Wozniak: Apple Inc. Should Take On Tesla Motors Inc In EVs

Wozniak: Apple Inc. Should Take On Tesla Motors Inc In EVs
By Nichollas Harrison [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Apple car debate continues, this time with Steve Wozniak expressing interest in seeing the company he co-founded duke it out with Tesla Motors in the EV space. He also said he won’t be buying one of the most expensive Apple Watch models.

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Wozniak a huge Tesla fan

Wozniak made the comments during an interview with Paul Smith of the Australian Financial Review. The Apple co-founder is known to be one of Tesla’s biggest fans, as he excitedly revealed some time ago that Tesla had delivered his Model S.

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Since receiving his Model S, Tesla has launched the P85D model, which has dual motors. Wozniak gave Tesla props for the car, calling it one of the best technological innovations he has ever purchased.

Apple should vie with Tesla in cars

He said it would be good for Apple to move into the car market because the company needs another segment that bears the potential for big sales, and the car industry could offer huge sales. Wozniak added that he’s not sure whether Apple is actually working on a car or if it is simply optimizing its CarPlay dashboard apps.

However, he pointed out that Apple seems to have been “hiring a lot of people who could really build a vehicle.” That, plus the opportunities that exist in self-driving cars and other automotive technology, would make the car industry a good fit for Apple, he believes.

Wozniak not much of an Apple Watch fan

Wozniak also said this week that he thinks the Apple Watch might not do very well, especially because it’s too expensive. He said he will buy one of the cheapest models because they are more about putting apps on the wrist rather than the prestige associated with buying one of the highest-end models or the “jewelry ones.”

The Apple co-founder said he will be keeping an eye on sales of the smartwatch to decide whether it’s worth a permanent place on his wrist. He said he had tried Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and other smartwatches but that after the novelty was gone, he got rid of them.

Another aspect of the Apple Watch Wozniak will be watching is app development. He said it is necessary for some app to come to the forefront and make the Apple Watch virtually a necessity. He has found Apple Pay to be useful and believes that with the Apple Watch, Apple Pay would work even better.

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  1. Consider this, look at the supercharger canopies.
    The full surface of the solar canopy isn’t enough to offset 100% of a supercharger peak electricity demand to charge a Model S, and that’s like at least 5x more surface than a model S would have.
    Even using state of the art solar panels, it would probably take 10 summer days with the car in perfect view of the sun to fully charge the battery.
    So no, its not a logical idea. Put the panels on the roof of your house and buy the Tesla energy storage solution.

    The issue isn’t that the solar panel would be limited to 10 or 20% capacity, the issue is it would charge too slowly for any practical usage.

  2. Could solar panel on your car charge you car while it is parked at work to full capacity so you can drive home? Or does it only charge the battery to 10 capacity?
    Seems a solar cell skin to your car to boost your car charge would be useful?
    Could your battery be divided so some cells are trickle charged by the sun and others not so you have a solar backup/spare

  3. I doubt that Apple will be duking it out with Tesla.
    Tesla, as a company, has chosen to build a product that serves no need and had a tiny potential market.
    It really can only be sold to rich kids willing to maintain multiple vehicles for different purposes or who never actually travel, and who want to look green, but are too ignorant to realise that Tesla’s vehicles simply aren’t green.

  4. Dwight competition. Apple will force Tesla [and others] to think out of the box and make better vehicles. Leaders in the Auto Industry claim Apple will fail and that Apple has no idea what it entails to build a new car. Sadly the Auto Industry doesn’t get it. Apple will design a few prototypes (just like the Iphone) test it for quality control. Then they will likely have a 3rd party company do the assembly.

  5. Because his relationship with Apple, he’ll get an Apple Watch for free. Regardng EV’s it’s a rumor Apple is working on one. Lets wait and see.

  6. Even if you cover 100% of a Tesla Model S with the higest efficiency solar panels available in the market, you wouldn’t be able to produce 10% of a Model S electricity consumption at 55 mph.
    Solar energy is way too low density even to power an normal EV at high noon in the summer.
    So since batteries are needed anyways, put your solar PV panels on your roof, and charge your car with solar electrons instead.

  7. Only way AAPL should do it would be an EV that was solar powered. The whole EV thing, as it is, is a shell game.
    Burn Natural Gas to create electricity to charge the car. All you did was trade natural gas for gas at the pump. It ain’t free folks.
    Tesla “should” be doing the same thing; especially since Elon owns Solar City.
    Forget all this driverless crap that will never fly. Or in Elon’s case a car that actually flies. sure; “when Pigs Fly”

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