Comparing: Nexus 6P vs. Nexus 5X Vs iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6s Plus

Comparing: Nexus 6P vs. Nexus 5X Vs iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6s Plus
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Who will emerge winner in the war of the mobiles

The announcement of Google’s new and best smartphones Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P within a few days after Apple’s release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has fueled a storm in the mobile world as to which of the four phones come out as the best.

Comparing Nexus 6P Vs Nexus 5X Vs iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 6s Plus

While iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus have been customized for use with Apple’s new iOS 9, Nexus phones bring out the best of the Marshmallow Android OS.  The display in Nexus 6Pis the biggest of the four phones, with iPhone 6s Plus coming a close second at 5.5 inches. The area where Nexus scores, is in its pixel count. The higher pixel count of the Nexus phones is a point of contention to note, as you get brighter and sharper images. But when it comes to performance Apple has the lead over the two with its A9 processor, which is the fastest in the market now. Loading apps or web pages is a breeze with the iPhones.

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The camera features in all four smartphones are equally good with the latest 4k video recording features. The retina flash in the iPhones is an added plus. And as for storage, which is what matters most, Nexus 6P offers the most space with 32 GB.

The Google Nexus phones with their lithium ion batteries promise a long, long battery life that leaves you free to talk, text, and browse as much as you want. But this has to be put to test to see for the actual longevity. Apple for its part has a battery that lasts for about 12 hours with browsing and 16 hours just in standby level.

When you compare all the four new phones on the block, taking into account the important specs, both Google and Apple seem to have settled for a tie at the outset. For an Android enthusiast, the Nexus 6P is certainly the best from the platform with the increased storage, better display and brand new operating system. But for those who have fallen under Apple’s spell, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will definitely satisfy their apple cravings, except perhaps for the minor glitches with the new iOS 9. If price is the deciding factor than Nexus phones hold the forte without doubt. But for those who are looking at Apple phones, the cost is ostensibly not the deciding factor.

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