Sleep well.

  45. Hey, so really quick, couple of things:

    1. All of this “author”s articles are designed for click bait. (Grandiose titles ala TMZ)

    2. If you Google “her”, (If “she” actually exists) and research even the slightest bit, you’ll see Oxford has no mention of “her” ever having gone there, much less earning a “Master’s Degree in English Philology” from there.

    3. If you Google any of her “references” (past companies “she’s” worked for), there is no mention of her. Not a shred.

    4. “Her” freelance pages state her hourly rate as $10-$12 per hour. Really? An Oxford grad with a Masters degree is gonna charge $10 after “7 years of work in the field”? Nice.

    5. No linkedin profile. No professional sources. No ACTUAL references. Anywhere.

    Summation: This could literally be a 15 year old kid who whipped up a hilariously crafted profile and is writing awful stuff for $10. We’re being trolled people. We’re being trolled. And. It’s. Hilarious.

  46. First of all,…… if your COUNTRY is so RICH in resources,……… “WHY ARE YOU SO BROKE” ? ? ? Second,……. why is your Countries so called LEADER so concerned to ADD more land to your country,…….. IF you are already the LARGEST country in the World ? ? and THIRD,…… the World needs at least ONE superpower to protect all the smaller civilized countries from RUTHLESS evil axis as the likes of Russia, N Korea, China and whoever else is against Humans living in PEACE. As for America attacking your BLACK HOLE called Russia,……. When Pootie sends the 1st rocket or missile in our direction, YOU will be the first to know it,………… TRUST ME komrade.

  47. That was hell of a rant. It was hard to read it without breaking into a laugh. Some people just do not know what constuctive conversation is. My reply will be much shorter.

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
    ? Socrates

  48. NO, you are right,………… we just need to build a few more of those satellites like the ones we already have floating around out there in space over Russia & China ! ! !

  49. Polina is something.
    Putin said the opposite. Quote:
    “We have no intention to pull into some arms race, let alone try to catch up with or overtake somebody.”

  50. “YOU SEEMS HAVE” ! ! ! ! Go back to school and learn HOW to speak English before you open your trap again, because it totally discredits your message.

  51. It’s NO WONDER you Russians are STARVING there, if Pootler spent anymore money paying journalists to write such ludicrous stories for your NOT SO INTELLIGENT people to be brainwashed into believing, then he wouldn’t have enough nukes to blow his own nose ! !

  52. Hey there BUDDY,…… why don’t you BEG your little Pootie to send over one of those first class NUKES of yours, and let’s get the party started ! ! !

  53. I thought in 21st century, especially in US people know how to use Internet and what Google is. I was mistaken.
    Specially for you my backward friend, just Google “Russia’s military is proving Western punditry wrong”, it is on Brookings. Article by Commander Garrett.
    It was also published by Business Insider as “The Russian military has been effective in Syria”.

    PS Sorry for breaking glass castle you are living in.

  54. On these forums, it’s not who knows what he’s talking about, it’s who gets the most psychotic when someone insults his manhood by disagreeing.

  55. So if Russia is developing a nuclear torpedo, or a drone-nuclear submarine that can’t be detected by available technology, what do we do to counter such a weapon?

  56. Not too sure what you’re attempting to say. I think we’re talking about different situations in the American government.

  57. You ARE literate, right komrade? You DID actually READ the excerpt posted by PETER, correct? Those cruise missiles have a range of 900 miles. The Caspian Sea is LOCKED IN and there is no place for the ships to go. That means they ate theatre-specific. NOT a threat outside the Caspian Sea. You Russians are idiots. Get educated.

  58. It’s not the size that matters, moron, which is probably a good thing in your case or no woman would want you in bed. It’s about capability and intended mission. If a ship is not designed for offensive capability, but rather to tend to the needs of OTHER ships, there is no threat, except in terms of dismantling logistical capabilities if put out of commission.
    Russia has a small number of surface vessels with offensive capabilities. Period. Look it up.

  59. This is puerile propaganda from a Kremlin sock-puppet quoting pro-Iranian Press TV. Get yourself a proper job that doesn’t involve submitting drivel in support of Putin’s neo-fascist police state, Polina. You embarrass yourself and disgrace your name.

  60. 1. besides France Russia builds many more ships of its own. 2. India never aborted T-50 projects 3. The newest tank “Armata” never “burnt” anywhere, it was towed yes but the question is why and was it a rehersal who knows but burning? Please educate yourself before posting this foolishness Sir.

  61. 70% of Russia’s Soviet old navy ships are sinking due to rusts and and lack of modernization. And this bi-etch wish to scare us with their garbage navy fleet? Lmao!

  62. Second rate marko thats why russia remains the largest and resource rich country in the world! The rest especially the west remain envious of this fact marko! If there so second rate why does US neec 28 nato sheep to watch its back! Still dont guts to attack russia yous are second rate

  63. Do you Know the size of the ship that blew cruize missiles on Syria? Thiny ships but wonderful. Please the size worth not. Change your mind now and think more technology rather than propaganda to cool your mind. Time have changed. it is now too late. Electronic ware in now the new fashion and Russia on that is one pace away. Please be realistic

  64. Where did you DIG UP these names ? ? Nobody here in America talks of these people anymore,…… NOR do we even care what they have to say ! ! You see,…… the AVERAGE American here is a PEACE LOVING, family oriented kind of person. We don’t live each day praying for WAR or to bring death to poor innocent humans around the World. Instead, we offer HELP to those that wish to live in a peaceful atmosphere, by removing the EVIL and hatred that is denying them a better life. Don’t HATE America, until you have a chance to LIVE in America,……. then you will UNDERSTAND how the average American truly is.

  65. Mark don’t close your eyes and say it is night time. Things are changing and US has not done significant effort to stay one sept away from Russia in term of technology. What you think is not always real. Move away from propaganda vision of US defense and start integrating that US is runing out of ist’s supremacy on the whole world.

  66. You STUPID Russian troll,…….. America is NOT going around the World sending in their military troops disguised as little green men, so America and other NATO countries will have NO CLUE just who these clowns are ! ! Just because America has the GREATEST military in the World, you don’t see us bragging about our NUKES or threatening to USE them ! ! ! All that bullsh_t brainwashing that occurs daily on your favorite Channel 1, is allowing your lack of intelligence to be manipulated by the Napoleonic Psycho that is in FEAR of one day losing his stronghold of KGB communism over the Russian people. If you can’t win them with candy,…… sleigh them like dragons, is Putlers theory. You see America is NOT the problem, and was NEVER the problem. We have only tried to help FREE those innocent people that were previously living under the thumbs of ruthless murdering rulers, and that had a desire to live a BETTER life, and to be able to offer a BETTER way of life to their CHILDREN. But when you live under the TOTAL control of someone that is HELL BENT on isolating his people from the TRUTH, and rather feed them LIES daily, as to glorify himself, …… then this is what you get,…… people like YOU trying to DEFEND his actions, and downgrade all the GOOD that America has done and stands for.

  67. Long live! Many years see and hear the same song of the Anglo-Saxons: “the Russians are coming!”.

    Since the end of world war II, the USSR and Russian never anyone not attacked!

    But, the Arabs gave America the terrorist attack of September 11, and not another Massacre in Paris. There will be other in connection with the influx of refugees from Africa. BUT! Policy – the Anglo-Saxons are willing to endure the attacks on their land, but are ready to fight with Russia! Who do I explain this nonsense of tribes!?

  68. I used to have FAITH in what Yahoo printed on their web pages,……..
    But the recent bombardment of this Russian garbage is more than I care to tolerate.
    Yahoo, you TRULY need to find reporters that offer news worthy articles, rather than all this over hyped, “Praise Russia this”, and “Ooooooww, Russia that” ! ! Honestly, WHO gives a rats A$$ about anything that Russia has or does ? ? They are SECOND rate to America, and ALWAYS will be. PERIOD ! ! ! Do you understand YAHOO ? ? So go find 2 decent reporters to write DECENT believable articles, and fire ALL the worthless garbage that you currently use.

  69. “They’re at the exhibition in Paris soon. ”

    – Still evading? That’s cute.

    “with another opinion”

    – The TO&E requires no opinion. It is as hard a fact as one could possibly get.

    The rest of your twaddle is just that… still no specifics? Truly… I knew you couldn’t. But let’s see if you’re attempting to argue for a Russian military that may exist in five to ten years, if all this, and all that, and it wasn’t as fake as the “nuclear torpedo”, and blah. :-)

  70. Military size and genital seem to go hand in hand. The man talking about how big it is usually has the smallest and least functional. This entire article is dedicated to the might and size of the Russian military. I think the Russias have gone limp!

  71. I have respect for the Russian Military, but given it’s recent demonstrations in Syria, Russia’s capabilities aren’t on par with any Western Nation let alone the US Navy. Seriously. Russia had France build three of it’s newest ships. India, a long time business partner of Russia bought Rafales instead of the PAK T-50, and the newest tank burned up before entering the Military parade in Moscow. Simply put the Russian military is not the capable specter that it was once that includes it’s Navy. Capable? yes. Comparable? No.

  72. Yeah this article is way off earlier this year most military analysts ranked Russia’s Navy as less capable than Italy’s and that is saying something. The majority of their fleet is in shambles this year alone they have seen a plethora of ship and submarine fires due to age and poor upkeep, most their stuff is cold war era. Not to mention France choose to keep the Aircraft carrier after the Ukraine stuff.

  73. Military size and penis size go hand in hand. The man talking about how big it is usually has the smallest and least functional one. This entire article is dedicated to the might and size of the Russian military. I think Russias gone limp!

  74. Military size and penis size go hand in hand. The man talking about how big it is usually has the smallest and least functional one. This entire article is dedicated to the might and size of the Russian military. I think Russias gone limp!

  75. No proof of what happened to the missiles proves that they are just inept. The Navy Commander story is false. NATO air capabilities would completely destroy Russian Air Force. Russians have been dropping bombs on paper target since the 80’s. The assessments are claimed to be inaccurate by the Russians. Do you think they would admit to being stupid?

  76. Please explain to me what country “near the US” The United States has invaded? You should know that the Russians bark is way louder than its bite. No money, no resources, a crumbling economy, a rust covered military, and an illusion of some sort of world crusade that will bring back the Soviet Union. The Russians stand alone with China and Chinas military strength is as much of an illusion as Russias. You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it’s still a pig.

  77. He copied and pasted most of that from the website that interviewed and quoted dear Commander Garret.

    No bonus this month for the Russian troll trying to discredit the U.S best defense analysts there are. ;-) lol.

  78. Sure thing “Tony”, whatever you say. Just looking at your many previous comments discredits your two-sides analyzer remark but hey, you keep sticking to the Kremlins (weak) propaganda line. (wink and smile my Russian friend)

  79. Commander Garrett never once mentioned any of these things. This is obviously ridiculous propaganda thought up after a night of hard partying with Vodka.

  80. U.S won’t even sign Children’s Right. Because that would force them to do something about it. Hard to imagine a society that just doesn’t care. People that talk about freedom, bravery and rights but just walk past a mere child living on the street.

    Almost 700 billion a year would solve so much in the U.S. I guess mechinical weapons of destruction are more important then all that.

    Just remember … When two dogs fight over a bone? The third will run away with it.

  81. I never mentioned Russia was ‘scary’. Nice but try that troll technique on toddlers? They may fall for it?

    Now your argument is comparing me to a duck? Wow you must be really at a loss by now. So you have no proof of who I am or where I am?

    You wanted specifics? They’re at the exhibition in Paris soon. But you don’t wanna hear it. You just want to snuff out anyone with another opinion then you. Wait … Don’t they do that in Russia?

    Yea too bad I’m in the Land of the Free and Brave here. The land where we don’t write duck with a capital. ;-)

    Sucks when your poor Russian education at english fails does it not?

  82. How pathetic, as if the Russian Navy is a significant threat to US naval dominance.
    Russia has fewer naval bases than the state of California.

  83. A nation seeking for dominance must always be the threat to others. America on many occassions has claimed it is always seeking for dominace instead of cooperation. They the treats to the world.

  84. I just had to read the title of this article to know who wrote it!! She’s at it again.. she is such a instigator!! We shall call this warmongering stuff she writes “pootinganda”!! :-)

  85. Russia and China both show their frustration on how how close our military is to them but they are not upset with the build of of military with each other???
    I’m thinking they both are working together.

  86. On both sides, the facts about poverty and homelessness are embarrassing.

    Needless to say, we’d all be better off if both sides worked together to end poverty in both countries, as opposed to seeing who can destroy each other more…

  87. “Why would I be Russian? ”

    – Waddle and quack, it’s a Duck. And YOU are a servile Russian.

    “you tend to evade the topic”

    – I’m evading the topic?? LOL

    So are you going to tell us what Russia has that is so “scary”?? LOLOL!!!? Yeah… I didn’t think you could either.

  88. “He who laghs last has the best laugh.. ”

    – You won’t be laughing at all. Don’t worry though… Leningrad isn’t on our target list, but I would research William Joyce if I were you. Pace requiescat, Horst! :-)

  89. I didn’t miss that point at all. You’re the myopic one, believing that one person’s OPINION, regardless of their background or credentials, is simply that, one person’s opinion.

    I never argued the capability of the new Russian vessels. Quote me where I did, please. But I did point out two GLARING omissions on your part.

    All I did, komrade, is put your editorialized and edited post in proper perspective. You, or Campbell (merely a Commander to boot), either missed those FACTS or you intentionally omitted them when you edited your post from his comments. Regardless of Campbell’s purported authority on the topic, he’s making highly subjective comments and I would tend to think there was much more to his piece than the mere three tiny paragraphs you quoted.

    Additionally, anyone can find “experts” who have written something to support their perspective, view and paradigm at any time, on any topic, most of them widely varied if not outright contradictory. I’ve read numerous “financial experts” who predicted the collapse of the US economy 5 years ago, which may still occur, but they ALL said prior to 2014. Well, we’re two months from 2016 and, as of tonight, nothing. I also read many, many international financial experts predicting the collapse of the Dollar, especially once BRICS was operational. Again, as of tonight, the Dollar is strong and has been, and likely will continue to be for a while, the world’s most sought after and most highly traded and exchanged currency, and BRICS has all but collapsed and disappeared.

    My point, in case I need to spell it out for you, and I’m beginning to believe I may have to do just that, is that your “expert” has rather limited credibility, based upon the small excerpt you quoted, because both you and he missed the two points I made. I’m also suspecting you took his article out of context in order to stress YOUR point, and limited paradigm, as well as likely limited intellect, so it isn’t really all that valid or credible anyway.
    Do svidanya

  90. Russia and China are proposing some interesting concepts, but the fact is that the money just isn’t there for either nation to field enough of them to be of any value in a major conflict.

  91. That’s what the Navy says any time they want`more good money thrown after bad.

    The US Navy has its own army, navy, and air force, and wanted its own space command. After it was pointed out that there were no sea-faring vessels in space, the idea was dropped…

  92. Well if you didn’t notice this is Commander Garrett I. Campbell of US Navy research, not mine. And his opinion as professional contradicts yours.

    Second thing is that Caspian fleet missile barrage is just an example of an increased Russian capability.

    PS Rubble is not backed by central bank anymore and you can always track Russia Foreign Exchange and Gold Reserves on Bloomberg.

  93. Two points you fail to make. First, the Caspian Sea is locked in; there is no outflow. Vessels cannot move from it, so it’s a regional capability until Russia somehow finds the financial ability to build more, which under the current circumstances is unlikely. Even the Russian Central Bank has admitted that if it continues to spend monetary reserves to bolster the sagging economy and falling Ruble at the present rate, it will run out of money in less than two years.
    Second, the US Navy is HARDLY comprised of Littoral Combat ships and their limited, operationally specific capabilities. Do some better, more in-depth research, komrade.

  94. “Russia’s navy has been called “more rust than ready.” But Russia is, impressively, retrofitting older vessels and procuring newer ones. And the navy has unveiled a significant capability: Its Caspian Sea corvettes and frigates can fire cruise missiles at targets over 900 miles away. This is a previously unknown capability.

    To put things in perspective, the two variants of the US Littoral Combat Ship, Freedom and Independence, are substantially larger at roughly 2,900 tons and 3,100 tons, respectively — but they do not possess any cruise missile or similar power-projection capability.

    This was, therefore, a major revelation. It sent the West a strong message, even prompting one commentator to suggest that the Russian Caspian Sea fleet is a game-changer. With small, inexpensive, technologically simple, and easily produced ships, the Russian navy is displaying a unique capability and is highlighting the results of its naval modernization efforts, much of which are unknown.”

    US Navy Commander Garrett I. Campbell

  95. Most of Russia’s navy is antiquated and barely seaworthy. Even if you look just at the numbers of ships in the Russian fleet, it seems large on the surface (pardon the pun) but many of the vessels are small, and/or support ships not normally included in an offensive combat scenario. Even Russia’s sole “aircraft carrier”, the Admiral Kuznetsov, holds only 33 planes, and it has a tug in the squadron to take it into port since it breaks down frequently while at sea.

  96. Well no proof was presented that Russian missiles did crashed and Iran itself officially disproved that statement.

    Now about bombings. U.S. Navy Commander Garrett I. Campbell have an opinion quite different than yours and express it in Business Insider article “The Russian military has been effective in Syria”.

    “Almost none of our NATO allies could match what Russia has done so far in the skies.”
    “Many assessments of what the Russian military can and cannot do have been inaccurate.”

  97. Nuclear deterrence is no longer an effective tool with nuclear weapons. America and Russia are in the business of making smaller and smarter nuclear warheads with high destructive and strike capabilities. Putin is a maniac with hitler’s ambitions. America should stop policing the world and pandering to america cooperation and stock holders interest by creating proxy wars with terrorist and Russia.

  98. Why would I be Russian? Cos you tend to evade the topic when arguments fail?

    Just get off your rear end and go to that exibition and you will see all the specifics you want.

  99. So your saying 2.5 million homeless children in the U.S arn’t suffering? Sorry but in my country that counts as suffering.

    And all those poor kids are homeless to the high poverty rate U.S. You know millions upon millions living in extreme poverty. That counts as suffering in my book. Would be good reading for you Human Rights and what counts as suffering.

    Have you ever met people who suffered during Katrina? You must not be a U.S citizen if you do not know suffering. All those people will tell you all about their suffering. Countless of documentaries about their suffering. Even 10 years later most of those don’t own homes.

    Good thing my country had boots on the ground in hours. We all know it took the U.S military 3 days …

    Come to the U.S.A sometimes see what lives really like there.

  100. Huh. In one of her last articles Polina stressed that US will win nuclear war against Russia. It seems finaly she made some real research on this matter. Probably after reading tons of negative comments.

  101. “I’m just one person here sorry.”

    – Don’t think you’re the only Russian stooge on this board. :-)

    Unless you Leningrad types are sock puppets! O.o

  102. ” hypersonic missile PGS”

    – The YU-71?? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! So you’re going to hit the US with… imaginary missiles??

    That’s what we get from you servile Russians… imagination… and nothing else.

    “Anything else is just MAD.”

    – And what do you servile Russians have that will “destroy” the US? Fewer than 90 R-36 Mod 5’s that may or may not actually launch? Your pathetic SSBN force that performs fewer than 3 deterrent patrols a year, in a very well defined area, that will face scores of attack subs? Or your rusting bomber force that can barely fly let alone make it across the Atlantic or Arctic oceans?

    Good luck with that, Horst.

    Four strikes… Moscow to eliminate the Kremlin Gremlin, Murmansk (Severomorsk specifically) to eliminate your Atlantic SSBNs, Vladivostok (actually Vilyuchinsk to eliminate your Pacific force, and your depot in Saratov Oblast. Thirty minutes later, Russian generals, who are far smarter than Putler, will sue for peace.

    No one could convince the typical Brown Shirt of 1938 that their boss will destroy their country in six years… no one could convince you servile Russian nazees that your Kremlin Gremlin will destroy your country in less time than that. Pace requiescat. :-)

  103. Not one of you? I’m just one person here sorry. Your confusing me for someone else I think.

    You never been to a exhibition? They’re very specific I can tell you. I’ve been to many.

  104. Right so your argument is that retired officers, Gen. Larry D. Welch of the Air Force and Adm. John C. Harvey Jr. of the Navy are Russian trolls? Pentagon reports and studies which state it’s ‘FUBAR’ is all the work of evil trolls?

    Do you have a spare alufoil hat for me too? I bet you do.

    Crazyness don’t magically ‘mitigate’ money does it? So perhaps read those reports, studies and recommendations to the Pentagon to see how much money the U.S is missing to do any ‘mitigating’?

  105. Guys, I have read other articles by this Polina. She is obviously a sold out propaganda tool. Most of what the Russians are doing is in reaction to our bases on its borders. Our navy dwarfs the Russian Navy, and our military spending is 9 times that of Russia’s. Even Putin admitted that Russia cannot match the US military machine and is only preparing for a defense and for countering a possible threat from us. The US military industrial complex is most likely sponsoring such articles to get gullible Americans to support more military spending by the corporate-puppet govt in Washington D.C. I doubt many journalists and authors with integrity can be found in the Western corporate media these days.

  106. How about regime change in Washington. Get rid of the neocons like insane McCain and cracker dust Lindsay Graham , Victoria Nuland, just to name a few. These are psychopaths who only dream of war. which you or your sons and daughters will fight, It won’t their family members dying.

  107. Their Navy is under manned & under maintained. They stole many more advanced designed ships from Ukraine Navy in Crimea. The Russian Navy is a rusting mess. One Medium 1990’s designed carrier that breaks down during exercises. They are far from a sea power with a mostly obsolete 250 ship navy.

  108. The U.S. has 19 aircraft carriers. Russia has 1. Who is a threat to whom?

    America is a threat to world peace because it has disregarded treaties and is building missiles next to Russia; also it threatens a new arms race. Safety was based on Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), but America has forgotten this and is trying to gain complete dominance. Putin reminds America that, just as America can wipe out Russia any time it really feels like it, so can Russia give America a seriously hard time. Therefore we need to live together in peace. The message seems lost on Americans, whose idea of war starts and ends with WWF.

  109. The US Empire is the real threat, not Russia or any other country. The US acts like it can do whatever in wants, whenever it wants, breaking international laws as if they didn’t matter. It invades countries near the US and on the other side of the world that are no threat to the US, and has the nerve to complain about what Russia is doing to Ukraine.

  110. The capabilities of the Russian military do not matter. What matters is that RasPutin is moving closer and closer to attacking NATO directly. That will trigger a nuclear war. It does not matter how many warships anyone has when the Northern Hemisphere turns into burnt toast. It is time for Russian regime change. It is in the Russian Admirals’ best interests to not to go to war. No Admiral, in any Navy, will have any ships to command.

  111. Most people don’t care about what Russia or the US can do……if there is war then ther is war…..everyone will be affected directly or indirectly…….no need to try scare people with the newest military advances lol……..humans are frail so these type of articles try to make humans feel powerful for making military advances….who cares lol…..get me a fish filet and I will pretend I care…..

  112. All this crap to get more money for the military industrial pig complex. Yeah those terrifying russian missles that couldn’t even make it to Syria and dropped dead in Iran. LOL. Now we’re seeing how crappy their planes and bombers are in Syria. We have nothing to worry about. Their stuff is crap.

  113. The only thing the US Navy has to worry about from Russia is accidentally running into rusted pieces that have fallen off their ships.

  114. We and the Russians have been having live firing exercises at least as far back as when I first joined the USN, at the beginning of my career. This article is garbage and rotten garbage at that. I joined USN in 1964, so it has been going on for awhile. 20 years in USN and 21 years as civil service working for USN. I’ve been around the military block more than once.

  115. “some 950 countries from 54 are set to participate…” ????? There are NO 950 countries in the world. There are less than 200 countries in the world. Did you mean to say 950 representatives from 54 countries ?

  116. “some 950 countries from 54 are set to participate…” ????? There are 950 countries in the world. There are less than 200 countries in the world. Did you mean to say 950 representatives from 54 countries ?

  117. Hey I am american from Vermont and I agree with the fanatical statement about the RU people. But you have to wonder why is Nato trying to get close to the RU border? Remember what Eisenhower said about the military-industrial complex? It makes you wonder why we didn’t help the remnants of the USSR after their break up more in terms of maybe a marshall (sp) plan etc? We could have asked RU to join NATO post 9/11 and then we both could have dealt with this centuries real problem which is China.

  118. Tikhonova
    Is a St. Petersburg Russian troll that works for a company called FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY a sister company called INTERNET RESEARCH both housed in a 4 story building at 55 SAVUSHKINA St. in north central St. Petersburg Russia. The building pictured in my avatar.

    Both St. Petersburg Russian companies are owned by a holding company called CONCORD.

    CONCORD is owned by a shady Billionaire buddy of Vladimir Putin named EVGHENY PRIGOZHIN.

    This is a great story about St. Petersburg Russian trolls like Tikhonova

  119. The girl is just a retard. Ever hear of force projection? Ever hear of the Kursk? US has 25x as many ships as the RU navy, US has the ability to drop troops right in St Petersburg, RU can barely keep a tin can full of cork afloat.

  120. What truth? What on earth are you talking about? Do you think Polina is speaking “the truth” or that she is a paid shill? I feel sorry for you if you are buying her propaganda.

  121. Tikhonova
    Works for a St.Petersburg Russian troll factory called FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY at 55 SAVUSHKINA St in St. Petersburg Russia. THE BUILDING PICTURED IN MY AVATAR It is a sister troll factory to INTERNET RESEARCH. The executive director for the troll factories is MIKHAIL BURCHIK.
    Both companies are owned by a holding company called CONCORD.

    CONCORD is owned by EVGENY PRIGOZHIN a criminal Billionaire and close friend OF Vladimir Putin.

    This is a link to a story that tells all about St. Petersburg Russian trolls like Tikhonova.

  122. LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Sure ya can, Horst. Again… with what? What do you servile, impotent morons have that can threaten us? Be specific, Horst!

  123. put the sailors in a good liberty port (may I suggest Manila or Key West) and they will get along; unlike the politicians who will whine unless the taxpayers are footing the bill.

  124. Look on internet for this author articles. All of them are pro-Russian, showing how powerful militarily Russia is. Looks like author is helping to prove the Romney’s 2012 point: “Russia is the biggest treat to US and Western democracies despite ISIS recent activities.

  125. Ever notice all the articles on this ‘mickey mouse’ site are negative towards the American military? And usually written by women who have never been aboard a war ship and don’t understand the first item in a navy that makes it strong. Putin is a two-bit bully because he has Obama boxed up in his closet and he can do and say what he wants. But, he is smart enough to realize our nuke subs(which he has no idea where they are) would level Moscow and St. Pete within half a hour of the thug shooting off anything but his mouth!.

  126. You are such a Russian troll! US has a lot more money to mitigate their nuclear arsenal than Russia does. Hows that slipping Russian economy treating you?

  127. You have some serious Russian bias while writing on an American news site. You are such an idiot trying to solidify your bias to Americans. We all think people like you are idiots. Can’t you post on Russian news sites? Opps forgot Rootin Tootin’ Potin controls those. That is just too bad to have such an authoritarian leader.

  128. Paranoia! Trash article. Just last week I read another “Expert” opinion saying the Russian navy is a rust bucket with many outdated and obsolescent ships. The Russian navy is small and really is just a coastal protection force. Some of their submarines of course can travel internationally, but that is about it. So no, the United States does not need another 3 or 4 carrier battle groups and another dozen submarines.

  129. See if you Russians didn’t bother coming to websites that you are biased against, you would have any problems. Likewise we are tired of reading your moronic comments as well.

  130. This obviously uninformed Trollett hasn’t a clue how fast what Russia passes for a navy would find it’s self on the bottom of the various seas it patrols. Models and designs Russia doesn’t have the labor force with the experience to build doesn’t count, Trollett.

  131. At one point in time a Russian leader commented on the US battkeships, saying they had no conventional weapon available that could sink them. Today we make ships out of steel and aluminum so they weigh less and go faster. One Exocet can sink them.

  132. You have serious misconceptions about the core of the Russian people. The core is absolutely fanatical and will always stand behind a strong leader. Putin is the epitomy of Russian ppl’s will. Any other way and he could end up dead or replaced. That 90% rating is real. It is how Russian power politics works.

  133. Well, I would certainly HOPE that something traveling underwater would be able to “bypass NATO radars”. Such an impressive resume’ Ms. Tikhonova…and not a single degree in anything of which you write. Now SONAR would be a different story…and if that thing moves at the speed that its vaunted to move at…its going to be making LOTS of noise that EVERYBODY around it will hear…and then they’ll kill it before it arms itself.

  134. The submarine drone nuke is really a distraction. The real news is non nuclear or strategic hypersonic missile PGS strike weapon system able to strike continental US. With ability to maneuver at Mach10+ speeds with random trajectory.

    In any case back to proxy wars. Anything else is just MAD.

  135. So Russia is being “aggressive” for holding military exercises in Barents Sea which is their own sea?
    I guess US’s lies to excuse their warmongering never stops.
    guess NATO’s military exercises in the Baltics ON RUSSIA’S BORDER 2
    weeks ago were different because NATO and the West decide what is wrong
    and what is right.

  136. Its all about Putins Napoleon syndrome. He only makes himself and Russian oligarchs richer, all at the expense of the Russian people. The sanctions kill your economy and the Russian ppl suffer, while Putin lives like a king

  137. Our multiple layers of missile shield will deter most of it. Why else do you think Putin cries, every time we upgrade our missile defense?

  138. BS tony!…the racist BS is BS..institutional racism has been dead a long time. Cultural racism will never die and Blacks are as guilty as any other culture. FACT!..listen to the Asian girl who was shut off..

  139. Thats just how you interpret it. It can be viewed both ways. This female writer posts this cr@p every single day and its always anti american

  140. Russia holding military exercises in the Barents Sea which is their own sea is a “great threat to US”?
    Then what were the military exercises NATO had 2 weeks ago in the Baltics on RUSSIA’s BORDER that the west didn’t have a problem with? war?

  141. Fun times agead my dear Ame?ican comrades. Welcome to Cold War Redux or Cold War Lite. It is going to sting a bit here and there but hey keeps us both in good shape. At least there is no ideological divide this time. Its all abt moneh and prestige

  142. Bro, look at the name of the author. This is just BS Russian propaganda. This wh@re writes this BS everyday on yahoo, its nothing new

  143. So Russia is being “aggressive” for holding military exercises in Barents Sea which is their own sea?
    I guess US’s lies to excuse their warmongering never stops.
    I guess NATO’s military exercises in the Baltics ON RUSSIA’S BORDER 2 weeks ago were different because NATO and the West decide what is wrong and what is right.

  144. Hey look!! It is Polin@ the Russian propaganda wh@re at it again. Making false and ridiculous claims, because of Putin’s insecurity. Why does Yahoo continue to post this rubbish everyday?

  145. “Russia can destroy the US,”

    – They can? With what?

    (I recommend IHS Jane’s or FAS to figure out what Russia actually has)

  146. Oh common Tony! Did you watch the last pre-election debates? Trump despite the fact that he is not a politician (well none of them is, including the old lady-Hillary) had more sense than anyone. He accused one candidate of being stupid because that guy wanted to announce a no-fly zone in Syria. Trump warned him that this action may bring US and Russia to clashes and possible war… So even though he is an entertainer, I prefer him over Ronald Reagan.

  147. That’s not the only reason for Russia’s aggressive, in-your-face demonstrations of military power. By forcing the world to concentrate its attention on Russia’s bombers, it diverts attention from the sorry state of the Russian nuclear arsenal.

    Russia’s nuclear armament is seen as the ultimate guarantor of the security of the state. In the 1990s, when Russia was undergoing a massive socioeconomic shift from state socialism to a market economy, Russia’s military fell into more than a decade of poverty and disarray. Russia’s nuclear arsenal, however, remained at a relatively high rate of readiness.

    Weapons eventually wear out, and Russia’s nuclear forces, the bulk of which date to the mid-1980s, are on an aggressive retirement schedule. Three out of four models of Russia’s land-based nuclear missiles will be retired by 2020, with the fourth type, the SS-27 Sickle, set to gradually replace the others.

    Russia’s fleet of 12 nuclear missile submarines, designed to protect the country from a first strike by hiding nukes deep underwater, is old and worn out. Russia has only recently started building the new Borei-class missile submarines to replace them. On top of that, the new missiles destined to arm Russia’s new submarines are experiencing a high failure rate. Out of 20 launches of the newBulava long-range nuclear missile, at least eight failed.

    The result is a Russia highly insecure about its ability to protect its borders. But instead of sitting back and looking weak, Russia is lashing out to give the impression of strength. It’s a sleight-of-hand trick that downplays Russia’s nuclear weaknesses to concentrate attention on its apparent strengths. Viewed holistically, Russia’s nuclear firepower is a lot less intimidating than it looks.

  148. “A freezing of the conflict is the only reasonable expectation,” Khodorkovsky said.

    It might cement into a long-running conflict like that between North and South Korea, he said, adding that the United States has no choice but to remain in engaged in the dispute.

    And Russia is currently so dirty with corruption at all levels that to some extent the Russian bureaucracy is tantamount to an organized crime organization, he added.

    Khodorkovsky said for instance that while in jail he saw everybody from low level cops to more senior officials simply steal detainees’ property.

  149. “May be the threat will be less then?”

    – Since there is no threat to begin with, I’m betting you’re a servile Russian. :-)

    Considering your servility to the Kremlin Gremlin, please answer why you servile Russians cannot hit that little “X” in the middle of the camera? We see US pilots hit that “X” all the time! Not so much their servile Russian counterparts. Any ideas?

  150. ” from November 17 through 20, and some 950 countries from 54 are set to participate ” ….. HOW DO YOU GET 950 countries ( when there aren’t that many ) from 54 ?

  151. Now that we’ve failed to use Russia’s corrupt and degenerating economy, subservience to the international banking system, and vulnerability to falling energy prices to pop Vladimir Putin like a zit, we’re going to have sit on our NATO, E.U., and OSCE duffs and take the long view of Russian imperialism.

    Fortunately the long view, while a desolate prospect, is also comforting in its way, if you aren’t a Russian.

    In the sixth century A.D. Russia was the middle of nowhere in the great Eurasian flat spot bounded by fuck-all on the north and east, barbarian hordes and the remains of the Byzantine Empire on the south, and the Dark Ages on the west.

    Wandering around in here, up and down the watershed of the Dnieper River from Novgorod (which hadn’t been built yet) to Kiev (ditto) were disorganized tribes of Slavic pastoral herdsmen herding whatever was available, pastorally. They were harried by Goths, Huns, Khazars, and other people who had the name and nature of outlaw motorcycle gangs long before the motorcycle was invented.

    The original Russian state, “Old Russia,” was established at Novgorod in A.D. 862 by marauding Vikings. They’d set off to discover Iceland, Greenland, and America, took a wrong turn, and wound up with their dragon boat stuck on a mud bar in the Dnieper. (Historians have their own theories, involving trade and colonization, but this sounds more likely.)

    The first ruler of Old Russia was the Viking Prince Ryurik. Imagine being so disorganized that you need marauding Vikings to found your nation—them with their battle axes, crazed pillaging, riotous Meade Hall feasts, and horns on their helmets. (Actually, Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets—but they would have if they’d thought of it, just like they would have worn meade helmets if they’d thought of it.) Some government it must have been.

    Viking Prince Ryurik: “Yah, let’s build Novgorod!”

    Viking Chieftain Sven: “Yah, so we can burn it down and loot!”

    The Russians weren’t converted to Christianity until A.D. 988—a thousand years late to “Peace be unto you” party, the basic principles of which still haven’t sunk in. (And maybe never had a chance to. Russia’s conversion came at the hands of St. Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev, who was reputed to maintain a harem of 800 concubines.)

    The death of St. Vladimir, and every other ruler of Old Russia, was followed by assassinations, mayhem, civil strife, and the other hallmarks of change in Russian leadership evident to the present day. Oxford historian Ronald Hingley notes that “the first and only Russian ruler to fashion an effective law of succession” was Tsar Paul I (1796-1801). Tsar Paul was assassinated.

    Anyway, things went along pretty well for almost 400 years. (Pretty well by Russian standards—a free peasant was known as a smerd, meaning “stinker.”) Then, in 1237, when the rest of the West was having a High Middle Ages and getting fecund for cultural rebirth, a Tatar horde invaded Russia.

    The Tatars were part of the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan. They had a two-pronged invasion strategy: Kill everybody and steal everything.

    Kiev, Moscow, and most of Russia’s towns were obliterated. Tatar control—part occupation and part suzerainty over impotent, tribute-paying Russian principalities—lasted more than 200 years.

    The Russians have heroic stories about fighting off the Tatars, but in fact it seems like the Tatars gradually lost interest in the place and went off in a horde back to where they came from.

    Professor Hingley says the “Tatar Yoke” left Russia with “a model of extreme authoritarian rule combined with control through terror.” It also left Russia with a model of leadership best summarized by a passage from John Keegan’s A History of Warfare:

    “Genghis Khan, questioning his Mongol comrades-in-arms about life’s sweetest pleasure and being told it lay in falconry, replied, ‘You are mistaken. Man’s greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding [and] use the bodies of his women as a nightshirt and support.’”

    Why Putin wants Angela Merkel for a nightshirt is beyond me. But that’s a Russian dictator for you.

    Around the time Europe was getting a New World, Russia was getting tsars. Several were named Ivan, one more terrible than the next until we arrive at Ivan the Terrible in 1533.

    Ivan created a private force of five or six thousand thugs, the oprichnina, who wore black, rode black horses, and carried, as emblems of authority, a dog’s head and a broom. (The hammer and sickle of the day, presumably.)

    Oprichniks were entitled to rob and kill anyone, and did so with a will. Ivan suspected Novgorod of disloyalty, and the oprichnina spent five weeks in the city slaughtering thousands and driving thousands more into exile.

    Ivan presided over and sometimes personally performed the roasting, dismembering, and boiling alive of enemies and people who, left unboiled, might possibly become enemies.

    He killed his own son and heir by whacking him over the head with the monarchal staff in a tsar-ish fit of temper.

    He conducted a 24-year-long war against Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Knights, and lost.

    Russia’s economy was destroyed. Drought, famine, and plague beset the country.

    But Ivan put Russia on the map as an international player. He defeated what was left of the Tatars, mostly by conniving with leaders of what was left of the Tatars. He expanded Russian rule into Siberia, his success due to almost nobody being there. And, draw what parallels you will, Ivan the Terrible’s popularity rating was very high among the smerds.

    After his reign, Russia, if you can believe it, got worse. “The Time of Troubles” featured more drought, more famine, more plague, foreign invasions, massacres, the occupation and sacking of Moscow, and tsars with names like False Dmitry I and False Dmitry II. The population of Russia may have been reduced by as much as one-third.

    The remaining two-thirds reacted to increasing anarchy in traditional Russian fashion, by increasing autocracy. The Russians aren’t stupid. We’re talking about a country where chess is a spectator sport. Autocracy is just a Russian bad habit, like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking a liter of vodka.

    In 1613 the Romanov dynasty was installed, providing Russia with a range of talents from “Great” (Peter I, Catherine II) to “Late” (Ivan VI, Peter III, and Paul I killed in palace intrigues; Alexander II blown to bits by a terrorist bomb, and Nicholas II murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks).

    The Romanovs adhered to what Harvard historian Richard Pipes calls a “patrimonial” doctrine, meaning they owned Russia the way we own our house (except to hell with the mortgage). They owned everything. And everybody. The Romanov tsars imposed rigid serfdom just as that woeful institution was fading almost everywhere else.

    Russia never had a Renaissance, a Protestant Reformation, an Enlightenment, or much of an Industrial Revolution until the Soviet Union. Soviet industrialization produced such benefits to humanity as concrete worker housing built without level or plumb bob, the AK-47, MiG fighter jets, and proliferating nukes. (Although the only people the Soviets ever killed with a nuclear device was themselves at Chernobyl, located, perhaps not coincidentally, in what’s now Ukraine, for the time being at least.)

    Russia was out in the sticks of civilization, in a trailer park without knowledge of how to build a trailer. But Russia kept getting bigger, mostly by killing, oppressing, and annoying Russians.

    Peter the Great (1682-1725) led a military expedition against the Turkish fort of Azov that was a disaster. But Peter came right back and, getting more Russians killed, overwhelmed the Turks. The same thing happened in the Northern War against Sweden. Although it took 21 years after Peter ran away at the battle of Narva, Russia finally got a Baltic coastline. Which Peter didn’t know what to do with, so he built St. Petersburg in a swamp with conscripted serf labor. The number of Russian serfs who died building things in the swamp equaled the number Russian soldiers who died in the Northern War.

    Peter the Great raised taxes, made the Russian nobles shave their beards, and caused the death of his recalcitrant son and heir, like Ivan the Terrible did, but on purpose.

    Catherine the Great (1762-1796) doubled taxes on the Jews and declared they weren’t Russians, as if anyone would want to be. She was the first but not last leader of Russia to annex Crimea. NATO member alert, code red—she won two wars against Turkey and partitioned Poland. (Like Peter the Great on the Baltic, she got the swampy part.)

    Under Catherine, Russian settlements pushed all the way east into Alaska, the most valuable land Russia has occupied. (Annual GDP per capita, Alaska: $61,156. Annual GDP per capita, Russia: $14,037.) But—E.U. shame alert—when Russia was facing financial difficulties and geopolitical conflict, Tsar Alexander II was forced to sell Alaska to the United States in 1867 for 2 cents an acre. Later, as mentioned, Alexander got blown to bits.

    And that’s pretty much it for Russia’s Golden Age. After the 18th century, Russia devoted itself mostly to being big fat loserland, losing pace with the modern world, wars, Alaska, a communist utopia, a million victims of Stalin’s purges, 6 million victims of the famine of 1921, 8 million victims of the famine of 1932-33, a “Kitchen Debate” between Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, ICBMs in Cuba, the space race, the arms race, the Cold War, and finally, 14 independent countries that were once in the USSR.

    Napoleon actually won the war part of his war with Russia. If “General Winter” and the general tendency of Moscow to be periodically destroyed hadn’t, for once, sided with the Russian people, you’d be able to get a good bottle of Côte de Volga and a baguette in Smolensk today.

    Russia began a series of wars in the Caucasus that it has yet to win.

    In 1825, the Decembrists, a reform-minded group of military officers, staged a demonstration in favor of constitutional monarchy and were hanged for taking the trouble.

    Political oppression, censorship, spying, and secret police activity reached such a level of crime and punishment that Dostoyevsky himself was sentenced to death for belonging to a discussion group. He was standing in front of the firing squad when his sentence was commuted to exile in Siberia. (Whether to thank Tsar Nicolas I depends upon how weighty a summer reading list you’ve been given.

    “Exiled to Siberia” says everything about Russian economic and social development in that land of mountains, lakes, and forests with a climate, in its lower latitudes, no worse than the rest of Russia’s. I’ve been across it on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. If this were America, the route from Irkutsk to Vladivostok would be lined with vacation homes and trendy shops, and “exiled to Siberia” would be translated as “exiled to Aspen.”

    Russia lost the 1853-56 Crimean War. NATO member alert, code green—Russia lost to Britain, France, and Turkey.

    In 1861 Tsar Alexander II freed 50 million serfs. If “freed” is the word that’s wanted. The serfs had no place to go except the land they were already farming, and if they wanted any of that, they had to buy it with the nothing they made as serfs. Later, as mentioned twice already, Alexander got blown to bits.

    Russia lost the Jews. Being robbed, beaten, and killed in pogroms was not a sufficient incentive to stay. More than a million Jews emigrated, taking what common sense the country had with them.

    Russia lost the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War in the best Russian loser fashion at the naval battle of Tsushima.

    Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro “crossed the T” of the Russian fleet, a rare execution of a tactic where you get your ships in a horizontal line so that your guns can be aimed at the enemy, whose ships are in a vertical line so that their guns can’t be aimed at you.

    The Russian fleet was demolished. Eight battleships and most of the smaller ships were sunk. More than 5,000 Russian sailors died. Just three of 38 Russian vessels escaped to Vladivostok.

    Russia lost World War I, not an easy thing to do when you’re on the winning side. After the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was too much of a mess to keep fighting Germany. The Soviet government signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk surrendering Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russian Poland, and Ukraine—containing in total a quarter of the population of Imperial Russia—to the Central Powers just eight months before the Central Powers had to surrender to everybody.

    Russia lost both sides of the 1917-22 Russian Civil War. The White Russians were losers. The Reds were total losers. We know how their revolution turned out.

    Russia might as well have lost World War II. Between 18 million and 24 million Russians died. That’s three times as many military and civilian casualties as Germany suffered. There must have been a better way to kill a bunch of Nazis running low on food and ammunition and stuck in frozen mud.

    Now, because of what he’s doing in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a higher smerd popularity rating than Ivan the Terrible or even Stalin. We certainly should have screwed him over. But Russian history is on our side. He’ll certainly screw himself.

  152. most “outstanding” events of both Putin presidencies.

    1) Never fully explained sudden death of the most popular Russian military man, General Alexander Lebed in 2002. When Boris Yeltsin was in charge then Alexander Lebed was widely seen as the future President of Russia. That freak accident, which cut Lebed life short, was very weird. Media were completely quiet. Why? Whole Russian Army was behind immensely popular and “colorful” General Lebed.

    2) In 2000 russian nuclear submarine Kursk. Putin somehow was not in a hurry to help doomed Russian sailors dying in sinking submarine Kursk. He was on a vacation at Crimea resort instead. Putin obsessive hatred toward everything from America did not allow him to accept the offer of help from US government. By the time russian authorities found contractors from Netherland to do the submarine recover job all young Russian sailors perished. While Russian people mourned dead young sailors Putin did not show any sign of grief.

    3) In 2010 Polish official Government plane with almost all government members including the Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski crashed near Smolensk in Russia. Mr. Kaczynski was one of the strongest critics of Putin abroad. Until now authorities in Poland have not seen all records from this unusual disaster and Russian authorities are doing “their best” to keep it hidden. Voice recorders from black boxes were tampered. Also Russian experts “hesitate” with further continuation of cooperation to resolve this tragedy and they actually push the guilt on polish crew ridiculously charging pilots for alcohol drinking. People in Poland still believe Putin was behind this horrible accident and nothing is going to change their minds.

    4) In 2009 Anastasiya Baburova, a journalist, and Stanislav Markelov, a human rights lawyer, were shot in broad daylight as they strolled away from a press conference less than a mile from the Kremlin. It was said that the main target was Markelov and a lawyer who had represented left-wing activists, journalists and victims of a 2002 Moscow theatre siege when Russian special forces killed over 100 hostages during a rescue operation. Baburova, aged 25 when she died, worked for opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta. In 2011 a Moscow court convicted and imprisoned two neo-Nazis, Nikita Tikhonov and Yevgeniya Khasis, of the double murder.

    5) In 2009, Russian human rights journalist and activist Natalia Estemirova was abducted in front of her home in Grozny, Chechnya then shot and dumped in a roadside gutter. She tried to continue work of Anna Politkovskaya. Also the most prominent critic of Chechen pro Putin leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

    6) In 2006 Andrei Kozlov First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, who tried to ionvestigate money laundering is shot and killed in Moscow.

    7) In 2006, Anna Politkovskaya author of countless books and articles exposing Russian human rights violations in Chechnya and attacking Vladimir Putin as a dictator, is shot and killed at her home in Moscow.

    8) In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko KGB defector is fatally poisoned by radioactive Polonium obtained from Russian sources.

    9) In 2004 Nikolai Girenko human rights defender, Professor of Ethnology and expert on racism and discrimination in the Russian Federation is shot dead in his home in St Petersburg.

    10) In 2004 Paul Klebnikov editor of the Russian edition Forbes magazine, is shot and killed in Moscow. Forbes reported that Paul investigated money laundering involving a Chechen reconstruction fund, reaching into the centers of power in the Kremlin and involving elements of organized crime and the FSB (the former KGB).

    11) In 2003 Yuri Shchekochikhin a local opposition journalist and member of the Russian Duma (Parliament) and the Kovalev Commission, suddenly contracted a “mysterious” illness. He was poisoned with thallium. He tried to investigate what poison gas was applied during the infamous Moscow theater hostage crisis. He also tried to investigate the Three Whales Corruption Scandal and criminal activities of FSB officers related to money laundering through the Bank of New York and illegal actions of Yevgeny Adamov, a former Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy. This case was under the personal control of Putin.

    12) In 2003 Sergei Yushenkov, co-chairman of the Liberal Russia political party is gunned down at the entrance of his Moscow apartment block.

    I do not think any of modern leaders can prise himself more than Putin for such record while in power.

  153. No one does propaganda better than the Russians. They (Putin and cronies) allowed the television to catch the snippet concerning a dirty torpeda. Oh gosh Mr. Putin please do not fire that torpeda. Wink Wink

  154. So basically what this author is saying is that Russia is almost as capable as we were 30 years ago? Funny how the author didn’t mention how large and capable the USA’s Navy is compared to the Russian

  155. The 60s are back, today we the stupidest government in the history of this country. If we elect another brain dead puppet politician “president” this country will be in serious trouble. Donald Trump the world famous billionaire is America’s only hope, he can deal with the leaders of other countries. The bright side is if we elect puppet Bush for president, this country will be taken over, and this is guaranteed, they will take one look at these slimy lawyers and feed them to the fish, the world will smell a lot better.

  156. How? By burning your own cities so the attackers can’t eat or have infrastructure or by throwing thousands of poorly equipped men to their deaths? Pick your poison.

  157. Who is going to attack Russia? Maybe Russia should quit attacking and threatening other folks. Just sit within the borders of Russia work on the Russian economy and play nice with others. life would be much more pleasurable if Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea didn’t always act like huge A-holes

  158. Trump? With that dump fool, the U.S will be in ashes in no time.. That fool will press the red button to war with Russia on day one. That guy is seriously an insane individual who shouldn’t be American.

  159. It’s not the point who is better, the States or Russia. The point is that the author should check her facts before posting an article or be more clear.
    Speaking of the nuclear race and possible war between US and Russia… there will be no winners. Who will stay alive, will envy the dead ones. Hey I am buying a nice house… I want to live, not die due to stupid politicians who can’t collaborate. Go Trump! Hillary sucks…

  160. The truth is Putin will bring and is bringing Russia and the people down. The Russian people deserve better than Putin! Russia is 3rd world because of Putin.

  161. Perhaps you also work for Russian media “Tony”, as based on your past comments. Are you yet another propaganda mouthpiece? Something tells me you are.

  162. Poor Obama… hated in the US only cause he’s black. Jesus, if we can’t get along at home, how could we get along with the neighbors? NEVER !

  163. As usual this cheap propaganda prostitute undo herself.Russia is in no “arms race”,Russia is just saying loud and clear that IF ATTACKED will destroy the attacker.This is not an empty threat,it happens in the past.You attack Russia,you die.

  164. Obama? Why? Every past US president has been the same.. “DESTROY RUSSIA; WE STAY IN POWER SO WE CAN BE THE ONLY POWER IN THE WORLD.”

  165. Ill tell you; that ship on the picture looks pretty scary. Soon it will be the end of US humanity.You better go back to Russia;

    Polina Tikhonova

  166. The author is provocative with her false statements. I stopped reading this article after this statement “The comments come amid Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the start of nuclear arms race with the U.S.”
    In light of current world events, I follow everything that is said in the news… especially by our (US) opponents. The fact is that Putin said many times that him and his country (Russia) are not planning to start the nuclear arms race. He insisted a few times that US will not succeed in engaging Russia in new nuclear weapons race. This author is manipulating with the facts. It must be hard for someone who does not follow all news to unpeel the lies from the truth.

  167. “You don’t like the truth, huh?”

    – “Truth”?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, Horst. Not buying it as I know precisely what servile Russia has and doesn’t have.

  168. When Navys such as Russia’s or China’s become a threat, there are only ones to blame, Obama and the Liberal/Progressives.

  169. Polina… you need a more neutral source of information. May I suggest FAS or IHS Jane’s? Seriously… that this was even posted is due solely to your editors being as ignorant of the subject as you.

  170. Oh Polina…..not you again. Don’t they have anyone else who can write an article at YAHOO? or GOOGLE? or whoever it is that gives you this publicity. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  171. Hahahahahahaha, oh please Polina still spewing ignorance. Heres one Vladimir says they are developing super tug boats for their fleet of rusting hulks, that way they can extend their reach beyond the Baltic sea and Mediterranean. The US congress just passed a 63 billion dollar defense budget, heres a clue dear. The navy wants a large part of it. Chinas defense budget is 7 billion, how much is Russias? Maybe 1.7billion, their going to need that for their tug boats.

  172. The only danger from the russian navy would be from all the chemicals they will leak into the water when they sink from lack of PMCS.

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