Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Code-Named ‘Project Noble’

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Code-Named ‘Project Noble’
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With the Galaxy Note 5 due for release in 2015, some more interesting information has recently seeped out about this forthcoming device. According to a report recently published by SamMobile, Samsung has already given this phablet-sized device the codename of “Project Noble.” And the publication has also got its hands on a list of model numbers for the Galaxy Note 5 which will be applied to the device in different regions.

Galaxy Note 5 model numbers leaked

According to this information, the European model will feature SM-N920F, while SM-N920S and SM-N920K will be attributed to the Galaxy Note 5 released in Korea. Meanwhile, the SM-N920A and SM-N920 will be released for AT&T and Verizon Wireless, respectively.

This is fairly marginal information about this new Samsung release, but what it does confirm is the existence of the Galaxy Note 5 itself. Of course, analysts and market observers have expected a sequel to last year’s highly successful Galaxy Note 4 phablet, but it is still worthwhile and interesting to see this actually come to fruition.

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Galaxy S6 codes also emerge

Meanwhile, codes have also surfaced which appear to be related to the Galaxy S series. This flagship smartphone has only just released in 2015, but a stellar Galaxy S7 is predicted for 2016. The next year could be a particular significant one for the smartphone genre, with Apple followers now widely regarding the iPhone 7 as likely to release during the next calendar year.

The SM-G928 appears to be a variant of the Galaxy S6 (G920), but it is not yet clear how it will differ from the existing Galaxy S6, or indeed whether this is a flat or curved screen version of the smartphone. There are also a series of letters are distributed to these models which indicate regional and carrier versions, namely F for Europe, A and V for AT&T and Verizon, S and K for SK Telecom and KT.

This variant of the Galaxy S6 is currently codenamed Project Zen within Samsung. While it is easy to imagine that it is a full-blown sequel to the 2015 smartphone, it is also possible that it is some sort of variant on the existing theme. Rumors have abounded in recent months that Apple will release a much smaller version of the iPhone, possibly with a 4-inch screen, at some point, and Samsung may well respond to this directly.

Although Samsung has increasingly made its name with large devices – the Galaxy Note series indeed being the most notable among them – it could perceive that there is a gap in the marketplace for a smaller Samsung smartphone. So it is possible that this leaked code number is part of this plan, and that Samsung will consider releasing a more diminutive and compact version of the Galaxy S series at some point in the future.

The full list of codes which have appeared on the web is as follows:

Noble – SM-N920F EUR XX
Noble – SM-N920S KOR SKC
Noble – SM-N920K KOR KTC
Noble – SM-N920A NA ATT
Noble – SM-N920V NA VZW
Zen – SM-G928A NA ATT
Zen – SM-G928S KOR SKC
Zen – SM-G928F EUR XX
Zen – SM-G928V NA VZW

There is certainly no indication at this stage when we can expect either the Galaxy Note 5 or alternative Galaxy S device to be released. There will be much manoeuvring for position in the next 18 months, as both Samsung and Apple look to release upgrades of existing flagship devices, and build towards a revolutionary paradigm shift in the mobile marketplace in 2016.

Galaxy Note 5 critical for Samsung

After a challenging 12 months for the Korean electronics giant, the Galaxy Note 5 in particular will be a critical release for the corporation. Samsung has been forced to endure the ignominy of watching its major rival Apple significantly streak ahead at the apex of the mobile selling marketplace. And the recent news has underlined the extent to which this has been achieved.

The technology analysis organisation Gartner has recently reported that Apple is outselling Samsung in pure volume terms. This is little short of disastrous news for the Korean manufacturer, at least with regard to its desire and intention of overtaking Apple, as Samsung has always relied on selling relatively affordable devices to the East Asian marketplace, and other developing economies.

Apple has long since been more profitable than Samsung, but if it is also outselling the Galaxy range in pure volume turns then this is a serious situation for Samsung to address. As the Galaxy Note 4 was one of the most critically acclaimed mobile devices of 2014, it stands to reason that the sequel to this device will be an important one for the Korean company.

Samsung is still mobile powerhouse

While a lot has been written about the travails of the Samsung in the last 12 months, it is worth emphasizing that this remains an incredibly powerful company. The authoritative Interbrand survey still ranked Samsung as the seventh best global brand, while Forbes has it one place lower on the list in eighth. Forbes also rates Samsung as one of the top 10 most profitable corporations on the planet, and Samsung’s own figures indicate that its revenue was over $300 billion in 2014. This is not a company to waste any sympathy on!

But at Samsung will be looking for a strong critical and commercial response to its devices in 2015, it is predicted that the Galaxy Note 5 may be its most spec-packed release yet. Thus, we are likely to see such features in this phablet as quad HD resolution, inbuilt wireless charging as standard, and Samsung Pay and fingerprint sensor technology, proprietary Exynos chipsets, and impressive TouchWiz upgrades.

Samsung has downgraded its expectations of being able to compete directly with Apple somewhat in the last 12 months, but it still very much has an eye on this holy grail in the long-term. The first step on the road to this is a strong Galaxy Note 5 release, and we now know that this device is on the cards in the foreseeable future.

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