Russian Helicopter Shot Down After Sukhoi Su-24 Jet [REPORT]

Russian Helicopter Shot Down After Sukhoi Su-24 Jet [REPORT]
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Soon after Turkish forces shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet, Moscow dispatched military helicopters to search for the Su-24 pilots who had ejected from the burning Su-24. Latest reports claim that a Russian helicopter searching for pilots had also been shot down. According to the Daily Express, the rescue helicopter came under heavy rebel firing in the Latakia province of Syria, which is dominated by the US-backed rebels.

Free Syrian Army shoots down Russian helicopter

The Free Syrian Army, funded and trained by the US and Turkey, claimed that it had shot down a Russian helicopter that was searching for two missing pilots on the Turkmen Mountain. The rebel group said the helicopter was downed by a US-made anti-tank missile. The Free Syrian Army’s usage of these anti-tank missiles has shot up by 800% since Russia launched airstrikes in Syria.

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However, there are also some conflicting reports. According to the International Business Times, the said Russian helicopter had returned to its base “safely.” Earlier Tuesday, Turkish F-16 fighter jets downed a Russian Su-24 aircraft that violated its airspace. However, the Kremlin claimed the aircraft operated in Syrian airspace for the duration of the flight. A Turkish government official said the Russian jet was warned 10 times in five minutes about violating Turkish airspace.

NATO to hold extraordinary session

One of the two pilots that ejected from the doomed aircraft was found dead in Latakia, while Russian and Turkish helicopters were searching for the second one. A new report claims that the second pilot has also been found dead. This is precisely the kind of incident that international security experts had feared since Russia launched airstrikes in Syria to prop up the Bashar Al-Assad regime.

Turkey is a member of NATO, which said it was “closely” following the situation and was in touch with Turkish authorities. Ankara has requested NATO to hold an extraordinary session at 4:30 GMT. Russia described the incident as “very serious,” but said it was too early to draw conclusions. It was the first time in almost six decades that a NATO member has shot down a Soviet or Russian fighter aircraft.

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  1. The troll that comments anti Chinese and anti Russian.When America issues a draft hes the first to get a ticket out of the country lmfao

  2. lot of nations are part of NATO that do not means that usa sypporting them. In fact greece and turkey are both part of nato but usa support Turkey against Greece. The situation is more complicated that it seems to be..

  3. LOL. Your own post says that the U.S. has only lost anywhere from 40-70 helicopters IN COMBAT during more than 14 years of warfare, and now you huffing mad? You funny. And we’ve never won a war? The very first war we ever fought we defeated the greatest power in the world at that time. Tell that to the British, the Spanish, the Mexicans, the Germans, the Japanese, the Iraqis, the Serbians, the Afghans, or perhaps Osama bin Laden. Oh never mind, he’s dead. Those are just a few of the folks we’ve defeated over the years. And last I checked, South Korea was a vibrant, functioning democracy with a huge economy despite both North Korean and Chinese attempts to invade it, both of which were stopped by us. Meanwhile, Russian backed North Korea is quite the pit of oppression and despair. Good job there, Russia.

    Oh well, I’m sure the Kremlin will keep supplying you and all the other paid Russian trolls with more vodka as long as you keep posting crap like this. Have a nice day.

  4. Look dumbo…this is the last time I will reply to you. The US has lost 100s of helicopters and has been shot down countless times. No matter how you try, you can’t change THE FACTS!….LOL You try to claim that the US warmongering sorry military is something superior but it’s not. The US goes around the world starting illegal wars, leaving a mess, and now Russia has to come in and clean it up. You love war and you think that makes a country great, while the US is making the world more dangerous. Out of 237 years the US has been at war 222 of those years. You’ve NEVER won a war! And don’t come with WWII as that was an alliance of a number of countries including Mother Russia. So take a seat delusional one. Don’t waste your time replying, I don’t have the time to delusional brainwashed people!..GOOD BYE

  5. Most of those were accidents. I’m talking about hostile fire. And to lose only 3 to 5 choppers per year in combat in four wars is actually extremely low. Want to know how many aircraft Russia lost in Afghanistan alone? 333 helicopters and 118 jets, in eight years. The U.S. lost less than that to enemy action while fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Not to mention they lost 15,000 troops in Afghanistan in 8 years whereas we’ve lost 2000 in 14. We lost 4500 in Iraq. That means that we lost less troops in two major wars than Russia did in one. Russia crawled away from Afghanistan holding its teeth in its hands after eight years of fighting there. After 14 years, we’re still there, in spite of the fact that you love to say we lost the war. LOL. We didn’t lose anything. We’re still there, and will be for a long time. We’re still in Iraq too. Ten bucks says that in ten years Russia will be gone from Syria, and so will Assad. We, however, will still be in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  6. BWAHAHAA. you wrote that the US had lost very few helicopter. I just proved what a liar you are. 375 helicopters is not a few, you can try to twist the number all you want….!!!! Get your head out of the sand sucker!

  7. Turkey is part of NATO, by binding agreement, all NATO countries support them, and yes US is part of NATO. They are probably not happy with it though. Personally we shouldn’t be involved in any of that crap.

  8. Nope, sorry. Russia has been violating not only Turkey’s border but many other country’s borders for quite some time now. They are so arrogant and they rely entirely on their nuclear arsenal to make sure nobody calls them on it.

    Well, Turkey finally did. Serves Russia right.

  9. Do your math. 46 lost to hostile fire? We’ve been in Afghanistan since 2001. That’s 14 years ago, which means we’ve lost about 3 per year. These are in major conflicts too. Even if the figure was 70, well that’s about five per year. That’s really not that much, considering that we’ve fought four wars in that amount of time.

  10. Do your homework:
    129 helicopters and 24 fixed-wing aircraft have been reported by media to be lost in Iraq since the 2003 invasion till February 2009. 46 of these incidents have been attributed to hostile fire such as anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles. In March 2007, Brig. Gen. Stephen Mundt said that 130 helicopters had been lost in both Iraq and Afghanistan, about a third to hostile fire, and he was concerned that they were not being replaced fast enough. A more recent report published in “Aircraft Survivability” in Summer 2010 a total of 375 U.S. helicopters have been lost in Iraq and
    Afghanistan till 2009. 70 U.S. helicopters have been downed by hostile fire and the other 305 are classified as non-hostile and non-combat events. Unmanned aircraft of any type are not included in the list below.

    There’s more….LOL The US is losing as always.

  11. They were in Syria, no doubt about it. Turkish claims saying otherwise are, well, easily debunked. ’17 seconds’

    As for why, they are doing bombing runs, are they not? Flight paths are not always direct, and who knows where they were targeting.

  12. Take your head out of your ass and breathe normal. Russia was not spanked it was a backstab much like you can’t call what happened in NY on 9/11 spanking, it’s something you don’t expect. What Chihuahua Turkey did is act of war. Russia can level Turkey tomorrow if it wants to, but intelligence does not mix with showing your muscles. Russia will retaliate, it will find the perfect time for it. Putin been trained Russian Martial Arts called (Sambo) which teaches to avoid confrontation at all cost but be the best at it when the time comes to fight. Little that you know, go eat your thanksgiving turkey looser.

  13. Oh, and I see PutinWalk deleted my comment. Pretty much proves that this site is nothing but a Russian propaganda outlet. Oh well, how does it feel to get spanked Putin’s little slaves?

  14. In over twelve years of fighting the Taliban, Iraq, Al Queada and now ISIS, the U.S. has lost very few helicopters and virtually no aircraft. Let’s see how well Russia fares in 12 years. So far, not so good.

  15. Are you going to tell me that repeatedly violating not only turkey’s but also a number of other countries’ airspace is stretching out your hand to say hello? No. Russia has been acting with extreme arrogance and smarmy disrespect, and today they got spanked for it.

    Serves them right. Stay out of other people’s countries and show some respect.

  16. Turkey, US back “moderate” rebel force, Bangkok Bombing Suspect, Uighur, ISIS …. and so on.
    To me, they are all the same.

  17. Why hasnt anyone stopped and asked why the U.S destabilizes countries arms,supplies rebels that then turn terrorist and keep doing it time and time again?

  18. You make it seem so simple. Turkey is not only a NATO member…it’s been lobbying to join the European Union. At the same time, Turkey has had an unstable, erratic truce with its Kurds. The US has recently received new access to Turkish air bases near Syria. Almost in tandem with that “favor”, Turkey bombed some of the PKK forces, Turkish Kurd activists/rebels–and some Syrian Kurds as well…instead of ISIL.

    Back when the US established the no-fly zone over northern Iraq against Saddam Hussein, Turkey reacted to a PKK bombing by chasing those rebels to the Iraqi border. The US had to bargain with Turkey to keep access to Turkey’s air fields–and to keep Turkey’s tanks from invading Iraqi Kurd territory. Turkey’s anti-Kurd attitudes have had a role in the levels of US support for Iraqi Kurds until recently.

    Your points are true, but that’s only part of the mix of that regional religious-ethnic 3D chess game.

  19. The Free Syrian Army is not a terrorist source. It’s at war with ISIL–and Al Nusra. There are multiple factions at war with Assad. The Free Syrian Army was one of the original rebel groups. Assad is a dictator…lots of enemies–from many sides.

  20. Meh. Russia’s problem is that Turkey is a NATO member. Plus, if that Russian jet was over Turkey’s border, Russia has to swallow an “Oops!” Russia is not the USSR, not close. Turkey has the largest military in its region–with US and NATO backing. Today’s Russia is less formidable than a unified Europe–which ISiL has accomplished last week in Paris.

  21. If you stretch your hand to me to say hello but I instead punch you in the face knocking you down, will you call that a fight? I didn’t think so, this is exactly what have happened today. Russian SU-24 is no match to F16 and it wasn’t a fight, it was an attack from behind.

  22. so helicopter was shot by US terrorist supportive weapons … good job US! some more weapons to terrorists? tomorrow any deliveery?or day after as well? whole week? Turkey buying oil and you give weapons … nice deal. same time doing multicultural EU with milion of refugees … thanks a lot

  23. But US helicopters and planes get shot down as well. Just recently a US military plane crashed and killed all 11 on board in Afghanistan. Go take a seat please.

  24. Hey Idiot,

    Did you ask yourself what was the altitude of flying helicopter for a rescue mission?
    SU-24 is a bomber, but not a fighting plane.
    By posting more comments you only show how purblind you are. :)

  25. al len:Learn NATO agreements smart Yank.Point is if NATO member-Turkey-starts an agression first without real reason,NATO has no obligation to support this member.Again,if SU-24 did not break a border, NATO can rest.Get a picture,!d!ot?

  26. Nah just supporting Hezbollah and Assad a person and a terrorist group with 10x the amount of blood on there hands as ISIS. All those groups named need to be exterminated but its really cute how people act like Russia is fighting on the side of St. Nicolas and everyone else is a terrorist supporter something tells me Israelis don’t agree with Russia choice of bed fellows hell I don’t know which is worse to them Iran or Hezbollah.

  27. Turkey, the terrorist loving nations, is a member of NATO? Really? They fund and arm the Turkoman thugs in the area to create multiple cantons in Syria. The Turkoman thugs also collaborate with Nusra (Qaeda). The US is utterly stupid and Turkey is utterly backstabbing country.

  28. Angel
    Remember Vakuewalk is a Russian-Chinese propaganda site meant to twist things around. That Mi-28 went down, not safely back to its base.

  29. That’s a war zone & Russian think that their helicopter is a bullet or a missile proof! Even if they survive, I don’t think that their head or neck is a bullet or knives proof as well to be beheaded once they caught!

  30. So, next time Russia. Don’t even think nobody’s gonna take you down if you try assume you’re the king of the sky intruding someone else airspace. It is fitting that you learn where you fly your dumb planes looking for trouble.

  31. What do you know! A US made TOW manage to down Russia’s “mighty” Mi-28 Havoc! I thought this thing is a slick maneuverable piece of Soviet design equipment. Funny how an anti-tank TOW would bring one down! LoL Poor Russian pilots don’t know how to turn? I get it an SU-24 is no match to Turkish F-16s, but gees! An anti-tank TOW missile down an Mi-28 Chopper! LoL this is so amazing!

  32. Tony
    I know I’m helping you with your daily quota of 100 comments… LoL! Give my regards to your fellow trolls there in St. Petersburg Cyber Trolling Center! Rofl!

  33. Good grief this is becoming one big mess. No reason in 2015 of advance civilized technologies and brains we along with our joint super powers and civilized Nations like Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, etc. can’t each send together 300k troops a piece and create a multi million man army to go in Syria, cut off all communications from online to satellite, flush out these barbaric savages and destroy every single weapon found.

    This multi million man army is run and coordinated by each Nations leader and top generals at one single round table to over see it the mission. This army doesn’t pull out until this breeding ground of uncivil and barbaric mankind is leveled to ground 0, and then bring back the millions of refugees (mainly young men 18-40) and let them rebuild their land.

    One can cut off branches of a bad tree, but the tree will continue to regrow new ones. If you kill the roots of a bad tree, all of it dies and then replant a new one with protective guardianship so it doesn’t go bad again.

    It’s either that or the big bomb to put all of it at ground zero again and end it all together, but a multi million man army that is quiet doable and perfectible in 2015 would be a real forceful answer. In my opinion.

  34. Tony
    Russian pigs like you are greedy trolls pretending to be friend then stabs from the back. We know how you stole Crimea from your brothers-in-arms Ukrainian comrades. And you think we can trust you? We’re no fool not to see your covetous malice fuming from your nostrils troll! Stop pretending we don’t know you! LoL Stupid troll!

  35. So, first a Russian jet gets shot down by U.S. made F-16, and then a Russian helicopter gets blown up by a U.S. made TOW anti-tank missile. So this is the military that every Russian troll tells me has way better equipment than the U.S. military? This is the mighty Russian Bear?

  36. Not sure why you are so against Russia. The only thing I can think of is either you’re an ISIS memeber, or a NATO-ISIS supporter. Humm, Let’s see. Both? hahaha

  37. Tim Francis
    Drop the act troll! We know Putin is dropping bombs on Syrian rebels lol! Stop fooling around, we know what you’re doing in Syria. And learn your lessons well.

  38. Something tells me Russia has been waiting for it’s jets to be shot down. They have been skimming NATO airspace in europe and america for some time now. This is all very deliberate. Why was a Russian fighter so close to turkish airspace in the first place that the debate even needs to come up whether they were even still in syria…?

  39. WELL, I GUESS IT’S TIME FOR RUSSIA TO START USING ITS WEAPONS. We all know the U.S., NATO, and Turkey fully support ISIS, and all other insurgents that are against the Syrian president. I’m sure Russia will answer back with force. They are within all their rights. The Russian SU-24 is used for bombing ISIS and Turkish rebels. And Turkey who is against Syria knew this very well. SO RUSSIA, GO AHEAD- GO FULL FORCE!!!!

  40. Let’s start counting Russia’s loses… Too bad, now you know your forces ain’t so invincible and untouchable. Stupidity is really something.

  41. Putin, learn this and learn it well. NATO is not a pushover neighbor. You know that!

    Your playing luck crossing Turkish airspace is a big big mistake. Don’t try pretend we did not warn you! There are already stationed a squadron of US F-15Cs along Turkish borders because of your incursions, why wonder Turkey downed your plane. Stupid Putin and his arrogance.

  42. If Russia attacks Turkey you know what’s next for Moscow. NATO’s FIRST STRIKE PROTOCOL. Kill the bear while in hibernation. And Putin fully knows this US military option.

  43. You deserve this Putin… Your stupid arrogance cost you 224 civilians over Sinai, and now intruding someone else airspace after multiple warnings? You’re one dumb F–king idiot to play your luck on others! Now look, after wasting so much bombs and resources in Syria you will have to count your mounting loses after.

  44. Putin is not actually bombing ISIS. Why would Russian jets fly so close to Turkish airspace? Sadly Soviet junk SU-24 jet doesn’t have gadgets to tell where they are! Stupid Russians and their useless toys.

  45. Putin thought he is so tough and untouchable after showing off bombers and long range cruise missiles in Syria that nobody will stand to slap him in the face. For so many times Turkey has been reiterating warnings over and over of Russia’s incursion and close to border activities. Putin doesn’t listen, now learn from from your loses stupid Putin!.

  46. The Russians should impose a no fly zone over all of Syria that is
    not a Russian or Syrian plane, they were the only ones invited by Syria.
    Russia should back it up with anti-aircraft missiles systems, they
    should start using Neutron bombs on all terrorists, move Tactical
    Nuclear missiles into Syria, raise defense conditions to Defcon 3, bomb
    the Saudi Arabian Oil terminals, arm the PKK with advanced strategic
    weapons systems. Turkey along with the US are supporting ISIS, therefore
    the blood is on their hands. Putin will put down his foot and not let
    Assad fall period.

  47. The Russians should impose a no fly zone over all of Syria that is
    not a Russian or Syrian plane, they were the only ones invited by Syria.
    Russia should back it up with anti-aircraft missiles systems, they
    should start using Neutron bombs on all terrorists, move Tactical
    Nuclear missiles into Syria, raise defense conditions to Defcon 3, bomb
    the Saudi Arabian Oil terminals, arm the PKK with advanced strategic
    weapons systems. Turkey along with the US are supporting ISIS, therefore
    the blood is on their hands. Putin will put down his foot and not let
    Assad fall period.

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