Galaxy S6 Edge Facing Supply Constraints

Galaxy S6 Edge Facing Supply Constraints
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Samsung’s marketing campaign will focus mostly on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Multiple leaks and reports over the past few weeks have confirmed that Samsung will launch two versions of its next flagship smartphone. One, the Galaxy S6, will have the standard display while another, the Galaxy S6 Edge, will feature dual-edge display. The Edge variant’s screen will be curved on both sides. Ahead of the phones’ official launch, sources from a European telecom carrier told Sebastian Anthony of Ars Technica that the Galaxy S6 Edge was suffering from yield issues.

Manufacturing issues affect Galaxy S6 Edge production

Ars Technica’s sources have seen both new devices in person. Telecom carriers were struggling to get enough stock of the Edge version. Sources told Anthony that low yields of the Galaxy S6 Edge may be an issue initially. But the company needs to resolve it before it affects consumers. Stocks of the curved display version are constrained due to manufacturing issues related to the curved screen.

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That’s a usual problem when a new technology is introduced on a mass scale. But it’s a bit surprising in this case because sources said that Samsung’s marketing campaign will focus mostly on the Galaxy S6 Edge. Even teasers from the U.S. telecom carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile show off the curved display variant.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to be launched at exorbitant prices

That’s in line with a report from IBN Live, which has learned from its sources that the Galaxy S6 will start selling in India in the second week of April. But sources did not mention anything about the Galaxy S6 Edge, indicating that it may arrive at a later date. Ars Technica reports that the S6 Edge accounts for only one-third of the total Galaxy S6 units being shipped by Samsung.

Sources added that the two devices will be launched at exorbitant price points. In Europe, the standard Galaxy S6 will cost €749 for 32GB model, €849 for 64GB and €949 for 128GB variant. For the Galaxy S6 Edge, add €100 to each of those figures. The South Korean company will unveil the phones at its Galaxy Unpacked event on March 1 in Barcelona.

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