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Windows 10 Expected To Be Finalized This Week

Microsoft could be planning to release the final version of Windows 10 to manufacturers this week. Indeed, the time must be near as the company is planning to push the latest version of its operating system out to the public on July 29.

Windows 10 coming soon

The Verge reports that its sources claim Microsoft plans to send the final version of Windows 10 to its PC partners sometime this week. Apparently there have already been some possible release-to-manufacturing candidates leaked online, although it’s unclear which one, if any of the leaked versions will be the final one.

According to The Verge, completing the release-to-manufacturing version of Windows has historically been a major milestone for Microsoft with each new version of the operating system. This time around, however, it’s more of a formality.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is looking to transform its operating system into more of a service, which company executives said basically means the operating system will be updated constantly and never be officially finished. This is why most tech-heads consider Windows 10 to be the final version of the operating system.

Is Windows 10 ready for release?

There have been signs that Microsoft is moving quickly with Windows 10, as apparently the company released three different versions of the OS to beta testers last week. Each of them reportedly had some minor improvements over the previous one. However, there are still concerns that Windows 10 may not be ready for the general public. Microsoft has been killing hundreds of bugs with each new version, but some still remain on some systems.

Even after the company finalizes Windows 10 and sends it off to its PC partners, it will continue working on fixes for bugs ahead of the July 29 release date. The release of the release-to-manufacturing version does mean, however, that any remaining bugs will be fixed very quickly.

Testers for Windows 10 will be the first to receive the final version of the OS. Then Microsoft will start gradually rolling it out to the general public. PC users who are running the latest version of Windows can register for a free upgrade so that their computer will automatically download Windows 10 on or shortly after the July 29 release date.