Turkey Threatens To Respond To Russia’s Rocket Launcher Provocation

Turkey Threatens To Respond To Russia’s Rocket Launcher Provocation
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Amid reports of an imminent war between Turkey and Russia, Turkey has summoned the Russian ambassador after a serviceman on the deck of a Russian naval ship allegedly held a rocket launcher while the vessel passed through Istanbul this weekend.

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Turkey accuses Moscow of “provocations” after the serviceman was spotted holding a rocket launcher on his shoulder while the naval ship was passing through the territory of Turkey, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Relations between Ankara and Moscow have sharply escalated since the Turkish military last week shot down a Russia jet in its airspace.

Russia’s NTV news channel broadcasted a footage with a serviceman brandishing a rocket launcher on the deck of a naval ship Caesar Kunikov as it passed through the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul on Saturday. The ship was allegedly en route to Syria.

“For a Russian soldier to display a rocket launcher or something similar while passing on a Russian warship is a provocation,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu? told reporters, according to The Sydney Morning Herald citing the Hurriyet news site. “If we perceive a threatening situation, we will give the necessary response.”

With the Bosphorus providing the only naval passage to the world’s oceans for the Russian Black Sea fleet, a post-war treaty obliges Turkey to allow all naval ships to pass the region during peacetime.

Ever since the Turkish military brought down the Russian warplane, the Kremlin has introduced economic sanctions, which will cost Turkey approximately nine billion dollars, according to AFP. NTV also said that as the Caesar Kunikov was passing through, three NATO frigates with Canadian, Spanish and Portuguese flags had been moored.

Tensions getting hot: Turkey summons Russian ambassador

As a response to the incident with the Russian serviceman allegedly holding a rocket launcher, Turkey has summoned the Russian ambassador. Turkey has formally expressed its outrage over the incident, with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu calling it a “provocation.”

The incident with Turkey – a NATO member state – shooting down the Russian warplane has already been called the most alarming military encounter between NATO and Russia’s armed forces in over 50 years. It has already triggered quite an uproar in geopolitics with many analysts wondering if this is the beginning of a major military confrontation between Russia and NATO with the involvement of the U.S.

“The worse case being a conflict between the United States and fellow nuclear armed state, Russia,” according to Zachary Yost of The Canal.

With extremely high chances of the conflict between Ankara and Moscow spiraling into a war between NATO and Russia, U.S. experts are weighing in on whether the United States should or should not risk American soldiers’ lives to save Turkey. The benefits of the U.S. possibly withdrawing from NATO would be to “discourage irresponsible behavior from current U.S. allies,” Yost noted in his article.

“Without the vast armed might of the United States backing it up, it is unlikely that Turkey would have committed such a provocative act against Russia. Without the United States to ward off any retaliation, nations will think twice before engaging in risky confrontations,” the author wrote.

Despite the fact that Turkey is backed by NATO’s 5th Article, which states that an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all NATO members, the chances that Russia is going to start a nuclear war against the Alliance are very “likely,” according to Pavel Felgengauer, Russia’s top military analyst, as reported by ValueWalk.

Russia warns NATO against reinforcing Turkish defences

As Turkey summoned the Russian ambassador, Russia’s envoy to NATO has warned the U.S.-led Alliance against reinforcing Ankara’s air defenses, according to Al Jazeera.

Alexander Grushko, Russia’s envoy to NATO, said on Monday that Moscow does not think that strengthening the forces would “strictly correspond to the task of neutralizing possible challenges from terrorist organizations.”

“If by the NATO efforts Turkey tries to contain Russia, this will be an obstacle to the establishment of an international coalition against terrorism,” Grushko said, as reported by ITAR-TASS news agency.

The comments come amid reports that NATO allies are discussing sending patrol aircraft and patriot missiles to Turkey, which currently hosts only Spanish missiles.

According to NATO’s foreign ministers, the Alliance is planning to send more ships from NATO members in the eastern Mediterranean, deploy more NATO warplanes to the Turkish base at Incirlik and have more missile defense batteries stationed in Turkey.

Russia is ready for nuclear war: deploys doomsday plane

Shooting down the Russian jet will cost Turkey’s economy nine billion dollars in the worst-case scenario of “zero relations,” according to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister.

“In the worst-case scenario, which is zero relations with Russia, we are talking about a loss of nine billion dollars,” Mehmet Simsek, the deputy prime minister in charge of the economy, said in an interview with private NTV television, as reported by AFP.

The current conflict is going to cut Turkey’s GDP by 0.3 to 0.4 percent, Simsek added.

Meanwhile, one of Russia’s leading politicians has recently outlined how easy it would be for Russia to destroy Turkey.

“You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits, and there’d be a huge flood. The water would rise by 10-15 meters and the whole city would disappear,” said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic party, as reported by ValueWalk citing the Daily Mail.

It was also reported by ValueWalk that Russia is actively preparing for a possible nuclear war against NATO by completing tests on a state-of-the-art flying command center – which has already been named a ‘doomsday plane’ by the Pentagon – capable of maintaining full control over Russia’s armed forces in case of a global disaster or nuclear war.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. US equipment has never been tested against a “real” army either. Their war against Afghanistan was pitting superpower technology against tribal militias. Their war with Iraq was an easy win, as Saddam’s antiquated forces were no match for US military power and technology. So you are correct in saying that we don’t know. There are some retired higher ranking military “planners” though who have stated off the record that if the US had gone head to head in Iraq in 1991 with Russian armored formations instead of Iraqi, the huge flanking US armored thrusts would have been practically annihilated. Neither the US, nor Russia has fought a REAL peer opponent since September 1945. . .

  2. Oh god.

    Like I said, I’d like to part ways and let’s agree to disagree. I have no interest in dealing with an emotion obsessive person. There is your opinion and then there is reality. I prefer to stay in the latter. Oh and sorry I did not bother reading past the first line.

    Good luck and see you around.

  3. “Ka-Ching!” You answered so I assume you need to meet your quota.

    No, we do not agree. Why would anyone agree to a stalemate when their opponent faces checkmate? In just the last few months you have used this and other nicks to make thousands of “comments” almost exclusively attacking Ukraine/Ukrainians and/or defending Putin’s Russia. Again I ask, pray tell, what motivates a self-described objective non-involved third-party Canadian to spend so much time and energy doing this?

    Is it possible that you were not born in Canada but are a former soviet citizen who is expressing his longing for the good old days (when Russia mattered) by trolling for would be Tzar Putin? Or is it simply for money?

    In any case, I wish you good look in finding another job when the money runs out and Putin is deposed -finding work should not be too difficult for you given your purported Russian and Ukrainian language skills.

  4. “Unlike you, my comments are motivated by neither hatred or money or delusion.”

    Like I said, we will agree to disagree.
    Good luck.

  5. Rinse and repeat, “I am not a troll” , as much as you want but your comments and multiple DIscus identities reveal the truth. I refuse to “agree to disagree” with you because it creates the illusion that there is something to disagree with, as if facts and truth are reducible to mere matters of opinion. They are not and when your attempt to create such an illusion is challenged, your tactic is the same: distort, divert, deny, lie, ridicule and insult. So rinse and repeat, “I am not a troll” , as much as you want; your comments here and elsewhere speak for themself.

    Unlike you, my comments are motivated by neither hatred or money or delusion. I simply love my home and hate what Putin has been and is doing in and to Ykraine –which includes unleashing a paid propaganda army of texting trolls whose “comments” mirror your own. And what, pray tell, motivates a purported Canadian to dedicate so much time and effort exclusively attacking Ukraine, Ukrainians and defending Putin’s Russia? Rinse and repeat, “I am not a troll” , as much as you want but your comments speak for themself.

    A further reply from you is unnecessary and irrelevant — unless of course, you get paid by the troll and need the money.

  6. LOL I have read most of your comments under this nick. Your technique is invariable: distort, divert, deny, ridicule and insult. You can rinse and repeat, “I am not a troll, as much as you want but your comments speak for themself. Unlike you, my motivation is neither money nor hate. I simply love Ukraine and hate what Putin has done and is doing here –and I respect Turkey for standing up to Putin’s pretenses and bullying. If you were to join Putin’s supporters fighting in the Donbas, I still wouldn’t hate you; I might even respect you –but I would still do the same thing to you as I am doing here: shoot you down. Rinse and repeat, “I am not a troll” , as much as you want but your comments reveal the truth. A further reply from you is as unnecessary and irrelevant as was, is and will be your opinion. Just keep rinsing and repeating.

  7. It was in fact you who stated first of anyone being emotional. It was a very odd statement but chalked it up to you being you. If you cannot except my lack of emotion, that is your problem and not mine. I am not trying to prove you wrong as one cannot, with any facts or proof convince someone who is in denial of reality. I am only bringing out the validity of a report you said if existed would provide proof to the articles and now it is available to you, you deny its validity. I just want the reading public to know the lengths that one person or group will go to deny Russian troop and military support involvement in Ukraine. Have a great day!

  8. Richard, believe it or not, I was not at all shocked.

    Like I said, I am not emotionally invested in this and I am not out to prove anyone “wrong”. ” And when you read it you ate crow with egg on your face. An expression I’d pay to see!”: This right here, tells me you are nothing BUT emotionally invested and when you found the report, that is the expression I’D pay to see. I bet you were on cloud 9….just psychology 101.

    Your conclusion is that of a very shallow and limited person who can not see outside or past ones own opinion. You re-read the report to again try and prove me wrong, not prove your conclusion right, two completely different things.

    You would rather rely on something someone said somewhere than to make your own conclusions and deductions, which makes one a sh3333ple.

    Like I said, we will simply agree to disagree. See you around.

  9. Non-responsive? Haha, oh god. I quoted points from your own post, responding to them. Oh man… Love how you jump to a different point without an attempt to refute mine. I guess you deem them very valid. BUT RUSSIA BAD! GRRR! MUST MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS GRRR! Yet again proves it that you are not objective or logical in this. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Everyones a troll, oil going under, Putin’s Russia, etc, etc, etc. All cliche, all tired.
    Willow and cook in your hate while the rest of the world moves on.

    We will agree to disagree. Good luck.

  10. Your comment is a non-responsive rambling incoherent irrelevant rant revealing an underlying lunacy requiring medical treatment and for which no rational response is either necessary or possible. It must be getting harder for Putin’s Russia to find competent trolls with oil under $40 a barrel.

  11. My dear friend. I just reread the UN report. You remember, the report you said was needed to confirm the articles content on Russian weaponry being trucked into Ukraine but yelled back to me, “it does not exist”. And when you read it you ate crow with egg on your face. An expression I’d pay to see! Well, after rereading the UN Report, no where does it state what you say. As a matter of fact it has a conclusion that foreign weapons from the Russian Federation is and remains in process.

    My conclusion is that you are in fact a liar and a puppet of Putin. Russians who lie to hide their guilt of devious actions are common place and you are the newest example!

  12. I am denying it because

    A) UN, when the conflict has started, said there is no evidence of any weapons or whatever flowing in
    B) OSCE has reported that there are no weapons or whatever flowing in
    C) The latest UN report said the trucks are not inspected and therefor speculate and assume
    D) When the trucks were inspected, EVERYONE had access to it, even the media, an no weapons or whatever was flowing in
    E) Independent journalists have said there are no weapons or soldiers flowing in
    F) The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko has said they are not righting a Russian army

    The ONLY ones that are saying that there are weapons flowing in, are Kiev and Washington. The conflict has been going on for like 2 years now and not a SINGLE shred of evidence was provided. I am trying really hard to hold back but your bias and shallow-mindedness on this is just…..beyond mind boggling.

    I feel like I am banging my head against a thick, dense wall.
    You want to gobble up whatever the “media” tells you? That’s more than perfectly fine. If you want to live in self induced denial, that is 100% your choice.
    Let’s just agree to disagree. See you around.

  13. “”Trust me, if weapons were ACTUALLY flowing in, the media would have a feeding frenzy.”” Haha, that is what we are talking about but you keep denying it. The media is coming out with the true story of Russian involvement. Again, you have egg on your face and ate crow when the UN Report you said did not exist, surfaced and provided the evidence of the media outlets. You are embarrassed and trying your best to weasel your way out! You must be a fanatic in believing Putin could never do anything like providing support to Ukraine rebels.

  14. What…are you talking about….O__O

    No offense but English is first language, is it? I really do say that in a non-derogatory manner.

    I know very well what “has” means, but thank you for putting the effort into explaining it.

    Russia did send convoys before, they were inspected by OSCE and Ukraine border guards back in 2014, August if you want to get precise. Never did they find any weapons, ammunition or equipment.

    “NO RUSSIAN weapons or troops have crossed into Ukraine in the past 11 months, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has reported.” August 2015, UK paper.

    The UN report said that the vehicles, that they are speculating are moving in weapons, have NOT been inspected. This makes it a speculation. PREVIOUS vehicles that HAVE been inspected, whether by OSCE or by UA border, have found no weapons or anything of the sort and only humanitarian aid. It is literally as straightforward and as simple as that.

    Trust me, if weapons were ACTUALLY flowing in, the media would have a feeding frenzy.
    You are not “taxing” my ability to comprehend the language, I assure you. You, on the other hand, are looking for justification of your opinion.

  15. Oh so now we are trying to defend Right Sector by defining what exactly “wrecked havoc” means and how many people need to die? And I am not objective? Please.

    “Yes, some Americans called for arming Ukraine but the U.S. has to this day refrained from providing the weapons Ukraine has requested” ….Pretty much the entire congress….and the only reasons they haven’t is because things either go missing, end up in the hands of nationalists and it would have been very, very bad PR. Ukraine is not middle east and you can’t exactly hide it. When Congress saw that their arms (not arms, equipment so far) end up either on the black on in the hands of extremists, they stopped. And what else did they send you guys? Oh yeah, the Humvees from the 90’s that no one wanted and no one wanted to buy. So…so far, we have the following: aggressive government take over, loans which Ukraine can not afford which then did NOT go to the people or restructure, but to buy the rotting equipment that the gov’t was trying to get rid of….oh, and of course a civil war. How great. (would you mind if I make you pay for my personal loan too? I mean, it’s the same result…I can make promises of maybe doing something nice for you in the future and you will buy the stuff you dont want or need with the loan from me, i think it’s a good deal)

    “The majority of the world’s governments objectively demonstrate their support for Ukraine in various ways” You mean the Washington cronnies? I mean even your president was a U.S informant….Mayor of Oddessa wasn’t elected but placed there with US paying his salary….most of the heads of your government are either corrupt or are third parties…..Even if they weren’t, who wouldn’t? Even I support Ukraine and it’s people 10,000% but people like me know that Ukraine is being had…..hard, with no vaseline. Do you REALLY think that the government which chases only, and only it’s agent, with people chasing only, and only their agenda…..decided to “help” Ukraine? It’s romantic to think about, sure, with a nice promise at the end of the tunnel but that’s all it is, it’s a scam.

    “Canada has been and remains one of Ukraine’s most vocal supporters and you can verify this by reading official Canadian government statements/websites” No, you can 100% trust me on this one and I guarantee you any Canadian (non-Ukrainian Canadian and I do not mean that in a derogatory manner) will raise their eyebrow at what our government is doing. Our PM at the time, is nothing but a lapdog to the US and he does what they tell him to, that’s it. It’s vocal support from the government, who are influenced, and do not represent the people. No Canadian wants to or will want to send their money for US instigated turmoil, no Canadian father wants to send their son or daughter to Ukraine to fight a US war, trust me.

    Putin is not your cancer, trust me, it is the government who is there now. The minds of Ukrainans have been tainted and I know that from the news I read coming from your country. It is so disconnected from reality that it’s beyond mind boggling…..
    Ukraine will be free, I am sure of it, and I wish for it but not while the people are under the influence of the people they placed their trust into. Trust me, 5 years later, if things continue the way they are, Ukraine will be poorer than ever. And I say that confidently because the political and financial problems that Ukraine has are clear and see through to anyone with the background in the said politics and finances and I have been in the field for more than 15 years working for the biggest financial institution in Canada. You can heed my words or dismiss them. I have no quarrel with you, nor any Ukrainian. The only people I have a problem with are the close minded ones who are easy to manipulate. Then again, as Einstein said, do not judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree…..

    Like I said, make no mistake about it, Putin is not your cancer, he is easy to get rid of, Cancer is the blindness and hatefulness of the manipulated Ukrainians.

  16. You asked, “”So is it confirmed that weapons are moving in, or it’s not?”” I answered, “”The convoy in question WAS verified. Using your text and quote, “”The
    Russian Federation “has” continued to send white-truck convoys without
    the full consent or inspection of Ukraine, and their exact destination
    and content could not be verified.”” The sentence using the word “has”,
    indicates past tense meaning convoys prior to. If the author of this UN
    Report wanted to speak of the convoy observed for this report, he would
    have used the word “is”. But you know as well as I, it would make no
    sense to make a claim and then refute it saying it was not verified.”” You also asked, “”Why would a report make such a heavy claim, and then right away make clarification that it is not true?”” My answer is in the above answer.

    Why would a UN Report put a report out for readers to speculate? Answer, they did not. Your inability to understand English is likely the problem here. Your entire point against what I said being true was the (what appears to be fictitious) inability to find a UN Report. The UN Report was found and now you say it contradicts itself. You remain in denial!

    If you want yes or no answers without reasons why, just let me know. I do not mean to tax your ability to comprehend English.

  17. That was a lot to read for one question that I have asked and I think I asked you a question and did not ask for an evaluation…

    Page 2 of the report, point 2:

    “The absence of effective control *3
    of the Government of Ukraine over
    considerable parts of the border with the Russian Federation (in certain areas of Donetsk and
    Luhansk regions) continued to facilitate an inflow of ammunition, weaponry and fighters
    from the Russian Federation to the territories controlled by the armed groups, which carries
    latent risks of a resurgence of hostilities.”

    Bottom of the report:

    *3 The Russian Federation has continued to send white-truck convoys without the full consent or inspection of
    Ukraine, and their exact destination and content could not be verified

    “content could not be verified”
    The same report which says there are weapons moving in, then, on the same page, says that they could not verify the contents of the convoys which they are blaming for moving the weapons in.

    This is the point I am trying to make. The exact same report contradicts it self and speculates and you latch onto it like it’s the holy truth. This is the problem.

  18. you, re a thick sod, off the ball…

    you think you know a lot..but you understand nothing….
    except..when you lose..out comes the abuse….

    strart learning, chum…

  19. Thank you for proving my point. You are far from objective, or even rational. No, it was not Right Sector that “wrecked havoc” as a simple body count of Maidan victims demonstrates. Yes, some Americans called for arming Ukraine but the U.S. has to this day refrained from providing the weapons Ukraine has requested. The majority of the world’s governments objectively demonstrate their support for Ukraine in various ways, not least of being the UN General Assembly vote against Russia’s occupation of Crimea, the nearly universal non-recognition of its “annexation” and the widespread sanctions imposed by the EU and other countries in response to Russia’s actions. Despite your contrarian claim, Canada has been and remains one of Ukraine’s most vocal supporters and you can verify this by reading official Canadian government statements/websites. (The Canadian Embassy in Kyiv directly assisted demonstrators during Maidan)
    As for Crimea, it belonged and belongs to all of the Ukrainian people. I won’t make any predictions about its future. I would in passing point out that it is illegal to advocate separatism in any part of the Russian Federation and, as Chechen demonstrates, fatally so. (It’s no wonder that thousands of Russia’s Muslims are reacting to Putin’s “Russian World” view by fleeing to the Islamic State.)

    Unlike Putin’s Russia, Democratic civil society is blossoming in Ukraine, the internet is wide open and the brainwashing you claim is being done has no basis in reality.

    We have a lot of internal problems here largely stemming from the corrupt and corrupting culture fostered under the soviet union and a third Maidan to deal with these problems is not out of the question. But for now, we must deal with the cancer of Putin. Make no mistake about it, Ukraine will be free.

  20. 1st of all, you may say it again and again all you want. But it is to no avail. There is nothing emotional that I feel! So don’t get hung up on that. If you sense an emotional response, take a deep breath, step back and say a prayer to Jesus Christ for help.

    2nd of all, the UN report you said never existed DID and DOES exist. You effectively stated that “never existed” report was and would be the holy grail in supporting the Reuters article and per your quote of the report, no where does it say after stating weapons are moving in (and by the way, the report stated from Russia) does it then state it is not confirmed. You made that up! The convoy in question WAS verified. Using your text and quote, “”The Russian Federation “has” continued to send white-truck convoys without the full consent or inspection of Ukraine, and their exact destination and content could not be verified.”” the sentence using the word “has”, indicates past tense meaning convoys prior to. If the author of this UN Report wanted to speak of the convoy observed for this report, he would have used the word “is”. But you know as well as I, it would make no sense to make a claim and then refute it saying it was not verified.

    The bottom line is you will go to any length to deny the obvious. You denied the validity of a copy and paste I made showing you the text from the Reuters article after I tried unsuccessfully to provide the link you needed. You went on to ask for the name, etc of the Reuters article and when provided the Reuters article where it supported its claim with a UN Report, you then asked not for the article but then for the UN Report. You NEEDED and said you had searched for such a report and KNEW one did not exist. Now when provided with the UN Report, you make a fictitious, nonsensical conclusion that the UN Report (your holy grail of evidence that you assumed I would not find) cannot be used as evidence because it contradicts itself.

    You really should find another cause (besides Russia and Putin) to support. I have run across your staunch form of denial when voicing my comments and in all honesty, the length of denial always turns out and high lights the disingenuous nature of people like you and you. And by the way, I am not the least bit emotional in saying this. I am however serious in my comments. Your tact of continuous denial only amplifies my gratitude for being American. And by the way, I cannot wait for Obama to get out of office!

  21. Richard, I will say this again, do not make this an emotional issue otherwise it makes it very hard to take you seriously.
    Moving on:

    Yes, I am refuting the report.

    The report said “there are weapons moving in” the clarification, in the SAME report, for THAT same sentence, on the same page, said: “The Russian Federation has continued to send white-truck convoys without the full consent or inspection of
    Ukraine, and their exact destination and content could not be verified.”
    So is it confirmed that weapons are moving in, or it’s not? Why would a report make such a heavy claim, and then right away make clarification that it is not true? I hope you can see the dilemma.

    This would be the same as someone saying:
    “Richard is working for Kiev government to spread Kiev propaganda” * (star being the clarification)
    * Richard has been posting things and his identity and location could not be verified.

    You can read the report your self you are calling me a liar. I would also prefer that you stop calling me a liar because I am being very reserved to you even though you are being very rude.

  22. You are refuting the UN Report. The same UN Report that you said you needed to verify the articles. How does Crow taste? You now doubting the same communication you said you needed to believe the article I gave that cited the UN report?? There is a word for that, that I need to find. Oh wait a minute, I already used it! Deny and in your case denial.

    You are welcome! Compared to a few of your cohorts, and their language in trying to deny Russia’s politics and actions, calling you a liar was very polite! You ought to have a talk with them.

  23. “The two articles I provided have text regarding the flow of Russian military men and hardware almost per word of the UN report”

    P.S. My search skills may be lacking, but my reading skills are not. Look up what the little #3 in the sentence of the report ACTUALLY meant. Translation: “we don’t know but we are guessing that”

  24. Thank you for finding it for me and I was able to read the report. (See? being polite is not hard)

    After reading the report:
    “The Russian Federation has continued to send white-truck convoys without the full consent or inspection of
    Ukraine, and their exact destination and content could not be verified”

    So is there a confirmed shipment of weapons and soldiers or they speculate because they don’t know?
    Look up what Paul Picard said just a few months ago on the exact same issue.

    When the trucks were being inspected, by the UA border guards by the way, they found no munitions, weapons or soldiers so….can we say, more speculation?

  25. You should not have to be schooled in the search on the internet by a novice like myself (at least that is how I will frame this comment). A UN News Centre article supports the Reuters article. In the UN News Centre article it directs one to the UN Report titled; Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights—-Report on the Human Rights situation in Ukraine 16 Aug – 15 Nov 2015. Text from the two articles are almost the same as the UN Report. How does Crow taste?

  26. and US weapons provided through Poland and other proxy countries..???

    what is in a name ???…Cheney and Rumsfeld sure are fascists,,,,and they were and are not alone…

    you sound a bit like that…

  27. and howmuch blood is o GeorgeW and Cheney and Rumsfeld,s hands???

    and now how much Ukrainian blood is on Obama,s and Nuland,s hands ???

    I suppose you knopw you talk nonsense. off the ball…..

  28. You should not have to be schooled by a novice like myself (at least that is how I will frame this comment) in the use of searching the internet. The Reuters article is backed up by a UN News Centre article in which it provides a direction to the UN report titled;
    Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights—-Report on the Human Rights situation in Ukraine, 16 Aug – 15 Nov 2015. Text from the two articles are almost word for word from the UN Report. How does Crow taste?

  29. Your post from 5 days ago, “”Like I said, I do not ask for a link.
    Name of the article / report and the source will suffice, no links required.”” You asked for the article name. You already had the report that you said did not exist.

  30. ….I am not sure you understand the definition of misdirection…in any case:

    “If, as you say, you are literally half-way around the world from Ukraine, then on what grounds can you claim to have a more informed or accurate perspective of events than those who are actually here?”

    Beeecaaauuuseee Kiev banned any news from outside and brainw@ashes the entire nation in it’s own anti-Russian propaganda? I also read Kyev News and cringe on about 95% of article they write, which, again, are nothing but propaganda.

    Also, as a “3rd party”, if you will I am objective. You, on the other hand, are subjective and emotional.

    As for your points:

    (a) Like I said before, and will say it again, just because Ukraine did not like that Russia took away it’s toy (or rather fascilitated the move) does not make it “illegal”. Future of Crimea belongs to Crimeans, not Ukraine nor Russia. Crimea tried to leave Ukraine before, Kiev did not allow it even-though Crimeans wanted it. This time around it worked and people celebrated. Not you, nor I can change that. People made their choice and are happy with it, learn to be happy for someone else. Otherwise it’s as if you support the shariah law: the wife wants to leave, but the husband says no and anyone who gets the wife out of the house is doing so “illegally”. Give me a break. Crimea is not an asset. It is a region with people, people who have the power to make their own choice, learn to live with it.

    (b) Really? You mean to tell me it was not the Right Sector who wrecked havoc? It was not the States who were foaming at the mouth yelling “arm Ukraine!!” literally the day after Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France and Germany reached a peace deal? No? It is not the d3generates which are running amok terrorizing people with Canada and US finally admitting that those battalions are openly fascist and cut off their support to and for them?

    “Of course, the simple fact that a majority disagrees with you” This right here is the problem. Most Ukrainians (even in Canada) seem to think that the world agrees with them. Canadians don’t, trust me. Then again, how would you know about the majority if you are not “here”, right? Right.

    As for the P.S. don’t be sorry. I am clear headed and not emotionally invested in this ordeal and won’t be the one who gets a wet slap of reality across my face when my countries social assets are privatized (oh waits thats already done), divided (oh wait…) and are liquidated (oh that’s already being done).

    In any case, let’s just agree to disagree. You can stick with Kyev and them making deductions for you and I will stick to my own deductions.

    Good luck.

  31. …..

    My post from 3 days ago, in this conversation:
    “In any case, if you are unable or unwilling to provide the report”
    Your reply:
    “”a report which does not exist” says who? YOU!! You need a report??” You mentioning the report it self.

    My reply, again, not mentioning the article but asking for a source of the report:
    “You are arguing with me about a report, saying that it exists, with me telling you I can not find it and asking you to prove to me that your source is reliable….”

    I mentioned the report, not the article, again a day ago as well.

    Previously I told you that if you are unable to post links, name of the REPORT or number of the REPORT or where to find the said REPORT would suffice.

    Why is it such a big problem for you to come out and say you misunderstood or misread and just move on? How about those Psychology 101 skills, Richard…

  32. Russia denies that it has been sending arms and troops to Ukraine. Countries providing weapons to Ukraine are doing so openly. And how is it that you continue to call a nationally elected government “usurpers” after two national elections following Maidan. Just as elsewhere you ignore the fact that the “U.S. fascist parties” you constantly rant about received less than 5% of the national vote? Caught in a time-lie warp? Really Georgie, you should stick to writing insipient silly comments to your alter-ego troll and ever so proud soviet, Gaspikae.

  33. Yeah, right. Your usually nonsense. I assume that you know that the “five billion” Nuland referred to was the total amount given to various pro-democracy programs in Ukraine since its independence. Russia received more than 13 billion in similar U.S. aid until Putin decided that Russia needed less democracy (Putin openly blamed the embarrassing mass protests against his decision to simply swap positions with Medvedev on fifth columnists and Western funded pro-democracy NGO’s.)

    I know your pro-Putin opinions well from your Bloomberg trolling accounts. The blood of thousands is on Putin’s hands alone and I fear it may become millions if the Russian people do not awaken soon.

  34. Someone with your internet searching ability should not have to be taken to school by a novice like myself, at least that is how I am framing this comment. To back up the Reuters article I provided you, a UN News Centre article exists and in it allows even you to be directed to the UN Report titled; Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights — Report on the Human Rights Situation in Ukraine, 16 Aug – 15 Nov 2015. Read the report! The two articles I provided have text regarding the flow of Russian military men and hardware almost per word of the UN report. Enjoy the taste of Crow!

  35. Wowsies indeed! What a perfect example of misdirection. If, as you say, you are literally half-way around the world from Ukraine, then on what grounds can you claim to have a more informed or accurate perspective of events than those who are actually here? The best you can do is choose between alternative descriptions about what happened and is happening here, and such a choice would of necessity reflect your own biases. All the more-so since the overwhelming majority of the world’s countries that have cared to express a public opinion believe that Putin’s Russia: (a) has illegally seized a part of Ukraine’s territory, (b) is directly responsible for instigating and pursuing the war in Ukraine and (c) continues to do so. Of course, the simple fact that a majority disagrees with you –including those like me who are actually here– does not make you wrong but it does put more of an onus on you to substantiate your opinions. Instead you engage in classic techniques of rhetoric of the “everything is possible and nothing is true” variety.
    p.s. I’m sorry that you choose to deny your soviet heritage and won’t waste more time in pointless fencing about it.

  36. “I shoved your lie in your face after providing the article name, etc you asked for, and once provided you reneged.”
    …………….I have absolutely no idea what is so hard to understand from me asking for a report, not an article…multiple times.
    I am seriously at a loss here…….
    Alright, I will try one more time and make as few points as possible as to not confuse you because I guess it’s my fault:


    I really hope I made it clear this time… I will address the other points of your post after we get over the hurdle of you confusing word “article” with the word “report”

  37. I shoved your lie in your face after providing the article name, etc you asked for, and once provided you reneged. The problem now is not Russia or Putin, it is you! All the evidence in the world would not and will not shut you up. That is the character of those blinded by outdated Russian ideology nurtured by Putin. If Putin is so squeaky clean, why are the majority of democratic nations in favor of and supporting sanctions. In a world view, are they ALL wrong about Russia? If the articles, etc denouncing Russia’s actions are so inaccurate, where are the Russian articles denouncing the legitimacy of the anti Russian articles?

  38. Well, with your response you seem to be like on of those children who start crying if they do not get the toy the want :)

  39. Crimeans did try to return to Russia and not once, actually, however, Kiev did not allow for that. Also, Crimea requested the troops (as per BBC report, believe it or not) after it received threats from Right Sector, the group that is terrorizing Ukrainians as we speak and openly disobeys Ukrainian gov’t, Russia did not just…blatantly go in.

  40. I understabd that people will have different perspectives of geopolitics. I am not for the isolation of any nation, and the more powerful will always have influence on the smaller neightbors. That is why I have been opposed to the USA doing all of this military interventions that just make things worse. I am speaking from a more realistic approach and I dont really care for conspiracy theories of why events unfold.

    I have and will point out the parallels, hypocrisies, and double standards created by the anti-american propaganda machines. In this case the same criticism on America has to apply to what Russia is doing in Syria.

    As for what happened in Crimea, there was a treaty in place that would guaranteeed the integrity of Ukraine (Crimea included) if they gave up their USSR nukes to Russia. Putin got scared during the Ukrianian uprising and took Crimea back under the pretext of protecting Ethnic rusians. If he is willing to involve his military to protect ethnic russians so it is Turkey to protect the Turkmen in Syria. However, Putin has acted even more recklessly by redrawing borders of his neightbors, and Georgia is a clear example of that.

    If Crimeans wanted to returnt to Russia they should have done it previously under a different situation and not while occupied.

  41. Contrary to how a kid would? I certainly hope you are not using your self as an example.
    ” You see, if we are commenting on or about a problem and I catch you in a lie” What…lie? Me saying that the report does not exist? I told you where I looked and that I was unable to find it…..therefor saying it does not exist has some word of a basis. What is stopping you from, literally, shoving it in my face and shutting me up? In fact, I would actually thank you because I would then have learned something…….But instead you went on an emotional rampage calling me a liar without actually proving me wrong……just Logic 101.

  42. If you are not a kid, maybe you ought to write and communicate in a way contrary to how a kid would. Fixation?? Hardly!! You see, if we are commenting on or about a problem and I catch you in a lie and will full deceit, you then become the problem that must be solved and you become the problem to be dealt with first before the original problem can be addressed again. There is nothing fixating about it. Just Psychology 101! Keep that in mind for future interaction.

  43. Sounds to me that anyone who looks at Turkey wrong is being provocative.
    Tw1tter get’s sued cause apparently they are enticing terrorism
    U tube gets blocked by the same daddy Erdogan
    Russia, part of the same anti-ISIS coalition gets shot at after grazing Turkish border, etc.
    Although I see your point, but I have to disagree with the assessment.
    As for Crimea…that’s a whole other topic, but, in my humble opinion, it is the Crimeans that have the final say on their future, not Ukraine, nor Russia. Was Russias decision to accept Crimea politically and strategically driven? Of course, but it still falls onto the citizens to make the decision and they are happy. Parades left and right after annexation and Germans and Americans surveying Crimeans 1.5 years after annexation concluded that only 1-2% were against the move. I think that is exactly why Crimea disappeared off of the news and is only mentioned in passing. There is simply nothing to say about the region which will make Russia look bad…….and it was covered DAILY….but as soon as celebrations and parades broke out, it’s like Crimea did not exist anymore.

  44. I assure you I am not a “kid” but I am glad that now you have something else you can fixate on. It’s a step in a step in a right direction.
    As additional advise for personal growth and advice which will greatly help you in life: Do not make an argument about a person and learn to reason. You obsessively focus on qualities of the person you are replying to, not on what they are replying.
    Good luck.

  45. hey Dude…. Haha. A sure sign you are just a kid. No one made you reply. Hitting your head against a wall must be something you like, ah kid!

  46. He asked me the exact same thing, tried to quote a Reuters article, of all things, which quoted a report that does not exist and refused to find it when I told him I looked on Google, other sites and even UN site. Instead of finding it (he couldn’t or didn’t want to) and shutting me up, he started calling me a liar saying I am B S ing about the report ……
    How can one “lie” about something not existing….when it does not exist…..
    Richard is just angry for some reason so he needs people to take it out on. Pay no attention.

  47. Dude….

    You are arguing with me about a report, saying that it exists, with me telling you I can not find it and asking you to prove to me that your source is reliable….
    Like I said……exactly like arguing with a religious fanatic.

    “”” there is no point in continuing this charade because I would rather not bang my head against a thick, dense wall.”” Oh go ahead and do the civilized world a favor!”
    I will be doing my self the favor, not you.

  48. “SECTION II.
    Article 8.
    For the purposes of the present Convention, the definitions of vessels of war and of their specification
    together with those relating to the calculation of tonnage shall be as set forth in Annex II to the present
    Article 9
    Naval auxiliary vessels specifically designed for the carriage of fuel, liquid or nonliquid, shall not be
    subject to the provisions of Article 13 regarding notification, nor shall they be counted for the purpose
    of calculating the tonnage which is subject to limitation under Articles 14 and 18, on condition that they
    shall pass through the Straits singly. They shall, however, continue to be on the same footing as
    vessels of war for the purpose of the remaining provisions governing transit.
    The auxiliary vessels specified in the preceding paragraph shall only be entitled to benefit by the
    exceptional status therein contemplated if their armament does not include: for use against floating
    targets, more than two guns of a maximum calibre of 105 milimetres: for use against aerial targets,
    more than two guns of a maximum calibre of 75 mili metres.
    Article 10.
    In time of peace, light surface vessels, minor war vessels and auxiliary vessels, whether belonging to
    Black Sea or non-Black Sea Powers, and whatever their flag, shall enjoy freedom fo transit through
    the Straits withhout any taxes or charges whatever, provided that such transit is begun during daylight
    and subject to the conditions laid down in Article 13 and the Articles following thereafter.
    Vessels of war other than those which fall within the categories specified in the preceding pragraph
    shall only enjoy a right of transit under the special conditions provided by Articles 11 and 12.
    Article 11.
    Black Sea Powers may send through the Straits capital ships of tonnage greater than that laid down in
    the first paragraph of Article 14, on condition that these vessels pass through the Straits singly,
    escorted by not more than two destroyers.
    Article 12.
    Black Sea Powers shall have the right to send through the Straits, for the purpose of rejoining their
    base, submarines constructed or purchased outside the Black Sea, provided that adequate notice of
    the laying down or purchase of such submarines shalI have been given to Turkey.
    Submarines belonging to the said Powers shall also be entitled to pass through the Straits to be
    repaired in dockyards outside the Black Sea on condition that detailed information on the matter is
    given to Turkey.
    In either case, the said submarines must travel by day and on the surface, and must pass though the
    Straits singly.
    Article 13.
    The transit of vessels of war through the Straits shall be preceded by a notification given to the Turkish
    Government through the diplomatic channel. The normal period of notice shall be eight days, but it is
    desirable that in the case at non-Black Sea Powers this period should be increased to fifteen days.
    The notification shall specify the destination, name, type and number of the vessels, as also the date
    of entry for the outward passage and, if necessary, for the return journey. Any change of date shall be
    subject to three days’ notice.
    Entry into the Straits for the outward passage shall take place within a period of five days form the
    date given in the original notification. After the expiry of this period, a new notification shall be given
    under the same conditions as for the original notification.
    When effecting transit, the commander of the naval force shall without being under any obligation to
    stop, communicate to a signal station at the entrance to the Dardanelles or the Bosphorus the exact
    composition of the force under his orders.
    Article 14.
    The maximum aggregate tonnage of all foreign naval forces which may be in course of transit through
    the Straits shall not exceed 15.000 tons, except in the cases provided for in Article 11 and in Annex Ill
    to the present Convention.
    The forces specified in the preceding paragraph shall not, however, comprise more than nine
    Vessels, whether belonging to Black Sea or non-Black Sea Powers, paying visits to a port in the
    Straits, in accordance with the provisions of Article 17, shall not be included in this tonnage.
    Neither shall vessels of war which have suffered damage during their passage through the Straits be
    included in this tonnage; such vessels, while undergoing repair, shall be subject to any special
    provisions relating to security laid down by Turkey.
    Article 15.
    Vessels of war in transit through the Straits shall in no circumstances make use of any aircraft which
    they may be carrying.
    Article 16.
    Vessels of war in transit through the Straits shall not, except in the event of damage or peril of the sea,
    remain therein longer than is necessary for them to effect the passage.
    Article 17.
    Nothing in the provisions of the preceding Articles shall prevent a naval force of any tonnage or
    composition from paying a courtesy visit of limited duration to a port in the Straits, at the invitation of
    the Turkish Government. Any such force must leave the Straits by the same route as that by which it
    entered unless it fulfils the conditions required for passage in transit through the Straits as laid down
    by Articles 10,14 and 18.
    Article 18.
    (1) The aggregate tonnage which non-Black Sea Powers may have in that sea in time of peace shall
    be limited as follows:
    (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) below, the aggregate tonnage of the said Powers shall not
    exceed 30.000 tons;
    (b) If at any time the tonnage ot the strongest fleet in the Black Sea shall exceed by at least 10.000
    tons the tonnage of the strongest fleet in that sea at the date of the signature of the present
    Convention, the aggregate tonnage of 30.000 tons mentioned in paragrahp (a) shall be increased by
    the same amount, up to a maximum of 45,000 tons. For this purpose, each Black Sea Power shall, in
    conformity with Annex IV to the present Convention, inform the Turkish Govrnment, on the 1 st
    January and the 1st July of each year, of the total tonnage of its fleet in the Black Sea; and the Turkish
    Government shall transmit this information to the other High Contracting Parties and to the SecretaryGeneral
    of the League of Nations;
    (c) The tonnage which any one non-Black Sea Power may have in the Black Sea shall be limited to
    two-thirds of the aggregate tonnage provided for in paragraphs (a) and (b) above;
    (d) In the event, however, of one or more non-Black Sea Powers desiring to send naval forces into the
    Black Sea, for a humanitarian purpose, the said forces, which shall in no case exceed 8.000 tons
    altogether, shall be allowed to enter the Black Sea without having to give the notification provided for
    in Article 13 of the present Convention, provided an authorisation is obtained from the Turkish
    Government in the following circumstances: if the figure of the aggregate tonnage specified in
    paragraphs (a) and (b) above has not been reached and will not be exceeded by the dispatch of the
    forces which it is desired to send, the Turkish Government shall grant the said authorisation within the
    shortest possible time after receiving the request which has been addressed to it; if the said figure has
    already been reached or if the dispatch of the forces which it is desired to send will cause it to be
    exceeded, the Turkish Government will immediately inform the other Black Sea Powers of the request
    for authorisation, and if the said Powers make no objection within twenty-four hours of having received
    this information, the Turkish Government shall, within forty-eight hours at the latest, inform the
    interested Powers of the reply which it has decided to make to their request.
    Any further entry into the Black Sea of naval forces of non-Black Sea Powers shall only be effected
    within the available limits of the aggregate tonnage provided for in paragraphs (a) and (b) above.
    (2) Vessels of war belonging to non-Black Sea Powers shall not remain in the Black Sea more than
    twenty-one days, whatever be the object of their presence there.

    Article 19.
    In time of war, Turkey not being belligerent, warships shall enjoy complete freedom of transit and
    navigation through the Straits under the same conditions as those laid down in Article 10 to 18.
    Vessels of war belonging to belligerent Powers shall not however, pass through the Straits except in
    cases arising out of the application of Article 25 of the present Convention, and in cases of assistance
    rendered to a State victim of aggression in virtue of a treaty of mutual assistance binding-Turkey,
    concluded within the framework of the Covenant of the League of Nations, and registered and
    published in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of the Covenant.
    In the exceptional cases provided for in the preceding paragraph, the limitations laid down in Article 10
    to 18 of the present Convention shall not be applicable.
    Notwithstanding the prohibition of passage laid down in paragraph 2 above, vessels of war belonging
    to belligerent Powers, whether they are Black Sea Powers or not, which have become separated from
    their bases, may return thereto.
    Vessels of war belonging to belligerent Powers shall not make any capture, exercise the right of visit
    and search, or carry out any hostile act in the Straits.

    Article 20.
    In time of war, Turkey being belligerent, the provisions of Articles 10 to 18 shall not be applicable; the
    passage of warships shall be left entirely to the discretion of the Turkish Government.
    Article 21.
    Should Turkey consider herself to be threatened with imminent danger of war she shall have the right
    to apply the provisions of Article 20 of the present Convention.
    Vessels which have passed through the Straits before Turkey has made use of the powers conferred
    upon her by tbe preceding paragraph, and which thus find themselves separated from their bases,
    may return thereto. It is, however, understood that Turkey may deny this right to vessels of war
    belonging to the State whose attitude has given rise to the application of the present Article.
    Should the Turkish Government make use of the powers conferred by the first paragraph of the
    present Article, a notification to that effect shall be addressed to the High Contracting Parties and to
    the Secretary-General of the League of Nations.
    If the Council of the League of Natiobs decide by a majority of two-thirds that the measures thus taken
    by Turkey are not justified, and if such should also be the opinion the majority of the High
    Contracting Parties signatories to the present Convention, the Turkish Government undertakes to
    discontinue the measures in question as also any measures which may have been taken under Article
    6 of the present Convention.
    Article 22.
    Vessels of war which have on board cases of plague, cholera, yellow fever, exanthematic typhus or
    smallpox or which have had such cases on board within the last seven days and vessels of war which
    have left an infected port within less than five times twenty-four hours must pass through the Straits in
    quarantine and apply by the means on board such prophylactic measures as are necessary in order to
    prevent any possibility of the Straits being infected. ”

    Here is a full text of Convention in regards with combat ships. You can find it easily by searching in Google. So please prove me your ability to read and understand the text by finding the chapter supporting your statement regarding maneuvers, military exercises or “hostile actions” in no-war time in under NO CIRCUMSTANCES…. All you have said is related to Article 19, which is clearly stipulated the condition when Turkey is in war either directly involved or not and applicable to the vessels not belongs to the country Turkey is in war with for which there are another conditions given. Current condition – is no war. A sailors can do whatever they need on board until it is not in contradiction with Regulations and Conventions. This is sea, lady. They can even masturbate on deck and nobody will complain. So prove your point by citing the proper phrase from this text or accept that you’re made a mistake being blinded by media storm.

  49. You’re hit the wrong target. I am not in Crimea as well. I am the one who already 10 years living and working abroad. If you need an exact location – South Korea. So I am not focused on Russian procedures etc. Same as not rely on Russian media. But all this time I work in marine industry and this my job is directly linked in operations with marine codes and regulations. So I ask you to find anywhere there something which support your position (just in case if I am wrong, which is possible – everyone is a human and you also not an exemption even if you don’t want to acknowledge a single chance of being wrong on your side). Find and give me a link to the relevant chapter (no need the electronic one – just name of Code, Chapter, Para). Guess it is not difficult for you, right?

  50. It looks to me that you are the one lost geographivally. Let me guess you live in Crimea now :)

    Do you even have any BASIC reading comprehension at all? Of course, it was not scalated by turkey even though it was very provocative. The Agreement does not give any navy any permission to openly maneuver or perform provocative actions. You are so focused on the Russian navy procedures that your brain is overwhelmed witht that. I dont know the procedures of all navy ships, and neither do you. They may change from ship to ship or just follow an stablished pattern, but who cares anyway that is not the point here. But since you are so focused on it, show me pictures of this same russian ship crossing the straits or on open sea displayig the same sailor on board with a Rocket launcher. Come on, make your point valid.

    But again, Mr. Crimean….this is a peace time and the Russian ship was allowed to cross without any harrasment hence the display of the launcher had no merit and Turkey’s complain was well within reason. Asking you to understand comklmon sense is too much, but it would be interesting to see the Reaction of Putin if a Turkish bavy ship displays the same provocative conduct.

  51. Just trying to imagine this situation.. Putin phones on board of ship and said to Commander: “Well, Ivan, I order you to show the “dick” to Turkey!”.. then Commander orders his mariner: “Sergey, you take a rocket launcher and pose on compass deck because Putin orders that”. I will better believe in Santa Claus – it’s more realistic.

  52. Lady, I told you once, and I repeat it again – I am not Russian. I am Ukrainian (if you know where is it). I am not stick to the Russian media (and I am pretty sure it is 100% same in quality as Ukrainian media or US media. Same biased opinions serving those who has power and money). Montreux convention said nothing about “provocative actions”. Turkey was authorized to close the Straits to all foreign warships in wartime or when it was threatened by aggression. And the best support of my opinion is that the Strait is not closed until now. So it was not treated as “aggression”. Please read this convention and stop shaking the air for nothing. Also please find me in the marine codes and conventions an article stipulated the “common sense” as a rule of behavior. If you will find one – let me know (I haven’t seen any for 10 years of working with those documents and at sea). By the way I would like to know also what is your experience in marine operations…just to understand if you’re really the one who arguing “with open eyes and knowledge”.

  53. My dear Russian “partner”. You are the one arguing blindly with nothing factual other than what you read on the russian news outlets.

    The Montreaux agreement does allow naval ships to cross at will, but under NO circumstace…I repeat NO CIRCUMSTACE to display provocative actions. No Russian ship has ever been harrased or attacked since the agreement. The Russians did this for the sole purpose of intimidation which will not work.

    You are the one who needs to read and educate yourself more before engaging in any type of debate.

  54. Lady, common sense is a common sense and nothing on that. I understand your point however as it was pointed already – this must be based not on the common sense but on the Marine Codes, Navy Statute and other documents stipulated the rules of navy ships and sailors behavior.
    Montreaux convention does not require mariners to not do their job or to not handle the weapons. Weapons have to be covered. That a rule of passage in the national waters. It have to be covered and not aimed. The mariner holds a launcher with covers on place. Hold it directed to air, not to any object ashore. So there is neither provocation no treat to Turkey.
    Study first, then argue please. All what going on at sea is going not under common sense but under hundreds of conventions and codes.
    So my opinion is based on the knowledge of such conventions.
    ????? ???????? By the way?

  55. Your opinion of me makes no difference! My comment stands for Alex’s crude language. Here it is again for your reading pleasure. “”Who the f0k is you? lol.. YOU ARE NOTHING.. I got to “prove” my self on this site for every fat f0k that can’t move a finger? I guess Alex’s style is the way you and he live. Best of luck in the gutter, kid!

  56. “”a report which does not exist”” says who? YOU!! You need a report?? You would make up any excuse now to argue you are correct. You got caught in a lie with black and white print of your own to support me that you forgot you wrote.

    “” there is no point in continuing this charade because I would rather not bang my head against a thick, dense wall.”” Oh go ahead and do the civilized world a favor!

  57. “Your intellect that just produced your vermin language”
    I just saw this. Disgusting, and I was right.
    You are not objective, you are biased and hateful.

  58. The “evidence” you provided was a link to a Reuters article which attempts to quote a report which does not exist sooooo…..?
    My media? I have a “media”? OH! You still think I am from Bulgaria, right right, I forgot you have an amazingly tough time accepting that you are wrong.

    In any case, if you are unable or unwilling to provide the report, there is no point in continuing this charade because I would rather not bang my head against a thick, dense wall.

  59. You know as well as I the evidence provided to you was evidence you just deny because the you did not like the source. The rest of your bloviating only speaks to the level you will go to deny, deny, deny!! Your media filters out what THEY do not want but YOUR media cannot filter media from your little world, thus your antics of denial!

  60. Still suffering from a collective inferiority complex i see lol. Putin with his short man complex is the perfect leader for you. Your comment is laughable. I wish Russia had at least pushed the U.S. back a little instead of just bombing Assad’s enemies. Maybe Obama could have slunk out of Syria. Instead, Putie just guaranteed NATO and the U.S. will stay there. Shei– ttt!!!

    Should Russia attack Turkey, one of two things will happen. 1. Russia will be ruined and sent backward a hundred years or so, Russians will be back to their peasant ways, and access to the Mediterranean will be sealed off. or 2. Russia will relieve the U.S. and NATO of its Turkish problem while setting the entire sunni world against Russia, including a few million of its own citizens. It would be nice to have Russia carry that burden for awhile rather than the U.S.

  61. “Reuters is equivalent to RT”

    Comparatively speaking it is not, since fact based investigative journalism, not to mention in depth political analysis as such is not even remotely a feature of Reuters.

    The above said sort of dawned on me after I watched a video on Youtube entitled “Jetting into conflict? Ft. Paul Vallely, US Army Major General (Ret.)”

  62. Jesus, where to start?

    Your comment has so many doors to open that I feel like a child in a toy store where the parents have given permission to buy anything.

    Lets open one, I mentioned the patriot as last because as a standalone system has limitations but combined with the Aegis it is more capable. The funny thing is that the patriot has been involved in real combat situations, and was the first real missile defense system in action so it was expected to see some failures. However, the patriot at its early stages proved that the USA was on something during the first gulf war by intercepting many scud missiles. Now tell me how many intercepts the S300 and s400 have had in real combat situations?….Let me answer that for you…..ZERO!!!!!! again…ZERO!!!!!…so your quotes are just that.

    Now, do you realize that the US has the more advanced military technology? Do you know why? It is because of money, and defense contractors often try to keep the US public scared so they can get the next weapon system approved.

    You seem to live in a land of fantasy where the russians can destroy galaxies with the imaginary capabilities of their s400 systems :)

    Just wake up to the reality…unless you are Putin himself lol

  63. You really are a peanut-brain aren’t you? The Patriot Missile system was a complete failure during the first Gulf War. They finally had to admit that it only stopped a minute percentage of Saddam’s scuds. Even NATO and allies themselves know the S-400 is a better air defense system. Here’s a recent quote:

    “These weapons the Pentagon is losing sleep over
    are clearly the S-300 and S-400.

    According to Air Power Australia, “The S-300P/S-400 family of surface to air missile systems is without doubt the most capable SAM system currently in use today.”

    “While the S-300P/S-400 series is often
    labelled ‘Russia’s Patriot’, the system in many key respects is more capable than the US Patriot series, and in later variants offers mobility performance and thus survivability much better than that of the Patriot.”

    Added to this, Russian development of long-wave radar has also practically rendered the F-35 obsolescent. It has taken them decades of research and development, but they now have the capability to knock these Trillion dollar white elephants literally out of the sky.

    You are obviously young and foolish, it shows in your online character and demeanor, childish, simplistic assumptions and comments. I would seriously suggest you take up knitting, or embroidery as a pastime and leave us all alone in these comment forums . . .

  64. it would be refreshing if , just once, you actually said something that was even remotely original..instead of repititious nonsense …”you are very definitely ” off the ball “..

  65. you are really ” off the ball ” this time…

    Nuland and her $5 billion started this…the fascists seized power as directed by the yanks…the fascist free lancers then supported the Ukraine military in trying to squash the people of the Donbass, causing 9,000 deaths and untold damage…

    Had Russia not intervened ..more politically and with volunteers..the death toll would have been in the millions…

    you really are very poor at seeing what is going on, ” off the ball “…and your unwarranted attacks on people who can see is just a deflection…no more…no less..typical troll behavior..

  66. ……………Putins invading forces in Maidan?
    Self-defense battalions of Donetsk?
    “legitimate” defense of it’s air space from……someone SUPPOSEDLY grazing it?………..wowsies
    Look, I am not going to argue with someone who WANTS Russia to be the bad guy. You are not objective and very lost in your reasoning.
    You are in the full right to have your own opinion but I am here to discuss and compare, not play tug-o-war with someone who has a predetermined bias and focuses on sheer speculation just because it suits your fancy.
    You are Ukrainian, that much is pretty clear. Your assumptions and deductions are just as accurate as you “deducing” that I am from Bulgaria or from Bulgaria. hint: I am actually, and quiet literally, from and in the opposite side of the globe.

  67. Why assume Right Sector or Azov? Some 80% of the non-army volunteers against Putin’s invading forces belong to the dozens of other, smaller self-defense battalions that were formed following the Crimean debacle. But this has nothing to do with Turkey’s legitimate defense of its airspace, does it? Just as I suppose the increasing talk in Finland and elsewhere of seeking NATO membership has nothing to do with the actions of Putin’s Russia…. Nevermind. Go back to Bulgaria.))

  68. Bulgaria? Maybe ask them? I am sure you can Google news out of there as well.

    Wait….volunteer battalions?
    As in, Right Sector and AZOV?

  69. I am a liar? EXPOSED to the forum!? Hahahaha. Oh God.
    After I have asked you, repeatedly, to prove to me what you consider to be facts? Give me a break.
    I only pretended that I did not know how to find the report. There simply is no report and I wanted to get you to try and find it so maybe you could learn something, like not taking what is given to you at face value and will learn to dig. I am going to guess that you either could not find the evidence, which bothered you and you still wanted to be right, or you did not bother looking for it, which again, tells me that you don’t want to be wrong….both of those tell me (well, anyone with the head on their shoulders, really) that you are emotional on this issue, not objective or logical.
    You simply dismiss anything that goes against your version of reality and you are free to do that. One can only help addicts who wants help. Don’t let reality eventually slap you too hard in the face.Good luck Richard.

    (feel free to write something clever about addicts as I know you will)

  70. Well maybe this will not be to long for you. You are a deceitful liar and now you have been exposed to this forum. The evidence is in the text!

  71. Why bother opening your mouth if all you are going to do is change feet? Once again you demonstrate that you are either grotesquely misinformed, culpably ignorant, blinded by false beliefs or a troll. Since I and many people known to me personally, directly and indirectly played a part in both Maidans, I can with complete confidence refute your claim that what transpired was a “coup.” And since I also strongly supported the volunteer battalions who can be credited with saving Ukraine from being overrun and dismembered like Georgia in 2008, I obviously reject your benign characterization of the Russian recruited and supported terrorists who now temporarily occupy parts of the Donbas and Crimea.

    It might amuse you to know that I once admired Russia’s Putin and Putin’s Russia. But I can face facts and admit when I’m wrong too. How are things in Bulgaria?

  72. It seems that you still do not understand my point. My opinion is based on basic common sense while you continue to beleieve in the nonsense and Russian provocations.

    Sure, the soldier was doing his job under Kremlin orders, but it still constitutes a provocative action. If Turkey wanted to sink them, the ship would be in the bottom of the sea. That rocket launcher display accomplished nothing while passing the straits. It was just a provocation by Putin.

  73. Ah, but herein lies the problem.
    Your approach (and to your surprise, I will take any criticism of mine, given that it is constructive) is not that of an objective person.
    These “best available facts” are neither, best available, nor facts. What they are, is speculation, which you deem to be reasonable because they fall within your line of thinking and this is exactly where you and I differ. I will defend my point of view, just like you will yours, but I will readily accept the fact that I am wrong if you do prove me wrong. I also implore you to show me these, what you call, best available facts. Not speculation, not “according to unconfirmed reports”, and certainly not propaganda.
    -As for the convoys, and this is an opinion which you are more than welcome to disagree with, would not have to follow the “Ukrainian government protocol” simply because this government is the result of a coup, a government which bombards their own citizens (with Obamas permission, by the way) and a government that is corrupt to the core where the countries who were helping them stopped sending aid because it simply disappears or ends up on the black market and stashes the pockets of the club that is in power. So no, I support Russia on avoiding these “protocols” and it was a good move when Russia got OSCE to AND Ukrainian border guards both inspected and reinspected those convoys. If there was even 1 bullet, I guarantee you that this would be all over the news.
    -As for Turkey, no, it was Obama who requested that Turkey closes their border with Syria, with Turkey essentially telling him to eff off.

  74. Would you beleive me if I tell you that Santa Claus exists?

    The S-400 capabilities are exagerated and only exist in the imagination of Putin’s fans. So many dreams about the jamming tech and S-400, and yet even with that the Russians got their plane shot down and the West continues to bomb in Syria at pleasure.

    You are confusing WISHFUL THINKING with actual knowledge of the russian air defense systems. I am sure that the west does not have a high regard for the russian technology if they were willing to shoot down the russian bomber. The US has always been pioneering air defenses, and have actually shown their systems (Aegis, Thaad, and even the Patriots) at work with proven results in the battlefield while the Russians only DISPLAY it on paper or animation videos. It seems to me that the one who needs to research more is YOU.

  75. There are fanatics and there are fanatics and if the pursuit of truth is fanatism and confronting propoganda makes me a fanatic, so be it. “The” convoy? There have been dozens and none have followed Ukrainian government protocol. Check the recent UN report noting that arms and troops are flowing freely across the border from Russia into the occupied territories. Putin wants Turkey to close its border with Syria but he has shown no intention of honouring his agreement to do the same to his own border with Ukraine . The irony indeed.
    You are entitled to your beliefs, I’ll stick to the best available facts.

  76. I did not bother reading any of that. Sorry, but I am not your diary.

    I asked you a simple question and was very straight forward about what I wanted and what I was unable to find.
    If you are unwilling or unable, there is no harm in admitting it.

  77. I have read everything you’ve posted. And I see your opinion which is not based on anything except accusitions in provocation. I have tried to give you a clue about real situation based on technical data, navy Statut and Codes.
    I am not Russian. And joke about google is a sarcasm only (if you’re understand what does it mean) ’cause you speak in your previous comment that you do not believe even for a second that anti-air defense can consist of portable rocket launchers only. Then I gave you the real weaponry data of the ship which sailor has been accused in provocation just by duing his job. And you said that even without a single attempt to find an information and think

  78. *puking uncontrollably*

    You are a phony! I gave to you what you asked for per your own text from your comment.

    You said, “”Anything NOT anti-Putin is edited by Putin, everything anti-Putin is God given truth”” I never said that. Your comment is your misguided assumption and insertion to provide yourself, self satisfaction.

    You said, “”I’d like not to make this a Putin thing, which seems to be your obsession”” So the subject is about Russia and you make a rule not to talk about Putin, the president and leader of Russia. Russia takes on and carries out the actions dictated by Putin. And you do not want any discussion about Putin, Wah wah wah. He is not my obsession! Putin is Russia and is the problem in the world. And you do not want to respond to the fact that all of the countries supporting sanctions against Putin’s Russia are either all wrong creating a scenario that Putin is correct in his Ukraine scheme or all those countries are correct and Putin is indeed creating a Russia based on yesterdays ideology and will and is bringing the country of Russia down. Which leads to my continuous statement that Russian people deserve so much better than Putin.

    You say, “”You still refused to provide me with the report and are not switching
    the topic. I did not read most of the post because of the said obsession
    and not getting what I asked for.”” Again I gave you exactly what you asked for. Your action is a ploy creating a a very disingenuous side that you now portray.

    You cannot argue with a fanatic? Haha, you have taken deny, deny deny to a new level. You even now want to deny what you you put into print. You did not think I’d go to the length to provide the proof you asked for. And when you got it, you were dumbfounded and instead of commenting on the article you chose to ridicule it and me. You my friend are irrelevant as I repeat again, Russian people deserve better than Putin. He will bring Russia and its people down to quench his outdated ideology.

  79. Lady, if that’s what you really are, Russia probably has the most advanced defense systems on board her missile frigates and warships. Most of them are now armed with derivatives of the S-300 and Triumph(S-400) air defense systems. There is NOTHING the West has that can match these air defense systems. You seem to seriously lack knowledge about the things you blab on about in your comments. It would be better if you studied a bit more to deepen your understanding of these issues…

  80. I am not arguing on any technical data of a particular ship. Did you actually read and understood what I said in my previous reply? That will give you the big picture of my opinion. Go ahead and read it, otherwise you are the one just arguing for the sake of it.

    By the way, why would i be banned on google? Are you Russian and internet Banning is something Putin does on his people that it is a normal thing emong their lives?

  81. Once more, lady, if you is not banned in Google – find out the technical data of Caesar Kunikov troops carrier.Then you will find what I am talking about. Its weapon list consist of 2 x57mm ship-to-ship automatic guns, 2×20 barrels 122mm rocket launchers of ship-to-ship system and PZRK (Russian acronym of Portable Ground-to-Air rocket launchers). Why do you argue on the things on which you 1) have no clue about and 2) even too lasy to check by yourself? Just argue because want to argue? Next. Regardless of existence of treat the Statute of Naval is a Statute. And if there is an article said that mariners have to take care about safety of their ship – they have to care. Point.

  82. You are confused on both accounts. The passage and safety of the Russian ships was not threaten by Turkey. It will be interesting to see pictures of previous crossings or on open sea for that matter of this same ship and see if there is a soldier on top with a Rocket launcher.

    I also understand that the russian navy does not have the most advance defense systems on board, but I dont believe for a second that their anti air capabilities depend on a soldier with a rocket launcher on his shoulders. The reason for that was to display a hostile posture due to the the downing of their bomber (which was Putin’s own fault).

  83. There is a direct parallel. And it is sad that you can not see that: both cases we have person on duty. Both cases those persons are handle weapons as per their task description (this ship has no separate ship-to-air defense system and rely on such launchers). The sailor with bazooka is carrying his watch according to assignment by commander to observe the air situation for possible treats same as gate guard with his rifle do exactly same as per his task list but related to ground-based approach. I told you that already but you don’t want to listen simple and obvious things even you have no idea about it.

  84. There is no parallel between your example of a guard with a rifle and the the crossing of the Russian naval ship displaying a rocket launcher that could have been fired and kill Turkish civilians had the russian soldier decided to fire it.

    There is a conflict between Russia and Turkey sure. Both countries persue their own interests. Turkey warned Russia repeatedly about its airspace violations and hence the downing of the Russian plane. However, Turkey is honoring the agreement by letting the Russian ships cross without any harrasment. In fact, due to this incident it can be said that Putin is the one bullying or harrasing Turkey.

  85. Portable launchers are considered same as pistols or rifles or machine guns. It has limited distance of operation and while it is not ready to operate – no point of provocation there. I have seen a lot of watchkeepers handled a rifle or machine gun hanged horizontally, so the barrel is always pointing somewhere while they are moving. And sometimes – occasionally pointed to someone passed near. Should those people also consider it as a provocation as per your logic?

  86. Just to make it clear: it is a naval ship i.e. combat vessel. Its crew has their duties while enroute or at anchor to protect the vessel from any possible treats. After downing of bomber they have right to expect anything especially while two countries are engaged in such sort of cold war. Guess you’re have never been banned in Google. So you can find a lot of information related to the duties of naval ship crew, rules of weapon handling on board of it etc.

  87. Under the agreement during times of peace all ships can cross, sure. However, no article mentions that provocative actions are allowed.

    It is common sense that a a naval ship configuration cannnot be modified just to cross the straits, but the point in discussion is the provocative action to display a rocket launcher. It leaves it at the discretion of one person to fire it at a populated area in Turkey, so it is not only the provocative action but also about safety.

    The truth is that the russians are looking very immature in that dangerous part of the ME.

  88. *rolls eyes*
    So let me get this straight:
    Anything NOT anti-Putin is edited by Putin, everything anti-Putin is God given truth? Give me a break.
    I’d like not to make this a Putin thing, which seems to be your obsession.
    You still refused to provide me with the report and are not switching the topic. I did not read most of the post because of the said obsession and not getting what I asked for. If you do not know where to find it or do not have it, come out and say so. Otherwise, like I said, I do not want to argue with a fanatic.

  89. and the yanks fooled the world for years that they were fighting ISIS,,whilst all the time prodding the House of Saud to finance and sponsor them…and , latterly. to tell the Turks to market their (?) oil…

  90. That’s about the only thing going for her, her good looks! She is as brainless as a lab rat and doesn’t seem to know anything about history or politics in general …

  91. Be careful John, Evil Annie could be a transgender masquerading as a lady…sort of like the good looking gal you picked up at the bar and then when you get her into bed you find out she has a male appendage down there that most real ladies don’t have …

  92. What treaty was violated? Under the Montreaux Agreement, naval ships from countries bordering the Black Sea are legally allowed to pass through the Straits. All naval ships have guns and whether the gun is a 6 inch cannon, or a hand-held bazooka makes little difference.
    Every naval vessel displays cannon, missile tubes and usually armed sailors on deck….so why the hysteria lady?

  93. Of course they were defeated in Afghanistan, just like the US was defeated in Vietnam and Iraq, the Indians in Sri Lanka and the Israelis in South Lebanon and like the Saudis and UAE are slowly being defeated in Yemen. Turkey did not expose Putin for the paper tiger he is. Turkey slapped Russia across the face, but Putin did not slap back directly, more like a kick in the knee through asymmetrical pressure and sanctions, bombing the Turkmen in Northern Syria and providing arms for the Syrian Kurds. It can take more inner strength to respond strategically, as opposed to emotionally or egotistically . . .

  94. You are as phony as they come. You asked for and said, “”Name of the article / report and the source will suffice.”” You say Reuters is a propaganda site. Is that because it does not get edited by Putin’s media editor? You are commenting and acting as your Putin wishes. The Russian people deserve so much more that Putin and you just provided more evidence of it. I knew there would be no source that you would support and went through the actions of this comment to prove it. Let me know when you want the names of the dead Russian soldiers and Russian POW’s, but then again, you would not believe the source because in Russia, to the Russian people, all of what I say did not happen!

  95. Ok this is turning weird….I am not sure if this is selective reading problem or some other one:
    I told you I won’t hold my breath so now sure why you would even make that a point or try to sound clever………..then again, this does point to the fact that you got your own reality going on. Secondly, I saw the Reuters article. I asked for name and number of the report…..not the article….
    I have also told you, that I searched the UN website and the report is nowhere to be found.
    I will repeat: I am not looking for an article, I am looking for the report, which the corporate-media article are attempting to quote, with no quote or link to the said article.
    Reuters is equivalent to RT. It is a propaganda site, like many others.
    Nonetheless, and I am going to repeat my self again: I am not looking for articles, but official reports and reports only. A name or number to which I will be waiting for.

  96. I hope I got back to you before you turned blue in case you tried holding your breath.

    Article name is;
    Men, arms, still pour into East Ukraine from Russia: U.N. by Stephanie Nebehey from 9 Dec 2015. I am sure you will deny the report. As I said, there are, contrary to your attempt to search, quite a few of these articles. Maybe you would like the names of a few dead Russian soldiers returned to Russia, or even names of the POW Russians.

  97. Now put on your glasses and re-read my post.
    Like I said, I do not ask for a link.
    Name of the article / report and the source will suffice, no links required. I know how to use google, don’t worry.
    As I said, give me a name and number of the said report. I did not find the link on Reuters (to no surprise) and no report on the UN website (to no surprise).

    I will wait but won’t hold my breath.

  98. There are dozens of these stories and articles. ValueWalk will not allow the sending of a link. If you choose not to accept the report, that is your ignorance you must deal with.

  99. “You just proved that you are either grotesquely misinformed, culpably ignorant, blinded by false beliefs or a troll.” Oh the irony.

    Like I said before, and I will say it again: discussing anything with people like you, is like talking to a religious fanatic. Your mindset works only in a way where if you accept something, it absolutely has to be anti-Russian. Personally, it does not bother me any. The difference between you and I, is that I will accept something if presented with hard facts even if it means I am wrong. You, on the other hand, whether by choice or the gift of shallow-mindedness, will gladly swallow, no matter how speculative or far reaching, whatever falls within your line of thinking……exactly like a fanatic. Which is exactly why you have an issue with the aid that was sent. The convoy was examined and re-examined. No weapons found and it was delivered to the area where the actual terrorists, the UA army, the R.S. deg3nerates, AZOV, etc, are pillaging and shelling. However, even after the said examinations and an actual fact that it WAS aid, you still refute it just because it does not make Russia look bad. This is exactly why “You just proved that you are either grotesquely misinformed, culpably ignorant, blinded by false beliefs or a troll.” was extremely ironic.

    And since I would rather not waste time with the said fanatic, we can just agree to disagree.

  100. An article by Reuters? At least when RT posts something they have the decency to link you to the original, either article or the report.
    These are press releases, not reports and I have not found a U.N report and I did try. So if you can’t post links, at least tell me the name and number of the report so I can find it on the U.N. site. Thanks.

    (maybe this way I will teach you to dig and not accept something off the bat just because it tickles your fancy)

  101. just an illusion, stew …just like all your rubbish…

    I actually feel sad that one day you will wake up, poor sod….

  102. It would be wise for Russian forces to steer clear of the Turkish border. Turkey will rightfully blow them out of the sky again, if they cross sovereign borders.

  103. Putin will not use any nuke unless he wants Russia gone. It is proven the he is just noisy, but Turkey exposed him as the paper tiger he is.

    When it comes to conventional war the US will win decisively, period.

    As for Afghanistan, well the Russians did not pull out due to common sense, they had to because they were losing men, equipment and the Soviet Union was getting weaker. The state of Russia militarily and economically is even worse. If you want current events, then look how the Russian intervention in Syria unfolds. Watch them get their Afghanistan 2.0

  104. If you were a smart person I would take your comment serious, but I just see your desperation based on your lack of logic.

  105. Only rich MD’s that have 5 homes and a plane, something you phag maggots will never have! Go to school and become a doc and maybe you can be in the #1 country with some money! Keep living in your squalor! I love seeing you all suffer and try to puff up your misery! Bye gay male.

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  108. Evil Annie, please stop posting. You have no awareness of history or current affairs. Your ignorance is really showing.

  109. Sorry but Putin will result in using nukes which is why the U.S. has kept in the shadows about this. This is NOT the old Russia. This is a new Russia and neither them or us will win if it comes to war. Wake the fuck up and realize this. BTW. Our military is not all that. The Russians were in Afghanistan for 10 years and had the common sense to get out. How long have we been there and still have NOT accomplished a damn thing.

  110. you can question and deny until you’re blue in the face. people are not stupid and we see the writing on the wall. no need to try to explain to you because you turks even though you see the evidence you still deny. you are LIARS

  111. with the US debt now approaching $20,000,000,000,000…and the $$$ about to be superseded..and the cost of maintaining 26 battle fleets aroumd the world..and tha cost of Occupation forces in Germany, Japan and South Korea….your food stamps are in danger….

    rough times are ahead…stew…

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  117. I would say I read a lot of what’s going on in the middle-east by gathering information mainly from yahoo articles and I come across the Arthur Polina Tikhonova quite often. Her articles seem almost bias and inaccurate by calling the capital of Turkey Istanbul in her last article. that’s just my opinion, I always have to second guess what I’m really reading when I come across her articles.

  118. Well said , destabilise a country , destroy infra structure , incite hatred , divide people in name of democracy , Regime change , put a puppet is the name of the game
    Support countries who execute human beings in public places in name of religion and promote ultra radical views of religion , America and West have double standards .

  119. calculate the economy ig gold and other precious thing and the picture turns on it,s head….

    the $$$ is about to be scrapped…then the US economy will be a cesspit…

    you cannot live off the rest of the world forever…

    it,s over…

  120. You’re the moron. How many “Indians” did you consult to determine they’re happy with their current state. None? I thought so.
    If he’s a “liberal,” you’re a Nazi.

  121. I would say I read a lot of what’s going on in the middle-east by gathering information mainly from yahoo articles and I come across the Arthur Polina Tikhonova quite often. Her articles seem almost bias and inaccurate by calling the capital of Turkey Istanbul in her last article. that’s just my opinion, I always have to second guess what I’m really reading when I come across her articles.

  122. I would say I read a lot of what’s going on in the middle-east by gathering information mainly from yahoo articles and I come across the Arthur Polina Tikhonova quite often. Her articles seem almost bias and inaccurate by calling the capital of Turkey Istanbul in her last article. that’s just my opinion, I always have to second guess what I’m really reading when I come across her articles.

  123. Facts are such stubborn things! Ill take full of sheet before I wish I was you or your lame as (s) country! You all are so gross and the laughingstock of the world, jealous maggot! I STAND BY MY POST MAGGOT TRASH!

  124. Indians are happy not having to worry about being scalped, sacrificed, or enslaved by other Indians. Turkey is 1 stupid decision away from civil war. But you wouldn’t understand that because common sense is not politically correct for liberals.

  125. How do you know that ISIS is funded by Turkey & US? What you know is only speculation but your country doesn’t have proof that they’re funded by that 2 countries. Your country is the same with China, a greedy one!

  126. ValueWalk will not allow the sending of an article. Here is a copy and paste that gets to the point and facts of the article. I am sure you have something to refute the U.N. story. Look under deny, deny, deny.

    GENEVA (Reuters) – Arms and fighters are still pouring into rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine from Russia, a United Nations report said on Wednesday, as it announced the death toll from 20 months of fighting was now approaching 9,100.

    Killings, torture and lawlessness still prevail in the disputed region,
    the report by the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

    A fresh ceasefire last August has led to a big drop in hostilities, particularly
    due to the withdrawal of certain heavy weapons by the Ukrainian
    military and pro-Russian armed groups from the contact line, it said.

    It went on: “There remains, however, an inflow of ammunition, weaponry and fighters from the Russian Federation into the territories controlled by the armed groups, leaving the situation highly flammable.”

  127. I tried twice to send you an article that the UN has said Russian arm are still going into Eastern Ukraine. But the liberal Value Walk will not allow it to go through. I’ll keep trying.

  128. I am ignorant and speculative in my points?? Surely you must ask yourself, why are all the democratic nations (that is what Putin calls Russia) against what Putin has done in Ukraine and support sanctions? Are you and Putin the only correct ones (and your buddy Alex with the IQ the size of my shoe) and the rest of the world is wrong? We would not be talking if the rest of the democratic world was split on the subject. The fine Russian people deserve much better than Putin!

  129. Your intellect that just produced your vermin language is for the entire audience to see and to judge.

    Yes you lied and fabricated your point with a lie. I found that to be a true lie and I stopped reading your balance of your made up stuff.

    Ask yourself this, if Putin and you are so righteous and correct, why are the balance of democratic nations (that is what Putin allegedly calls Russia) all in unison against what Putin has done in Ukraine and support sanctions? Russian people deserve much better than Putin in today’s world!

  130. It really is ironic. From a purely psychological protocol…Putin’s style of leadership is considered to be the lowest form and least effective. Rule through terror. On the other side we have Obama who is almost totally lacking in measurable leadership.
    Thanks for replying..Bob Tanner.

  131. It is the display that is provocative. If Turkey was attacking Russian ships then it could be understood, but the ship was passing through Turkey territory under a treaty and it violated it (something Russians often do…remember the treaty with Urkaine and then the Russians took Crimea back?)

  132. In fact the US created NATO. The ignorant delusional will believe whatever they want, but Russia is no match for the US alone, now add the NATO countries and the result for Russia looks very negative.

  133. You just proved that you are either grotesquely misinformed, culpably ignorant, blinded by false beliefs or a troll. There can be no other explanation for your description of Putin”s military interventions in Ukraine as “humanitarian acts.” It is a breathtaking distortion of reality worthy of Putin himself. Congrats!

    An armed military offensive by openly pro-Russian surrogates and little green men began in the Donbas at the same time as Putin began waxing nostalgic about Novarussia. It was an invasion that failed. The borders between occupied Ukrainian territory and Russia remain an open wound and calling the stream of illegal convoys, terrorists, tanks and troops across Ukraine’s borders “humanitarian aide” is an insult to people’s ‘s intelligence.

    In passing, Russian military officers and experts made a televised presentation of detailed evidence “proving” that MA17 was shot down by an air to air missile fired by a Ukrainian fighter plane. To this day there has been no acknowledgment or explanation for this extremely elaborate Kremlin orchestrated hoax. In Putin’s Russia, “nothing is true and everything is possible.” As you so well know.

  134. What? The US is not going to withdraw from NATO. Get off the crack pipe. The reason things have not escalated is BECAUSE the the US is part of NATO and the Russians will not risk a war with the US. Putin miscalculated in thinking he could push Turkey around and test their resolve with no repercussions. Russia was the transgressor in this event and when Turkey checked them, they realized they could only retaliate with asymmetric attacks as, despite Putin’s bluster, Russia has no chance in emerging victorious against a shooting war with NATO.

  135. Facts are such stubborn things. The truth seems like garbage to Russians that would not see the truth if it stares them in the face. 147 mullion people living in a country where 65 % of the land is uninhabital. A country whose economy is ranked #18 behind the world power Spain. Lol. Russia, 1.2 trillion GDP, China 1.3 billion people 6.4 GDP, USA ONLY 318 MILLION PEOPLE…18.7 trillion GDP! We are #1 why? We invent everything. Start inventing something besides trouble. Trouble does not pay. Lmfao at losers.

  136. Erdogan decided to PUNISH Putin by embarrassing him in the world stage by shooting down his relic plane . All Putin has done is making noise like a little Chihuahua dog with annoying barking but no bite.

  137. Protocol, like politeness, is not a matter of logic. What distinguishes a man with a manpad from a stationary missle launcher? The same thing that distinguishes Putin from other world leaders: his finger on the trigger.

  138. What do they expect to see on board of naval ship? A box of carrots? It is a naval ship with crew engaged in its daily routine included watchkeeping while enroute. On board of naval ships people obviously handling a guns, pistols, portable grenade/missile launchers etc as part of their ammunition as per duties. It wasn’t aiming to somewhere, it wasn’t ready to launch (covers are closed). May be presence of guns turrets is also provocative?

  139. for your info how long do you think Turkey will hold NATO hostage. That will end soon and Turkey will be abandoned and be alone in front of Russia.

  140. Stay tuned, Putin will try to provoke Turkey again just to have one of its Russian old navy ships sank. Then Putin will bark again without doing anything.

    Putin entered the conflicts in ukriane, and Syria with a big stick due to the stupidities of Obama. Erdogan called Putins bluff by shooting down the Su24 and Putin had no answer, so it is looking like the paper tiger he is.

    It is so funny to watch Putin shouting “S400”, “Submarines”, and “Fighter scorts”…when in fact Russia had all of those assets there since the beginnig but their capabilities were completely exposed.

  141. Give it a year. Putin, Trump, and Le Pen will divide up the turkey and maybe give the Greeks, Syrians, Armenians, and Kurds back what the Turks stole from them.

  142. Russians can never win a war against Turks? How many wars have Russians crushed Turks in and how many vice-versa? Let me give you a hint, moron. Many and zero. Since the last one, when Cossacks sent the Sultan running for his life, the gap has reached such a level that Turkey by itself can’t even think about war with Russia.

    No country in Europe can either. Only China and the US could even contemplate it and even then China would be extremely worried and US would only seek to take Russia on as part of NATO, not by itself.

    “Russians can never win a war against” Turks and I’m smoking pot 24/7? Is this some kind of sarcastic joke? Turkey and Ukraine would be relatively evenly matched but I would bet on Ukraine to prevail.

  143. for your info ISIS is funded and trained by US/Turkey together. If you’re so blind that you don’t see that then you have no right to comment like you know what you’re talking about.

  144. What you only see is capabilities of Russia. You don’t even see the capabilities of NATO. Turkey is already gave Russia a sample of how the F-16 can bring down Russia’s warplane. Hahahaha! MORON!

  145. I know, the truth and facts are () stubborn things. It is so hard for uneducated paid Russian paid trolls to understand. Poor uneducated idiot people. People that allow their leader to steal 100 billion from the people of Russia all the while asking them to sacrifice for Mother Russia! HAHAHAHA The world laughs at you for doing so. And you follow a guy that is 5’3 in height! HA Hitler and Putin–2 little shrimps that start wars! The USA citizens told the queen to stuff it! We had to deal with the finest army ever–But we Americans overthrew our leader for a free America! Are we the only people on the planet strong enough to do so? The people of China and Russia are weaker? HAHAHAHAAHHA

  146. Prophesy also says that Syria ( Damascus ) would become a dung heap . Also that the army invading Palestine would be destroyed at the gates of Jerusalem. That army would include the people of Gog and Magog , Persia ( Iran ) Syria , Edom ( Turkey ) Iraq and many more . The defeat of Russia and her allies .

  147. It would be easy to wipe out Russia also. Lob 1 million cases of Vodka into Moscow wait one day then Nuke em while their all hungover. End game.

  148. First, some facts: 1) Russia is not in Syria to fight terrorism, but to reinforce Assad’s hold on power. 2) Russia has been bombing Assad’s opponents, not ISIS. 3) Russians were bombing Turkmen (read Turkish) communities of Northeastern Syria and there are no ISIS terrorists there. 4) Russian warplanes violated Turkish (NATO) airspace; ignored multiple Turkish warnings; and was shut down per “rules of engagement” made public a long time ago, which Russia just chose to ignore 5) Russian warplanes routinely fly with their “flight codes” deliberately turned off, perhaps to justify ignoring such warnings. A soldier equipped with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher on deck, keeping watch the whole time and ready to fire at a moment’s notice at the city of Istanbul, is an act of severe provocation which does not help Turkish efforts to de-escalate the current crisis. 7) Both the US and NATO sources verified that Turkey had issued multiple warnings which fell on deaf Russian ears. These are simple facts.

    Now comes the commentary: If Russian actions in 2008 (Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Georgia) , 2014 (Crimea) and 2015 (Ukraine) are any guide, Russia, being the over self-confident bully, was probably testing Turkey–and NATO– by these “flight-code-deliberately-turned-off” excursions. If Turkey did not respond, the next act could easily be Russian bombing of some Turkish cities with the pretext like “there were some gun fire directed at Russian planes from region x.” And finally, annexation of part of Turkey “for Russian security reasons”. The voices who question NATO buildup now, would be totally silenced then, because article 5 would require deeds (like boots on the ground), not words (of solace.) So far, one thing is clear: Russia has finally achieved its centuries long objective of establishing “warm water ports” in the Mediterranean by Syria’s “invitation” and NAT, with all its military might and super technology, could not do a thing… Russian appetite for conquest has only just begun…

  149. you are an idiot with no sense of geography . The radiation would end up in Russia killing millions .and poisoning the land for years .Then all those Russians fighting in Syria would be cut of with no means of supply because their supply route runs through Turkey . Turkey would close down the Bosporus Straight , leaving Russia land lock in the Black Sea with no way of get to the Mediterranean Sea and their fleet based in Syria ,which would be doomed ..

  150. Putin had been warned by Erdogan , to stop bombing Turkish speaking people living in Northern Syria . He didn’t listen , one of the planes shot down was returning from a bombing mission over northern Syria bombing those same people that the Turks had recently warned Putin not to bomb . The Russians wants the world to think that they are bombing ISIS when they are not The Russians consider anyone opposing Assad as terrorist , even Syrians living in Syria who oppose Assad. It’s not so much that they bombed Turkish speaking people but the insult to Turkey was crossing Turkish airspace to do it. That is why the plane was shot down .

  151. Russia was not bombing ISIS . Russia was bombing Turkish speaking people who live in Northern Syria. The same right that makes it possible for Putin to intervene in Crimea and eastern Ukraine to protect Russian speaking people living in those areas . Erdogan is exercising that same right to protect Turkish speaking people living in Northern Syria . Putin can’t have it both ways. That is why Turkey shot down that plane . It had been bombing Turkish speaking people whom Putin want the world to think are terrorist because they don’t like Assad . Don’t buy Putin’s lie

  152. Another foolish overblown article by Polina Tikhonova. I realize she must make a living but perhaps “The Onion” would be a better place for ridiculous writing rather than masquerading as news.

  153. Turkey and Russia have been friends for years. They share a 800+ mile border across the Black sea.
    Going to war in the Bosphorus strait is untenable for Turkey, Russia (needs the Strait open and accessible) and other nations. It is really kind of silly talk..Time for the two nations to get back to the basics of good
    neighborly relations.
    They are destined to be neighbors in the future and need to act like it…

  154. Why should Turkey pay attention to a missile launch. They are a very common thing. if the missile any where Turkey would have given Putin a rather rude response.

  155. No, Richard, I am afraid it is you who is ignorant.

    “While you sit behind a government paid computer throwing out your Putin garbage, the fine population of Russia deserve so much more than Putin and his antics like the antic of employing you!” —-I took you post seriously until I have read this.

    You are oblivious beyond hope. Let’s, then, just agree to disagree.
    You can go forward swallowing anything that is shoved down your throat and I will continue with my own opinions. You can move on spreading speculation and refusing to argue anything that you…well, simply do not understand. “Ignorance is bliss” indeed.
    Agreed? Good luck.

  156. I doubt there are pics of my conception, there are pics shortly after my birth, and the fact that I am wasting my time writing this response is pretty compelling proof that I was born at some point. But thanks for the dumbest post I’ve read all day.

  157. Ahmet, Turkey has behaved like a big turkey by downing the russian plane. The Russians will take Turkey out of history, just as revealed 25 years ago by the Lord Adonai to a simple Greek monastic, now Saint Paisios the Aghiorite. Turks must know about this prophecy since they are always paying attention to these kinds of things. The best thing of the prophecy is that the largest church ever built in Christendom, The Church of the Holy Wisdom in Constantinople will be returned to the Christian Church for worldwide worship. Now that I alerted folks to this little publicized prophecy, let us sit back and watch history unfold. We live in interesting times.

  158. Name Syrian Rebel forces? OK if you want them named. I’ll name the first one Bob. The second will be named Fred. From there we will call one Ethel and another shall be named Gertrude. How many do you want me to give names to?

  159. but they are using them ..although it may just be Turkey using NATO to funnel refugees to the EU..

    the EU has a dilemma…how to keep Turkey ( a muslim country ) out without appearing to be racist…

    no wonder the UK are poised to ” brexit “…

  160. because it is a turkey image you moron lol.. Do I have to tell you to scroll down? Can’t you read caption.. wow.. lol.. Educated system in this country.. Do not have kids.. do not procreate.. I do nto want to pay for you or your kids out of my pocket. I swear god there has to be a new classification for idiots like you.

  161. I lied to you? Dud there is no YOU.. YOU do not exists.. You are somewhere between a roach and that stuff that accumulates in the corner of my mouth when I am thirsty.. Who the f0k is you? lol.. YOU ARE NOTHING.. I got to “prove” my self on this site for every fat f0k that can’t move a finger? lol

  162. they are there to assist the legitimate government..and at their express request…to help fight rebels trying to overturn that government…

    the difference between this request and the hundred times the US was “requested ” to help by numerous government is that this request was genuine…

  163. You are very laughable! It is your ignorance that reminds me to say that Russian people deserve much better than Putin! While you sit behind a government paid computer throwing out your Putin garbage, the fine population of Russia deserve so much more than Putin and his antics like the antic of employing you!

  164. I told you what to search for.. to get proof.. Obviously you are too stupid to do it.. and now you are giving me a lip talk.. F off.. I told you where to find it and how to find it and what to search for.. You have no right to speak of intelligence.. BECAUSE you are unable to follow simple instructions.

  165. wasting your time with these trollops, Amounrah…none so blind as he waho will not see….

    they know they are wrong and are talking tripe..but they have been told to do that…I suppose it.s a living….

    nothing happens in Turkey without the nod from the ” big guy “…the ambush of the plane was planned and conceived in Langley…but the US try to disguise their involvement..hiding in the shadows….but people know ..it,ll soon be a movie..a la ” black hawk down “….

  166. Ooh and the first image that comes up when I google “Russian bomber shoot down over Turkey” shows the radar track showing it violated Turkish airspace. Not a single image is one from Russia showing it never crossed the border.

  167. Of course from the sentences, from the wording till wishful conclusion, we all knew who the writer of warmonger is..the sky-is-falling hopeful…is…Polina. The USSR icu patient.


  169. but what are Turkey doing in Iraq…despite request from the government there that they go home…

    the same applies to the US presence there, btw

  170. An intelligent person (which leaves you out) provides their proof when they make a statement of fact and are challenged. You can not provide proof as you have none. This is evident as all you do is act like a spoiled child that is not getting his way so must resort to pathetic attempts at hurling insults. Please go back to the children’s table so the adults can have a conversation.

    I would say you have mental problems but that would be an insult to those that do really have mental problems.

  171. -“Being the leader of Russia, he set the tone and level of aggression with the fighting that he provided in Eastern Ukraine with Russian troops and military hardware.”

    He did!?

    Weird, because OSCE confirmed there are no troops, funds or equipment moving across the border and UN said there is absolutely no proof of that either. And it’s so weird that you mention it because from what I recall, it was Putin, Germany and France who kept pushing for talks on the conflict, with Washington (who, by the way, instated an ex-US informant as president of the country, and that Georgian guy to look after Oddessa and guess who is paying his salary), the very next day after the peace agreement was reached, was foaming at the mouth yelling that they must arm Ukraine. Speaking of which, I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at the equipment that was sent. It was either stolen by UA gov’t and sold on the black market, or it was the HUMVEES from the 90s that Washington wanted to get rid of. I would rather trust OSCE and UN, thanks. UNLESS! Omg, unless they are also Kremlin propaganda :O! :O! :O!

    “You asking how the plane relates to Putin is like asking how the deaths of so many Jews in German occupied areas in WW11 had anything to do with Hitler!” Uh, no. That makes absolutely no sense. Plane was speculation and it is obvious Kiev downed it. If you prove me 100% irrefutable proof that Putin “personally” ordered this plane to be shut down, or that the plane was shut down with the equipment that Putin provided, we will talk.

    “The aid you say he sent was military hardware!” Proof?

    Anyway, I do fear that this conversation is in vain. I deal with facts, and if there are no facts I do not deal with speculation. You, on the other hand, gobble speculation down like it’s the last meal of your life. You mention talking points of trolls, yet refuse to either disprove me or point out these “talking points” *rolls eyes*
    Anything and everything you have mentioned, was a headline made especially for people like you. So who is the troll? If you want to live under that bridge of your’s the choice is yours and does not bother me any. I will say this again: Prove me wrong with an actual fact, not speculation and not “he said that she said that: [insert news story here]”

    I’ll be waiting but will not hold my breath.

  172. that ‘ rebel transmission ” came straight out of Hollywood…
    this WAR waged by the US neocons.follows the normal path..and the first casualty is TRUTH…
    but the US is now losing interest..the bills are mounting…they have another failed state on their hands..the EU are jack of paying for it…
    and they didn,t even get their hands on the Crimea…though they did manage to snaffle the Ukraine,s gold ( 30 tonnes )…a pitiful dividend….

  173. Talking to you is like talking to a baby with mental disability.. you’ve asked for Russian images so I told you where to find it.. The Russian version of it.. So you are back to what? You are back to Ukrainian what? kill yourself..

  174. East Ukraine was one of many examples.. You asked for examples.. I gave you examples.. You grabbed the one you do not like.. trying to make a pathetic case out of it. Your question was: “Name one humanitarian thing Putin has done for the world?” so I gave you 4-5-6 examples. Not shut up and die.

  175. Last I saw Russia took Crimea from Ukraine….that IMO means they man-handled her….Turkey doesn’t have a hope…France and the EU want Russia’s help in Syria, they will abandon Turkey

  176. Dear moron.

    No one denies Turkey shot down a Russian plane. Your only defense is it was unarmed. You still can not deny the fact that Russia violated Turkish airspace and was warned what would happen if they did it again. A warning they chose to ignore. Even if it was true Turkey had no way of knowing the plane was not carrying and missiles since the pilot never responded to any queries or warnings.

    Why do you overlook the plain and simple fact that this whole situation would have been avoided had Russia respected the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation? Do you thing Russia would stand by and watch if the Ukraine were to move an Armored division over the Russian/Ukraine border to outflank separatists?

    You must be a special kind of stupid or your handlers are giving you incomplete talking points to post.

  177. “Ivan”? Really? So you are one of those, alright, I guess I should at least thank you for coming out-right and not pretending to be an objective person.

    And it does not? I think it kind of does. What you have mentioned is speculation where Turkey claims that Russia violated the airspace.
    Like I said before, I am not defending Russia but I am blaming Turkey. Like I also said, IF Russia did invade Turkish airspace the reaction was beyond overblown.
    They did not follow NATOs rules of engagement, and since they are part of NATO, they are part of the anti-ISIS coalition, which is where my “cop” examples comes in. Then we have Erdogan, who went against his very own ideology where he said that a brief violation of airspace does not require military response. Then, of course there was a good point made that the fighter would have been in the area well in advance due to the distance/time travel of the planes, etc.
    Personal opinion? (and like omg can you like totes imagine its like not from rt!?) This was premeditated revenge by daddy Erdogan. He flat-out refuses to close borders with Syria and pretty much tells the Whitehouse to essentially ef off, blackmails EU for billions so he won’t flood their countries with refugees and looks after and only after his own interests. I mean look what happens to anyone who oppose him. He is stubborn and egocentric. What stopped him from saying sorry to a supposed ally who is fighting cancer on their very own border? “oh sh*t we didn’t know it was you guys but you should have watched it” instead it was “scr*w you, we will do it again”. Nice.

  178. The so called aid you spoke of for Ukraine is a joke. Here is a few sentances from a news report from CNN.

    “”In total, 227 vehicles were sent into eastern Ukraine on Friday, according to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which has an observer mission at the checkpoint the convoy went through.

    By Saturday afternoon, they had all returned to Russia after delivering
    aid to the city of Luhansk, a stronghold for the pro-Russia rebels which
    has been caught up in conflict.

    Russia said the vehicles were on an essential humanitarian mission, but
    international powers condemned it as a violation of Ukraine’s

    Go look up Russian humanitarian aid again. But this time look for it in something other than Putin’s edited media. You are irrelevant in this conversation with your bologna!

  179. You say, “”How does the plane relate to Putins humanitarian duties or contributions?”” Being the leader of Russia, he set the tone and level of aggression with the fighting that he provided in Eastern Ukraine with Russian troops and military hardware. You asking how the plane relates to Putin is like asking how the deaths of so many Jews in German occupied areas in WW11 had anything to do with Hitler!

    You say, “”I ask that you do not make this a “Putin” thing and answer my questions
    as well, when you get a chance, and point me to “THE” facts.”” The fact of the matter of this conversation is the fact I asked you a question about Putin and humanitarian efforts long before you came out with YOUR facts and not THE facts. If you do not like Putin in the question, replace his name with Russia. The aid you say he sent was military hardware! The peace talks you say he initiated was only after the areas he wanted secured, were secured. You humanitarian flop of an answer is so disingenuous.

    You say, “”While Kiev, Washington backed gov’t, was shelling the eastern region of
    Ukraine, he sent aid convoys. He brokered the peace-talks in the region
    as well when Kiev was begging for more weapons to kill their own people.
    Sorry, I named two, I forgot we are in a discussion to try and
    discredit him somehow because the news tells us to.”” You talk about LOL, I cannot stop now! What you just mentioned were the talking points of the script given to Russian / Putin trolls. You are not only a Russian Troll but a tool of Putin as well. You are very laughable! It is your ignorance that reminds me to say that Russian people deserve much better than Putin!

  180. lol it took me 1 min to find out images on wiki about shut down Su-24.. but a-h0000le like you calling me an idiot lol.. type google and in little box type “wiki turkey su-24” push search… the very 1st result is a winner.. You do not even need to be college educated for that.

  181. lol it took me 1 min to find out images on wiki about shut down Su-24.. but a-h0le like you calling me an idiot lol.. type google.com and in little box type “wiki turkey su-24” push search… the very 1st result is a winner.. You do not even need to be college educated for that.

  182. lol it took me 1 min to find out images on wiki about shut down Su-24.. but a-hole like you calling me an idiot lol.. type google.com and in little box “wiki turkey su-24” push search… the very 1st result is a winner.. You do not even need to be college educated for that.

  183. No you do not understand the protocols passing warships through territorial waters. What distinguishes man with MANPADS from a stationary anti-aircraft missile launcher on the deck?

    Following your logic, all warships must pass the straits without ammunition. Heavy anti-aircraft missiles pose a greater danger then MANPADS.

  184. You are right they can’t . We have a defense shield we could shoot down some icbms but not all. But they have no shield and could shoot down none of them. But in the long run we all die

  185. LOL seems when asked for facts you get your panties all in a wad. Here is the word hummingbird. Russia violated Turkish airspace. Being asked by Syria to assist does not give them that right. Get that through your pea brain idiot. Turkey warned Russia that continued violations would result in Turkey defending itself from armed incursion. That soak in yet or are you still too stupid to understand. Russia continued thinking it could act with impunity and Turkey responded by defending itself and shooting down the intruder.

    Now go insert a fresh tampon get some facts and try again.

  186. Ahmet Baba
    Do you think every body is a fool here? Turkey fighting a war with Russia without help from BIG SATURN ?
    We all know which well you use to drink water heheahahha , come on wake up
    Russians can give you a fitting reply if TURKEY attacks the Russian Army , sam

  187. It is not credible to suggest that there is a threat of a terrorist bombing on a military ship in transit through Turkish waters, much less that a sailor with a manpad represents an appropriate defense against such a threat.

    I daresay that I understand the protocols for passage of a warship through the territorial straits of another country better than you do. So too does the Russian military command. Turkey has rightfully made a formal protest. Russia has not yet responded, just as it largely ignored Turkey’s repeated warnings about its aircraft trespasses. Perhaps Putin is hoping that next time Turkey will fire a warning shot across a Russian warship’s bow and give Putin an excuse to launch a missile on Ankara in “self-defense”?

  188. Ok listen up butter cup.. Russians showed up in Syria because they were invited. You get it? Let that sink thought you f0king head. They have EVERY right to be there BECAUSE they were invited there.. Or you want the link for that one too?

    Downed S-24 is in Wikipedia. It has images from both Russia and Turks.Go get your own links.. What am I? Your part time help? You lazy piece of dog cr0p. lol.

  189. Your analogy has no leg to stand on. Your forgot to mention the part where Russia had violated Turkish airspace before and was warned their aircraft would be shot down if they did it again. So to make yours true, the police would have had to have crossed my property before. I would have had to inform them I did not want them crossing my property and if they did it again I would fire that them and after that warning they would have had to have ignored my warning and cross yet again. In that instance I would be defending myself not my neighbor since the police would know I was going to shoot and chose to invade my property anyway.

    Russia could have requested permission to overfly Turkey. i do not know if Turkey would have approved that request but it may have prevented this. Instead Russia thought it could do what it wanted to and found out they can not.

    Nice try Ivan but you need to do better.

  190. Ponder this, the illigaly occupied land by turkey belongs to Armenians so we will allow Russia use the passage once we recover our lands

  191. Why do they let this woman continue to submit articles? Why do I read them?
    oh yeah.. She’s cute for a war mongering troll

  192. OK so provide the link of the Russian Radar track. I could find it no where. I don’t recall anyone saying Turkey is against Russia bombing DAESH. What Russia does not have is the right to fly armed aircraft over the territory of a sovereign nation with no permission to do so. It doesn’t matter who it is. The win is that Russia is no longer violating the airspace of Turkey. Something they could have done from the start and saved a pilot and an airplane. The problem is that Russia thought they could go to Syria and do whatever they want and no country would stand up to their bullying tactics. They were proven wrong and paid the price.

  193. Pretty sure it’s Washington that s “handling” Ukraine, not Russia.
    The States stoked the fire and then passed it onto Russia yelling “they did it!”

  194. You do not understand. This landing ship on which there is no air defense. For such a ship may pose a risk quadrocopters with explosives on board for this purpose and need of MANPADS.

    Let me remind you, in Turkey consistently terrorists detonate a bomb. They can easily buy quadrocopter put in the bomb and send it to the target.

  195. What difference does it make since most people would be dead both in West and East. Russia will target the major opponents target first and vice versa. The people likely to survive in the end are ISIL

  196. That is what you get when Jihadists become members of NATO. USA-CIA trained terrorists to do a regime change in Syria. Turkey is just a tool for this.

  197. No one will win a Nuclear war, do you know what you’re saying? Nuclear war over Turkey? They made their bed when they shot down a defenseless Rusian plane that was no threat to them. The hell with Turkey..

  198. Russia is no different then any other major power.. I guess this is what Putin is trying to say? Chris.. recording someone said something is not even a serious proof in such a conflict.. it is not.. I know you think it is but it is not.. Jonny said something to Pete while Jesus recorded it.. No one knows Johnny or Pete or Jesus.. Especially when both sides speaking fluent Russian. lol. Do me a favor.. grow up. If not.. stop talking to me and fly away. Ok? I swear a good I feel like I am talking to the same idiot with different names.. same clown uses HA HA HA line on regular basis.. HA HA HA? Really?

  199. All creatures who full of hates against Turkey, which is very sign of their inferiority, are throwing all their dirts up in this occasion. Very interesting to watch. Please go on.

  200. PLs Find out the truth,
    utube this “Why is ISIS fearing Kurds? Only reliable force against ISIS Documentary HD”

    An amazing documentary. War (ISIS, Syria, Iraq). An Israeli journalist (not a zzionist) visits Kurdish YPG and PKK fighters in Iraqi & Syrian Kurdistan – Interview with IS-IS and free Syrian army terrorists who are now prisoners. They said both is-is and “free syria army groups” are the same ppl and terrorists!!

    Also how Kurdish female fighters became ISIS’ nightmare, the dismantling of Iraq and Syria as states as we knew them, and much more.

  201. HA HA HA HA Yeah yeah sure and those Russian rebel transmissions claiming to have downed a plane were not actually Russian rebels right? Oh and Russia isn’t in Crimea either huh? Yeah Russia is a typical run of the mill peace loving nation like Switzerland /s. Russia is on the side of good, they are against terrorism (just don’t pay attention to there alliance with Hezbollah and look past how Assad has butchered hundreds of thousands).

  202. Well I went to google.. Name one thing? How about over 50food convoys food to East Ukraine? You only heard of one.. Red Cross and Ukrainian forces control and check that humanitarian convoys, how about search of Malaysian plane, what about helping Japan with Fukushima, Russians scientists were sent to fight Ebola as well.. humanitarian help was sent to Serbia during flooding, ‘humanitarian aid’ to Yemen in November 5th, Humanitarian help to Syria 100.000 notes of wheat Nov 03, Russia sends humanitarian help to Pakistan Blankets, sugar, flour, tents.. should I go on?

  203. I do not know.. do they? Did UN recognize that there was a coup in Ukraine?
    Why is Asaad under attack internationally for using chemical Weapons? Only USA accused Asaad of chemical weapons.. Now we know that ISIS had access to it as well.. See in this case people spoke to Asaad about chemical weapons in Syria.. Not to some rebels. England for instance did not vote to go to war against Asaad because of “chemical attacks”.. because there were no chemical attacks in by Asaad just like there were no chemical WMD in Iraq.
    Until 2 months ago Russia was not involved war in Syria so no talk of oil smuggling existed from Russia. Better question is why Obama did not mentioned anything like that.. Obama is involved in bombing for over a year with no result. Any more question… ? Just let me know.. I am here for you.. You know..

  204. I am surprised you do not see the fallacy in your own argument.
    How does the plane relate to Putins humanitarian duties or contributions?
    The fake recording, was a fact, the veto power is a fact, the insta-blame on Putin is also a fact. But because there is a question mark at the end of the sentence…….I loled when I read that. (amd I am evading)
    I ask that you do not make this a “Putin” thing and answer my questions as well, when you get a chance, and point me to “THE” facts.
    As for Putin, he was never my obsession, but without googling: While Kiev, Washington backed gov’t, was shelling the eastern region of Ukraine, he sent aid convoys. He brokered the peace-talks in the region as well when Kiev was begging for more weapons to kill their own people. Sorry, I named two, I forgot we are in a discussion to try and discredit him somehow because the news tells us to.

  205. Actually, MIT report concluded that the chemical attack that the US claimed Asaad carried out, was not him. Google it, it’s an interesting read. Reminds me of Iraq and magical WMDs.

  206. Funny, you shoot their plane down (that incidentally, could NOT defend itself) and then get edgy when they threaten to defend themselves when they are in sight of a second incident. This relation with Turkey needs to be changed… they are toxic.

  207. You are stating your facts, not THE facts and asking many questions along the way. I asked just one question and you conveniently evade the question. I’ll ask one more time. Name one humanitarian thing Putin has done for the world?

  208. UN recognition, does the UN recognize East Ukraine or Crimea? Why is Asaad under attack internationally for using chemical weapons? Russia made zero complaints about “oil smuggling” until after the Su-24 was downed. The Sukhoi Su-24 (NATO reporting name: Fencer) is a supersonic, all-weather bomber aircraft developed in the Soviet Union.

  209. If I answer that would I be
    a troll? and if I am a troll why would I talk to idiots like George..?
    But generally speaking, when you read different media sources you find
    out info of both sides of the coin.. That type of approach is hard to figure
    out for imbeciles like you with IQ of a brick. Now.. did I answer your question any college or high school or middle school student knows for the past 20 years? If yes, crawl back under your rock.

  210. Copy-paste at least one of my posts which provides evidence of “trollhood” and explain, exactly, how it is trollhood and what a “non-troll” would write.
    Oh, and the kicker? I do not read Russian media.
    I will be waiting but won’t hold my breath.

  211. Name Syrian rebel forces? or moderate rebels.. ? lol.. I mean.. who are they?
    Syrian rebels? Really? Asaad is recognized by UN if you want it or not. Who are you to say that Asaad must go.. lol. In last year .. how much money did Turks make on ISIS? What right does NATO ally have to be involved in oil smuggling, arms sales, back door deal?

  212. Actually AmounRah, all of you posts provide ample evidence of trollhood. I question both Turkey and Russian narratives, you’re comments come right out of Pravda. To reasonable person, you are either a troll or gullible. Which one is it.

  213. It was only a matter of time before Russian incursions ended this way. As to Russians telling the truth, Ukraine and Georgia provide ample evidence of Russia being caught in a lie. Not that they have a monopoly, but Putinocchio goes around as though his sh!t doesn’t stink.

  214. Oh god.
    Comparing: “Anyone who disagrees with me or challenges my line of thought is a troll” rhetoric
    “Anyone who does not follow the same religion that I do or believe the same things I do is a devil worshiper” rhetoric of a religious fanatic.

    Grow up.

  215. Why is Russia so keen on bombing ethnic Turks in Syria, unless the Ruskies are their to attack Syrian Rebel forces and not ISIS?

  216. They did.
    The plane was not armed after it’s mission and did not pose any threat to the country. As the worst case scenario, assuming Turkish version is true (and we will not even go into the details of it all and where their theory fails), would you shoot a cop who was raiding your neighbors house for dr*gs if he or she grazed your property? I doubt it, unless, of course, you wanted to defend the said neighbor or the cops were coming up on your own stash of the goods.

  217. Russian Trolls Jerry Camp, vmikid, Visionary, JS_faster, AmounRah, Alex K

    How does a country that has had previous encounters with Syria know for sure that the is unarmed. It’s a war plane, not a passenger plane.

  218. *Corrected*
    You mean why Washington is so keen of alienating the country and Putin from the rest of the world as soon as Putin started pushing back.

  219. You’re welcome. I agree that “the” can be used when pointing to a well known unique event although I was not aware that “”the brainwashing of (sic) the 60’s” was such an event. Then again, perhaps I was too stoned back then to notice. Sorry to hear about your professional and geographical limitations. I do hope that you soon find better employment in a better location.

  220. The treaty which requires free passage by Turkey has a stipulation, in the event of hostilities, Turkey can deny passage. Something Putinocchio and has band of assailants should ponder.

  221. So did the Russians.. I mean.. you will not
    find it on yahoo today but Russians did provide it too. Explain to me.. Why was
    Turkey so against Russians bombing those oil trucks? all those 20 dollar oil
    barrels.. Turks turn around sale it make profit and pay in form of arms and
    money.. Why does Germany refuse to share military intelligence with
    Turks today? Ask yourself.. what did Turks accomplished? They now get no oil, they ruined relationships with Russia and on top of it Turkman are in deep crap hole because Russians bomb the living crap out of them.. On top of it.. Russians placed not only s-300 but S-400 and will train Syrian government troops on it.. So where is the win win?

  222. They do? I suppose that is good to know, thanks.
    To add to the point: I also believe that the use of “the” before the word, points out to uniqueness of the event/subject. But then what do I know, I am just a lowly, paid, Putin-hired, Kremlin-paid KGB agent hailing from St. Petes with limited EL skills. No other nations, other than Russia and Washington & Kievshington (intentional) exist.

  223. “Without the vast armed might of the United States backing it up, it is unlikely that Turkey would have committed such a provocative act against Russia. Without the United States to ward off any retaliation, nations will think twice before engaging in risky confrontations,” – Very true.

  224. Really? So far I heard nothing on the article but how horrible Putin is.

    And you know that Putin shot the plane down….how?
    The fact that the media started blaming him, directly, before the plane even hit the ground and no one knew what happened, does not bug you?
    The fact that Kiev swore by the recording that they presented, which they magically “intercepted”, and swore by, turned out to be fake, does not bother you either? Or that Kiev got a VETO on the investigation, meaning that if they do not like the results of the investigation (read: if they are found guilty) then they have the power, without any explanation, to block the release of the said results to the public (when was the last time you heard something about it?) does not bother you either I suppose……
    Or the fact that US backed Kiev said they have also have “irrefutable proof” which they never presented either, also implicated Putin, directly, I suppose.

  225. Any battleship of Russia most likely is equipped with SAMS missiles for defending against aircraft’s attack.What’s wrong to show this weapons available?Stupid provocative Turks.

  226. Native Russian speakers with limited EL skills typically make the mistake of using “the” in the wrong place –as in “the br@inwashing.” Just an observation.

  227. Putin is not my obsession, I’ll get Oxford to redefine for you. But Putin and his sleazy character is the subject. Typical of USSR leaders is deny, deny, deny. That is exactly what Putin did with the shooting down of the commercial plane at 36K feet. Name one humanitarian thing Putin has done for the world? His only allies are thug like countries and leaders who have 0 respect from respectful international leaders.

  228. So, do you have pictures of your conception? Your birth? No? Then you don’t exist and here I am talking to myself again. )

  229. Hmmm, you don’t appear to have very good perception for a “visionary.” Deck sailors are not armed outside of a war zone. If the sailor was “stupid” then so too was the Weapon’s Officer who signed out the rocket launcher to him and the ship’s Commander who authorized it and so on, all the way up the Chain of Command.

  230. dont be stupid. in the days of matching sword for sword, that barbaric equality that existed in such fighting for all who nations who would fight regardless of the size of their armies…also, russian distance having to go to their enemy, provided turkey a strategic advantage , as distance did to all fighting nations long ago. today, turkey is like a flea to a dof by comparison to russia. turkey can not produce a single weapon, and has no natural resources. as such they require to purchase all they use. no war of any significance could ever be mounted by a country in such a position. russia like all major super powers needs nothing from outside its boarders to create weapons. it is this power that defines a super power. it is this ability that gave germany a very unique ability to wag war on the world. they too had all resources within their borders to build and create and mass produce all they needed to wag the war. very few countries have such ability. none have that ability in the middle east. not one can produce all they need to fight a war. everything has to be shipped in.. for this reason they can never fight a war against a super power and prevail. simply destroying all their supply routes ends their ability to fight.

  231. That’s considered crying and whining? Alright, I will get oxford to redefine the word.
    I am sorry but your post said absolutely nothing other than pointing out the fact that you obsess over Putin and Russia makes you foam at the mouth….
    Also, I fail to see how Putin is my “sack of potatoes” as I am from, literally, the other side of the globe.
    Then again, to anyone who gets rabid when it comes to Russia, I suppose other countries simply do not exist and other opinions, other than their own or the ones that support their own, do not matter.

  232. soooo one stupid sailor will determine Turkey’s foreign policy ??? C’mon Err-dog-an get real or better yet – crawl back under that rock you came under… puny war profiteer …

  233. So putin and obama have no clue whats going on and u do with ur censored media spoon fed propaganda oh yeah u should call the world leaders and tell them what fox news said ??

  234. That must be a failed attempt at a joke, right? Russia would absolutely demolish Turkey. Without NATO backing, Turkey wouldn’t last more than a week at most.


  236. Just out of curiosity here. Turkey provided a radar track of this plane invading Turkish airspace. If, as you claim, Russia did not cross the border why have they not released their own radar track of the plane. Every country tracks their planes in combat in case of a shootdown so they will know where to start SAR ops.

  237. Don’t cry and whine to me! If you are tired of it, tell it to Putin. Ask for a leader to lead Russia without KGB, Communist, or USSR ties. You cannot remove the stripes from a Tiger and you will not remove the KGB or Communist background from Putin! Putin is your sack of potatoes and you will have to live with that sack or stand up for another leader.

  238. Ok. Thanks Amounrah for letting us know your other screen name Is Alex k– Facts and the truth are stubborn things! When the truth is known and told and it does not agree with your bull sheet, it s a brainwashing! HAHAHAHAHA WEAK HATED COMMUNISTS PIGS! EVERYONE WORLD WIDE LAUGHS AT YOU PATHETIC PIGS!

  239. We have had enough tensions already. Turkey should be wiser now. You don’t approach every matter from the legalistic view point. Your rather not-too-wise handling of the earlier provocation got us where we are now. Please Erdogan, no more such mishaps. For Russia, PLEASE think again. We can’t be our own enemy (I mean, humans) Our decisions ought to be driven by reason rather than by emotions and ego.

  240. Hahaha, wow.
    Turkey, really?
    It seriously sounds like daddy Erdogan is foaming at the mouth now that Russia is messing with his ISIS cash flow.

    Turkeys (not Russian) provocation was a failed attempt to try and entice Russia. I fear that it will be Turkey (namely Erodogan & Co ) who will eventually snap, not Russia. I mean, you can keep a rabid dog contained only for so long and NATO does not seem too tempted to pull the leash back. I am willing to bet anything that Turkey was promised full support by NATO heads should Russia try something.
    Silly article all around.

  241. which part is a lie? lol.. Hysterical.. A Ukrainian idiot that thinks that Ukraine does not own buks or S-300. My country.. My country is USA.. your Ukraine.. is was Communist crap hole..


  243. Really! Then Putin provoked things when he killed 250 and 11 dogs on the Malaysian Airlines jet! Putin and Russia have been buzzing NATO planes , ships, and coasts all over the globe provoking countries! NOW FINALLY Turkey brings a plane down! I say-GREAT! Obama should have done this long ago!

  244. They were not fully armed. They bombed ISIS and were coming back from mission. Destroyed trucks with oil that were going to Turkey. Plane had no arms, no air to air missiles or air to surface missiles. Plane posed no threat to Turks.. Zero. Zilch.. None! Plane was half of miles or half kilometer from Turkey.. Turks did not fly to Syria since Nov 24th. Why? Because they know what they did.. They know that Russian will 1000% retaliate. Turks buy oil, supply arms, provide medical assistance to ISIS members, provide training. No doubt in my mind.. and now they act like they can just go to Iraq and stay there..

  245. Having Russia pay reparations to Turkey for invading their airspace with armed planes is a little much. They all ready paid the price when Turkey defended itself by shooting down the invading plane.

  246. I notice that Polina has no credentials at all that relate to political science, international relations, military affairs or even political history. What a blowhard.

  247. Flying fully armed warplanes over the territory of another country is a provocation. Being warned that the aircraft would be shot down if those actions continued and doing it anyway is asking for a war. The fault here lies totally on Russia for invading Turkish airspace.

  248. And later, quoting Russia’s military analyst “the chances that Russia is going to start a nuclear war against the Alliance [NATO] is very likely”. Right. The Straits would be blocked, mined and
    made totally impassible. completely blocking the Russian Black Sea fleet. I’m beginning to think these writers and hot air spokesmen are unbelievably neuronal challenged.

  249. Turks did not shoot the pilot, opposition fighters which whom the Russian planes were bombing, killed him. The pilot was landing inside Syria and got shot.

  250. The whole Russian military is a joke. They can fight only with Georgia and Ukraine. that’s it. Turks can easilt close the straits, cut off Russian supplies and clear Russian presence in Syria in a couple of days. without using nukes, Russia has no chance.

  251. Mongoloid Scubdubaaglu was outraged by provocation while donning European suit , talking in microphone made by Europeans while his European made car waited for him outside. Aglubukglu my az you ugly Middle Asian squatter.

  252. WTF Russia is going to start a War over Turkey’s taking out a Russian plane? I would think nuclear war would be started for something awful not just a downing of a plane. Is Russia crazy enough to end the world over a downed plane? Doesn’t add up.

  253. you must be smoking pot 24/7. You have no idea what you are talking about. Russians can never win a war against Turks. you are mistaken Turkey with Ukraine…

  254. Both Turkey and Russia seem to have the same egotistically compromised leaders who will risk and end days nuclear exchange over a downed Russian plane! Clearly, there would be no winners should Nato and Russia begin lobbing nucs at one another.
    Russia should stop testing the waters with their crossing into sovereign territory, and Turkey, instead of chest pounding, should reach out to Russia, even if its a bulls… move to placate. There is too much at risk!

  255. Hail Turkey – The rogue state that speaks the language of anti-terrorism while working to facilitate terrorism. Much like their big brother, the USA. And their Mediterranean cousin that starts with the letter “I”.

  256. It is amazing how wars begin. It seems like it all comes down to 2 individuals who can’t get along. then it escalates into 1000’s of people who fight on behalf of those 2……..Why can’t Russia DEMAND reparations for what they have done, instead of full blown war?

  257. Raz,
    Turkey’s reckless and manipulative behaviour must be stopped and exposed. They have resorted to to this tactics for over fifty years under protection of NATO and the USA, which has turned a blind eye to their usual deceitful ways and and have fed to their grand delusional ego. Turkey was a major crime partner and source of events in the calamities of WWI and WWII, and they are well on their way to start the WWIII.
    Turkey must be stopped for the sake of civilized world, before it’s too late.


  259. Turkey and Russia on the brink of war? What a ridiculous comment! It should be Turkey begging NATO to try and save it from military annihilation.

  260. Bye-Bye, Turk TRASH. Please, involve yourself, NATO and the has-been, impotent US. The world yearns to see you run AGAIN, as you did, when Russia ordered you and your lackey servant-boy/traitor McCain, out of Syria, in the Spring of 2013. Russia isn’t Iraq, unarmed, and attacked by a much larger force, This the whole Russian military, and it isn’t scared, nor worried about the US and NATO one iota. So, PLEASE, get involved and let Russia clear that playing field in less than 20 minutes. WE will watch, happily.

  261. ‘ With extremely high chances of the conflict between Ankara and Moscow spiraling into a war between NATO and Russia… ‘
    No hyperbole here; nope, not a bit.

  262. revenge is now circling turkey for any opportunity to have a turkey shoot. cowardise turkey now hides inside its boarders, like scared murdering wholagens who retreated inside their house, and they now are peeking out their windows to see if someone is comming after them for their evil deeds. pounce them. who needs any more excuse than you already have putin. pounce them.

  263. Let ’em fly Vladimir! No one is going to back Turkey. They are full or deceit and filthy right hands as much as daesh itself. HONEST support from an HONEST American.

  264. Provocations have never, ever down a plane, missiles fired to destroy another hopeless plane have and not only downed, but killed one pilot, even though he had ejected and was killed, most likely, by CIA, Criminals In Action, mercenaries. This action by CIA mercenaries is a war crime. At least that is what the experts on these matters say.
    Sticks and stones, AKA missiles, will hurt my bones, but words-provocations-will never hurt me.
    I think this is another ruse by our “Christian and democratic” nation to destroy the world by pushing Russia into a corner and when and if that happens, all bets are off. Good bye dog eat dog world!

  265. Turkey

    What you expect Turkey….you did after all downed their jet unnecessarily.
    And firing on an unarmed, parachuting pilot is an unmistakable violation of the law of land warfare….Guilty and an embarrassment to Nato..

    A serviceman on the deck of a Russian naval ship allegedly held a rocket launcher on his shoulder while the vessel passed through Istanbul was a cautionary measure my opinion.

  266. I think 9rivers123 is correct. I read her editorial last week and it’s just more of the same threat. I don’t doubt Putin could start with a small nuke. I believe he thinks Obama will back down no matter what. He is a dangerous leader and has fighting experience that Obama lacks. There is no question to the stupidity of Turkey to try and provoke Russia, but if push came to shove I think NATO will back down and let Russia and Turkey take care of their problems themselves. And I doubt Russia would lose.

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