Turkey: What Price Will Ankara Pay For Downing Russian Fighter?

Turkey: What Price Will Ankara Pay For Downing Russian Fighter?
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Turkey: What Price Will Ankara Pay For Downing Russian Fighter? by Dorian Jones, EurasiaNet

Three days after Turkey’s November 24 downing of a Russian fighter jet, Turkish leaders seem ready for Kremlin blowback. But analysts and officials in Ankara are less sure about how the incident will impact Turkey’s relations with its allies.

One Turkish analyst believes that the timing of the incident near the Turkish-Syrian border could exacerbate tension among Turkey’s allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Some NATO member states, especially France, had hoped to bring Russia fully into an anti-ISIS coalition in Syria. The fighter shoot-down greatly complicates such efforts.

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“Behind the words of support and solidarity, I think they [other NATO members] are very unhappy with what happened,” said political scientist Cengiz Aktar of Istanbul’s Suleyman ?ah University. “It jeopardizes the slowly building coalition between the West and Russia to counter the Islamic State.”

Such a coalition has caused unease among Turkey’s political leaders. Ankara and Moscow are on opposing sides in the Syrian civil war, a rivalry that has already soured their once close friendship.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has made clear that the priority of his NATO allies should be the removal of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad; those allies have their primary focus on ISIS.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other Russian officials have tried to frame the incident as a conspiracy, something that can be interpreted as an attempt to marginalize Ankara from other NATO members. Lavrov also has alleged that Turkey was helping Islamic State by purchasing oil from the jihadist group. State-controlled Russian media outlets have been quick to trumpet Lavrov’s claims.

Turkish foreign-policy specialist Sinan Ülgen dismissed Russian conspiracy theorizing about the shoot-down.

“Turkey was transparent,” said Ülgen, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Europe think-tank in Brussels. “Here, the responsibility lies squarely with Russia. Despite knowing full well the scope of Turkey’s rules of engagement, [it] nonetheless went ahead and tested Turkey’s resolve.”

Ankara has repeatedly accused Russian warplanes operating in Syria of violating its airspace and harassing its jets. NATO condemned such actions, but Ankara made little secret that it felt such support was less than enthusiastic.

Retired Turkish Ambassador Murat Bilhan, the former head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Strategic Planning Committee, believes NATO’s perceived tepid support for Turkey’s position on airspace violations ended up playing a role in the shoot-down incident.

“Turkey was ignored by all parties. Whatever Turkey said [about Russian planes’ violations of Turkish airspace] fell on deaf ears,” Bilhan explained. “Insensitivity by our Western allies prevailed and Turkey was offended.”

Domestic support for the Turkish government remains strong. Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu on November 25 received a standing ovation in parliament after claiming to have authorized the attack.

But Turkey “will now pay a heavy price,” Ambassador Bilhan cautioned. “Russia has many tools in its hands to punish Turkey.”

Moscow is still calculating exactly what that price will be, but bilateral trade seems destined to be the first target.

On November 27, Moscow wheeled out one of its standard vehicles for geo-strategic disputes — a possible embargo on food imports, a tactic also used toward Western allies Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Food-monitoring agency Rossel’khoznadzor cited allegedly falsified export documentation and the “shaky” safety of Turkish goods.

On November 26, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave the government two days to come up with a response to the loss of the Su-24. Aside from transportation links, lucrative contracts with Turkish companies could be hit. A multi-billion dollar gas pipeline and the building of Turkey’s first nuclear power station also are seen at risk.

Citing terrorist concerns, Lavrov has already warned tourists to stay away from Turkey, and Russian tour agencies are obliging.

Turkish President Erdo?an’s confidence in dismissing Russian economic threats as “emotional” may be well placed, commented ?nan Demir, chief economist of the Istanbul-based Finans Bank.

The likely damage “would be more than marginal, but not unmanageable,” Demir calculated. “That’s because Turkey has already been getting used to living with reduced exports to Russia” with the West’s 2014 imposition of sanctions for Russia’s activities in Ukraine.

Turkish exports to Russia have decreased by 53.6 percent since 2014 to 5.6 billion euros ($5.9 billion), according to data from the Turkish foreign ministry for the first nine months of this year. With a tighter economy, Russian vacation bookings also have declined.

“But energy imports [are] a different story,” Demir underlined.” Turkey imports 55 percent of its gas from Russia.”

Turkish experts are waiting to see if Moscow cuts off energy supplies. Many doubt that Russia would take such a step because the $10 billion that Ankara pays per year to the state-run Gazprom is seen as vital to Russia’s sanction-hit economy. At the same time, Moscow has on more than one occasion sacrificed its own economic concerns for strategic interests.

“If Russia was to cut back supplies, it would have a serious impact, but it depends how long the cuts would be,” warned economist Demir. Nearly all of Istanbul and the surrounding hinterland, where much of Turkish industry is based, depends almost solely on Russian gas.

A gas cut-off could meet with an equally tough response. “Turkey would be the major loser, but Russia would lose as well,” predicted retired ambassador Bilhan.

Editor’s note: Dorian Jones is a freelance reporter based in Istanbul.

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  1. ” I am an american that formerly came from Ukraine.”

    You have been exposed, Russian paid troll. No one will believe your lies anymore. Lol

  2. The answer is no you idiot. They didn’t violate their airspace or get warned. Do some research. Also I don’t want to argue with you because of my one rule of don’t argue with idiot’s.

  3. “You are still not getting the point. When was the last time Russia shot down a Turkish plane?”


    And you didn’t answer my question, Russian paid troll. I’ll repeat it, just for you:

    When was the last time a Turkish plane violated Russian airspace?

  4. Exactly, Russian paid troll! Turkey doesn’t violate Russia’s airspace. Russia, on the other hand, has violated Israel’s, Sweden’s, Georgia’s, Bulgaria’s, Estonia’s, Finland’s, Japan’s, and Turkey’s airspace… I’m probably missing some.

  5. Russian paid troll? Are you stupid? I am an american that formerly came from Ukraine. Just because your ignorant in your beliefs and in the state of your own country doesn’t mean that you are right.

  6. There are very few countries with a big stick, that’s if they want to use it, they can and will if the needs arise. Right now Turkey is close to the red button and may embroil the west in an incident that needed not to happen. The only Turkey I need is what’s on the table, the rest are idiots.

  7. “Why, you don’t like that? You haven’t even joined EU…”

    The Russian paid troll can’t support his lies and propaganda and tries to run away from the topic at hand. I love it!

  8. Why, you don’t like that? You haven’t even joined EU and they already trying to force their gay agenda upon you. Lol, you’ll be drilling each other behinds while muslims be having 6-7 kids in your country and you’ll be forced to pay taxes. Kind of like Gemanystan now.

  9. You are completely missing the point, it was Turkey that shot down a Russian plane and created an International incident that did not need to happen. Airspace violations go on all the time, not just the Russians, it’s how you respond that counts.

  10. Lots of countries skirt each other’s’ airspace. Turkey, a NATO member, routinely does this to Greece/.
    Go home to mommy, little thing

  11. “The Turkmen are armed and aligned with a terrorist group and a hostile
    foreign government which are engaged in military operations against

    The same applies for the (pro-)Russian rebels in Ukraine…

    “The Russians are armed and aligned with a terrorist group and a hostile foreign government which are engaged in military operations again Ukraine.”

    Thank you for pointing out the double standards of the Russian propaganda, Russian paid troll. :)

  12. “If you are not aware, Russia has a military base in Syria very close to
    the Turkish border. So it’s no surprise that they are in the region.”

    Does Russia have a military base in Sweden, Finland, Japan, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, or any of the other countries that have had their air space violated by Russian military aircraft? Aggressor states always have an excuse for their aggression…

  13. “As to bombing ethnic Turks, how do you know, were you there?”

    Nice try, Russian paid troll but your argument is complete bs. Let me use it – how do you know that the Russians are fighting ISIS in Syria, were you there? Lol

    Do you see how easy it is to use your own lies and propaganda against you, Russian paid troll?

  14. The Turkmen are armed and aligned with a terrorist group and a hostile foreign government which are engaged in military operations against Syria. The Syrians and their allies are trying to close off an arms and terror corridor, which Turkey, ISIS, and the Turkmen are trying to maintain open. Is there something you don´t understand? Hopefully, Russia will use fuel-air bombs and make Turk’crisps.

  15. If you are not aware, Russia has a military base in Syria very close to the Turkish border. So it’s no surprise that they are in the region. As to bombing ethnic Turks, how do you know, were you there? Russian interests are somewhat different than western countries who want Assad out. As I mentioned it needs a concerted effort to eradicate ISIS first and then other political issues can be addressed. Until the Islamic State is defeated there can be no stability as they are a threat to us all.

  16. “The enemy is the Islamic State and that is where the focus should be.”

    If the enemy is the IS, what is Russia doing at the Turkish border, bombing ethnic Turks?

  17. “You have to give Israel some credit, they met with the Russians in order
    to avoid issues such as Turkey has created by shooting from the hip.
    None of this needed to happen.”

    After a number of air space violations by Russian aircraft, Turkey warned Russia and was perfectly clear saying that will shoot down the next jet in her airspace. Still confused?

  18. “East Ukrainian rebels”

    You mean the Russian soldiers “on vacation” killing innocent Ukrainians hundreds of miles away from Russia? You know where their “leaders” like Girkin and Borodai are from, right?

  19. “But again, why was this plane flying over a war zone?”

    Good question. You should seek the answer from the airliners which had hundreds of their planes fly over Ukraine for months.

    But the more interesting question is how the “East Ukrainian rebels” managed to shoot down a plane flying at such high altitude?

  20. “Most likely East Ukrainian rebels shot it down…”

    Thanks for sharing your epiphany, Russian paid troll, and exposing all the Russian lies and propaganda about MH17…

  21. The Russian aircraft was not even carrying air to air defensive missiles, however they are now, as well as a ramping up their military presence. The enemy is the Islamic State and that is where the focus should be. There are other issues but they have to be addressed one step at a time. It is not possible to fix the region overnight given the mess it is in after foreign intervention. You have to give Israel some credit, they met with the Russians in order to avoid issues such as Turkey has created by shooting from the hip. None of this needed to happen. What has Turkey done to counter ISIS, nothing, infact they have been aiding them and buying oil to bolster their cash flow. Don’t forget they are all Muslims.

  22. Putin here is your proof turkey murder two journalist one from BBC, and an America because they uncover turkey was using nato tricks to supply arms to isis and transporting oil back. One journalist was hang and the other was taken from a scene of an accident one of her friend was taken to the hospital and the journalist was taken somewhere else where she was killed or raped and killed.
    Turkey president said he would resign

  23. Alexander, relax buddy. Soon your county will join EU and it’ll be on its way to islamazation just like every other EU country. Ukraine is a largest country in Europe after Russia with declining population. I am sure lots of Africans and middle eastern folks would love to make it their new home.

  24. Most likely East Ukrainian rebels shot it down because they thought this plane was going to bomb them. But again, why was this plane flying over a war zone? Could’ve been a set up, who knows.

  25. “Every single US or “allied” mission over Syria is a violation of that nation’s airspace.”

    But this doesn’t support his argument, Russian paid troll! Where’s the EVIDENCE??????????

    “”US and NATO regularly violate the airspace of almost all countries on a daily basis…”

  26. “Every single US or “allied” mission over Syria is a violation of that nation’s airspace. Russia is the only country invited to overfly Syria.”

    Oh yeah? And who invited Russia to violate or “overfly” (as you call it) over Japan, Sweden, Turkey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Israel…?

  27. Every single US or “allied” mission over Syria is a violation of that nation’s airspace.
    Russia is the only country invited to overfly Syria.

  28. “Unless a Russian aircraft was actually a threat and it was not, there is no sensible reason to shoot it down.”

    How do you know when a Russian military aircraft is a “threat”? Can you trust the Russians? Didn’t you notice what they did in Ukraine – invaded Crimea, lying that the Russian soldiers were “local militia”. Then they sent Russian soldiers “on vacation” who killed thousands of innocent Ukrainians. How can you trust these people? Russia has violated Turkish (along with Israeli, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Bulgarian, Japanese) airspace multiple times and the Russians were warned not to do it again. What more do you want?

  29. So far, Russia has violated the airspace of Sweden+Finland (non-NATO members), Israel, Turkey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Japan. Russia has also rehearsed bombing Denmark… There’s no end to the Russian cynicism!

  30. Haven’t you heard the Russian propaganda? The “secret Ukrainian witness” – yet another Russian fake story – claims that Ukraine is at fault! The same applies to the Russian propaganda story about the “Spanish air traffic controller” and the fake photos shown on Russia state media…

  31. Dream on, Russian paid troll. Please explain why up until now Russia has been importing goods from Turkey instead of “substituting domestic products” to “up” the “standard of living”?

  32. What “terrorists”? You mean the ethnic Turks who live in Northern Syria and who have been living there for over 4 centuries? So let me get this straight – Russia has the right to “defend” the ethnic Russians living in Crimea (Ukraine) but Turkey can’t support the ethnic Turks in Syria?

  33. “US and NATO regularly violate the airspace of almost all countries on a daily basis but no one is shooting their planes down.”

    Please provide EVIDENCE to support your lie, Russian paid troll.

  34. “Look at other facts besides Turkeys. Russia never entered their airspace.”

    More lies from yet another Russian paid troll. Didn’t Russia violate Turkey’s airspace a few weeks ago? Wasn’t Russia warned? And not only Turkey’s airspace – the Baltic states, Sweden, Israel, Japan… it seems like Russia has developed the habit to “forget” that not all nations will respond the same way as Ukraine did when Russia violated her sovereignty.

  35. According to ppl like you we are buying oil from isis but gasoline increased 1.5tl to 4.5tl in Turkey after isis war. How can u explain it?

  36. Weapon companies gained 32 billion dollars during isis war. Gasoline in Turkey was 1.5TL before isis now 4.5TL. Some ppl getting richer and richer while we are loosing money.

  37. turkey can1t stop stealing from the Syrian people. where do you think they get the money to push through “refugees”? this gold Palmyra and the Syrian oil.

  38. yep, but import substitution of domestic products will up the standard of living the manufacturer above. the Russians take growth opportunities. other resorts. higher quality requirements. interests.

  39. Russian collaps? not live to see.
    if only Putin did not respond to the alarm Assad, Russia would be in deep crap. But not all so simple, right?
    Turks are hosted on foreign territory. plundered Palmyra. Holy places.
    who stopped them now? Russian airstrikes and S-400.
    Turks are not EU- is savages, animals.

  40. Russian collaps? not live to see.
    if only Putin did not respond to the alarm Assad, Russia would be in deep shit. But not all so simple, right? Turks are hosted on foreign territory. plundered Palmyra. Holy places. who stopped them now?
    Turks are not EU- is savages, animals.

  41. noone litr of russian gas for this savages.
    noone tourists rouble from russia to this ungrateful hands.
    none caravan with loot from Syria to Turkey.
    30 billions per year? phff. by the way, apples at them – crap.

  42. The media in the ‘west’ is biased. For example: they said China will implode for more than 30 years, they said Dalai Lama is a ‘Saint’ and never mention Dalai Lama is a creation of CIA, they said Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction, Iraq did not have it, the list goes on and on…..

  43. The problem with NATO, America and Europe right now is their lack credibility. Before 9/11, this orgy of deposing governments left and right and eagerness to go and look for trouble everywhere their fancy hit them, has made these nations worse than rogue, they have become the epitome of everything that was wrong with the Nazis.
    The Nazis, at least, they didn’t blame the conquered for those invasions, they just went out and a la Nike did it.
    This new standard of rogue nations want to have the cake and eat it also and the adage as wise and popular as they are, don’t allow second takes: You can’t have the cake and eat it.
    Russia has become, believe it or not, more democratic than the so called “democratic and Christian” nations of the West.
    Russia, in an even greater degree has become the Mark Twain of politics. How many times the media has reported Russia’s demise because of sanctions and when the rubber meets the road, Russia is working on many projects that can make life miserable for the whole world. So, along with MT, Russia can say : ” “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – Now since Russia fall, death have been predicted mane times before, change death to plural: Deaths and so far no cigar.
    I wonder when America’s rhetoric can match its actions. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I tell w/o any doubts whatsoever, that you can’t “spread democracy” with bombs, invasions, drones that kill more innocent civilians, creating in its process a myriad of war criminals.
    I wonder what would it had happened if instead of America invading those nations we would had Russia instead. What would the world done then? Did anybody said: Hello WWIII? Bingo, but then why? Russia has a much right, even more than America, to protect its citizens, its territories. Why the double moral standard? That is what the 9/11 orgy has created, woe is you if invades and woe is you, again, if invaded. Whatever happened to those human rights and civil rights all nations should have, regardless of government? I want my constitution back!

  44. The usual practice — and it’s important to remember this “violation” lasted 17 seconds — is to escort the intruders out.
    Erdogan has clearly blundered and angered his NATO allies, who do not want to be drawn into a conflict.
    For a while now, he’s been growing increasingly imperious and lost in dreams of Sultan-hood, posing with palace guards in ridiculous uniforms and suppressing dissent.Russia does not need to cut the supplies totally, just make them unreliable. And in a duel of economies, Russia’s scale will prove decisive. Turkey’s NATO allies will stop[ any more foolish moves, such as trying to close the Dardanelles. Keep both hands on your keyboard, dreamer.

  45. Please let us how many were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan when USA invaded Iraq. There are thousands of Iraqis living a life of extreme poverty trying to meet both ends by prosptitution and begging because most of their men were killed by USA. Saddam gone and ISIS is born and why US is unable to control or kill ISiS? almost million Iraqis killings are hidden by the media and unless media reports we won’t know anything.

  46. US and NATO regularly violate the airspace of almost all countries on a daily basis but no one is shooting their planes down. And the biased western media which has been anti Russia always tries to justify the criminal act of Turkey projecting Russia as the villain whereas it is not so. When will we see the balanced and proper reporting in west controlled biased English media?

  47. Putin has already put his foot in the ringer because he said he knew the heading the plane was taken and was used to get the result it did. As for Turkey worrying I don’t think so. Russia had aready been notified at what could happen if it crossed the boarder and made no attempt to explain why he crossed boarders. Putin seems to think he can violate the sovereignty of other countries at will. If that is the case and the facts already proven. He can’t cross boarders like he does in Ukraine all the time. Putin is a dangerous warmonger and it will eventually end up with a war with Russia bankrupt and unable to facilitate it military.

  48. if they cut the gas they loose 15 billion on top Europe ‘s gas will be cut off also, on top Turkey will close the Dardanel straits to the Black sea where 45000 Russian tankers and ships pass each year virtually all of Russia’s petrol and goods trade rely on this sea route, a small shipping accident that closes sea traffic from Bosphorus will send Russia time travel back to 1989 so fast that it won’t know what had hit it.

  49. LOL.
    The empty shell is removing the Turkish allies from the Syrian border, that’s afcat. Turkey will suffer one humiliation after another, and Russia can disturb its vital gas supplies at will. A few weeks on-again, off again of “unfortunate problems” will cause chaos.

  50. no it says assad must gpor because about 300,000 innocent people were killed by assads army in syria. assad WILL go dead or alive

  51. The better questioin is – what price Kremlin will pay for killing 40 innocent syrians yesterday with airstrikes, where no ISIS is even close to that place but all killed were syrians with turkish ethnicities? Russia has become a copy of the nazi germany – russian military jet violates turkish border, ignores warnings, gets shot down (thats business), then russia allmightly retaliates by killing women and children, because it’s super-puper military is no match even for turkish military – so who’s gonna pay the price for brutal murder of women and children in syria?
    I think the following – putin and his criminal gang came to power by murdering businessmen and opponent politicians, they are so spoile dgangsters, so got used to have absolute gangsta rule over russia, that they forgot that they are now not in russia anymore but they entered free world, which knows how to defend itself. But putin gangsta does what any low-life ganstar and terrorsit would do – retaliate by killing innocent people. thats why kremlin is doomed. unfortunatelly, pathetically idiotic russian trolls will never get that.

  52. Already Putin’s plan is falling apart, top three Kremlin prosecutors filed law-suit against Russian Generals planning missions that knowingly violate Turkish airspace and peeling of Russian air-force emblems and identification numbers from the planes wing-tails to make it look anonymous from the fighter jet that was downed

  53. No Russia can’t seriously wound the Turkish economy, Turkey exports less than 6 Billion USD to Russia that pocket change for Turks, Russia exports over 25 Billion USD, losing that 25 Billion would be the last blow to the already struggling Russian economy.

  54. by provoking the installating of SS-400 missiles by Russia in syria–just 40 miles from turkey..Turkey has technically expelled itself from Nato..cause the Russian beast covers the whole of turkey!!. so in case of hostility the possibility of any plane or missiles taking off from Turkey .. is no longer guaranteed … making the whole Turkish territory useless for Nato!

  55. Erdogan’s success in Turkey was primarily built on a good economy — and Russia can seriously wound the Turkish economy.
    Another arrow in the quiver: Aiding Kurdish insurgents inside and outside Turkey would also provide that dose-of-your-own-medicine needed to additionally destabilize things.

  56. We need to put an end to this bullshti!

    Putin has his aircraft violating sovereign airspace all over the world. Everywhere from Sweden to Japan. The Russians flew a bomber with 40 miles of the California coast this summer!

    Now just today, the Russians violate Israeli airspace! Afater all the bullshit they’ve been up to, you’d think they would lay low. No. Instead they continue to agitate and push their luck all over the world.

    Russian people. If you want to ask questions. Ask this one. In the downing of the Russian Fencer, why did the wing man peel off and exit quickly after the warnings from the Turkish F16s — and the remaining Russian aircraft. then went on to violate Turkish airspace and was consequently shot down?

    Russian people also remember this. The Russian air force has violated Turkish airspace several times and were warned repeatedly do not do that.

    Remember that Russian fighters have been locking fire control on Turkish aircraft several times.

    Remember that a Russian made drone was shot down over Turkish airspace.

    There is NO conspiracy about any of this. Putin is the aggressor and the whole world can see it. It seems Putin is trying to start WW3 for some stupid reason.

  57. The US helps Kurds but Turkey opposes. Turkey helps ISIS in fighting Assad, US fights ISIS. US and Turkey help Assad’s enemies, but Russia fights all who are against Assad. In a back door deal both Turkey and Assad buy oil from ISIS ….. and many more controversies and games. What is going on and what is reported are very much different guys. If you have time just pray other wise we may see on tomorrow’s morning news that ISIS and France or the US made an alliance. What is not possible

  58. the terrorist took down a Russian plane, Russia goes after the terrorists, the turks then take down a Russian plane, the Russians go in to rescue their pilot, the terrorists then take down their helicopter… ergodan is happy as the devil himself.

  59. US says Assad must go because 26 unarmed protesters were killed. Funny. In El Salvador, back in the day, the US backed military killed 2,000 innocent people over a three day blood fest of murder, and the US said, “I see nothing!”

  60. Untill when the west stops making careless statements in the name of politics or what ever you may call it ,they will continue to be seen as always taking double standard or palying hide and seek treacherous game. When Turley was say his airspace was been violated by Russia it would have been better if the west educate him on the better approach other than trying to paly politics of attachment to an ally and making confrontation towards non ally. To Arabs of low mentality and uncontrolable emotions they need not such complicating behaviour , The arabs like Yurkey and others need to be tamed carefully like children because they have straight forward thinking and emotiona drive.

  61. IT won’t Happen!! Turkey will be under NaTo’s Umbrella for ever a very clever country to NaTo..,
    Russia just need to put analog compasses on their Pilot’s heads…

  62. That said, the loss of the Russian air plane was a tragedy and one that hopefully will not cause permanent abrogation of relations between these neighbors, who have had really very good relations since the Cold war.

  63. Actually Turkey and the US have been flying missions together out of NATO Incirlik airbase against ISIS…
    Turkey has (finally) started cracking down hard on ISIS cells as per news reports.
    Finally, Turkey is too important a country to be expelled by NATO-if so then there goes Incirlik air base which is a very important base (soon to be joining American AF will be German Tornadoes against ISIS) and also Turkey is instrumental to intelligence gathering-its 1000 mile long boundaries link Europe with Asia with the Middle East…

  64. turkey need to stop helping isis and terrorist fsa,they need to apolgyzr to russuia and close border with siria..other wise we americans support rusia to bomb turkey qatar and saudi arabia.

  65. All Russia need to do is to shoot down Turkey’s fighter jets and bomb all its convoy as soon as it enters Syria for supporting their brothers which is the ISIS. The Russians can also arm the Kurdish with all type of military hardware to fight Turkey and it’s brothers ISIS. Remember Kobani? Remember the booing and chanting of “Allahu Akbar” (god is great) by the soccer stadium crowds after the terrorist attack in Paris?
    Turkey should be expel by NATO as a member.

  66. I can tell you. Before the Turks shot down the Russian plane, if Turkey plane entered the Russian airspace, it would definitely not be shot down. If it was for 17 seconds, nothing would happen, if it were for longer time they would probably escort it and only shot it down if they felt threat for Russian cities. After the incident, with complete lack of remorse from Turks, their planes will be destroyed by Russians whenever they enter the airspace of another country where Russia has right to operate.

  67. Turkey made a mistake, perhaps hoping that Russia would retaliate militarily – that is why Turkey immediately went to NATO for support. Based on what I read in the world press and from people’s comments, Turkey’s actions have received little sympathy. Russians will revenge the murdering of their pilot in due time. You can be certain about that.

  68. Unless a Russian aircraft was actually a threat and it was not, there is no sensible reason to shoot it down. Turkey is full of turkey’s who don’t seem to understand the consequences of what they have done. Nobody wants the Russians to mobilize the Red Army as these people have already gone to the wall and know what it looks like. We don’t and we don’t need to be going there. In the region it is time for all to realize who the enemy is and a concerted effort should overwhelm the secondary issues which are there and can be addressed in due course.

  69. There is no reason to worry about Russia walking away from cooperation with Western participants in the cluster fr*k called Syria. One of the major reason Putin dipped his toe into that quagmire was to gain some attention and again becoming a player within the first world after his Crimean “misjudgment”. Now that he’s up to his knees and sinking he’ll soon be looking for someone to throw him a rope .If the West had leadership equal to a Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin or Hitler (I’M NOT SAYING THEY WERE ALL GOOD GUYS) Russia would wind up walking out of Syria pantless.

  70. I wonder what would Russia do, if Turkish fighters enter her airspace hundreds of miles away from Turkey? Or is only Russia allowed to violate other nations’ sovereignty from Northern Europe to Asia?

  71. Planes fly into other countries airspace every single day and are usually always resolved and the planes rerouted.

    Violating airspace for a mere 17 seconds shouldn’t ever need to be dealt with by shooting down their aircraft and having terrorists on the ground kill the pilot as he parachutes down. Especially if the threat is real.

    They knew Russia’s flight path they knew that they would’ve been in and out of Turkey in seconds and they took advantage of that and shot them down.

    The other day, Russia accidentally flew into Israeli’s airspace and it was resolved within seconds and they changed course.

  72. Turkey and Russia have been friends and partners until this recent tragedy. I think that both Turkey are advanced countries in many respects and both nations need each other (trade, tourism, etc). They share a >900 mile border across the Black Sea. Let us hope that both countries can see the advantages of being full partners with each other again.
    May be they can have observers at each other’s military HQs? This should start the trust building process.

  73. The big loser is Obama’s coalition access to Syria. The S-400 system is a game changer for the southern Turkey border area with 24/7/365 shootdown capability and no lost aircraft. Just as China can place an aircraft carrier equivalent in the east China sea, with a dredge, shallow NATO thinkers can be easily thwarted with different methods of denying access.

  74. Erdogan is an incompetent idiot. It is so sad that so many innocent people must suffer because he so mean and just plain stupid.

    There was another way to handle this. But, of course, what do you expect of the head of a state that sponsors terrorism and lets those who practice it move freely across its borders.

  75. Russian President VladimIR Putin seems to be eyeing an even bigger victory. He called on the Assad government and the political wing of the YPG to unite. This has still not happened – at least not officially. But Syrian Kurdish officials have said they are ready to work with anyone fighting ISIL, and anyone who works for a united, secular and democratic Syria.Such an alliance would change the battlefield and the balance of power on the ground.

    I call that CHECK!

  76. Russian sanctions will most likely be symbolic. In my opinion with oil heading south of 40 dollars for the first half in 2016 Putin will need all of the hard currency he can get.

  77. Not high, if you don’t intend to continue supporting ISIS and violating Syrian airspace.

    If you do intend to continue those trends… Then I don’t know what to tell you. NATO would implode trying to get the people in its member nations to fight Russia for the sake of cannibals.

    That’s just a mathematical fact.

    Any who, don’t expect that ISIS oil to make it to the Turkey border and expect to be alone in your efforts to use barbarians to take out a legitimate state.

  78. Erdogan fashions himself to be a “mini-Putin”, but he is no match for the real thing. Putin will slowly squeeze him – and the punishment will be severe.

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