Galaxy Note 5 May Feature An Auto-Ejecting S Pen Stylus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is just a few months away from launch, and rumors are pouring in about the upcoming device. The Korean electronics giant traditionally refreshes its Galaxy Note line in September at the IFA event. Samsung has been awarded a new patent for auto-ejecting S Pen stylus that could be used in the Galaxy Note 5.

How does it work?

The patent was first spotted by Patently Mobile. It describes a device that pushes out the stylus on its own, rather than having the user to pull it out. It has a new locking mechanism to keep the stylus in place when not in use. An arm lock and a small motor work together to hold the stylus. Samsung uses electromagnets for the auto-ejection feature.

According to the patent filing, there will be a magnet in the S Pen and another inside the device. The magnets hold firmly when the S Pen is inside the device. Simply reversing the polarization on the magnets will automatically throw out the stylus. The auto-ejection mechanism will be software-based. The patent filing says that it can be achieved via a button press, swipe action or voice command. A gesture drawn on the display may also bring out the stylus.

Galaxy Note 5 to have an outstanding camera

The patent also describes a warning message that would let users know when the auto-eject system fails. Samsung has not officially confirmed whether the technology will appear in the Galaxy Note 5. If it does, it will be an exciting addition to the company’s flagship phablet.

Recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 will have an outstanding camera with an f/1.8 lens. It will have improved low-light shooting capabilities. The Note 5 has been codenamed Project Noble. It will reportedly feature a 2K or 4K Super AMOLED display and Samsung’s in-house Exynos 7422 chipset. The Exynos 7422 will be a revolutionary all-in-one processor that combines the RAM, CPU, GPU, storage and modem on a single chip.

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