iPhone 6S Mass Production Set To Begin In June

iPhone 6S Mass Production Set To Begin In June
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The rumor mill is abuzz with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 rumors. Some past reports claimed that the Cupertino company was planning to launch the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 both in 2015 to better compete with rivals that have upped the ante. But Apple is likely to stick to its annual upgrade cycle, bringing the 6S in September this year.

iPhone 6S to come with 2GB RAM

With the iPhone 6S, Apple is going to increase the RAM to 2GB to push the user experience and performance to a whole new level, according to the Taiwanese website TechNews. Now research firm IHS Technology’s China director Kevin King has learned from Apple’s supply chain that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will indeed arrive with 2GB RAM.

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Supply chain sources told King that Apple’s manufacturing partners are gearing up to start mass production of the next-gen iPhones in June. The new phones will be powered by Apple’s quad-core A9 processor. The timing suggests that the iPhone 6S will launch in September, a year after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus took the smartphone world by storm.

Apple asks suppliers to produce 230 million iPhone 6S units

Sources also told King that Apple has placed orders with suppliers for as many as 230 million units of the next-gen iPhones. The figure is presumably for the first full year of production. Another report from Apple Insider claimed earlier this month that the tech giant was exploring the possibility of including Apple SIM in the new iPhones, just like it did with the iPad Air 2. But such a move is likely to face resistance from telecom carriers.

The iPhone 6S will be available in a new rose gold color, besides the usual gold, space gray, and silver. It will look similar to the rose gold version of Apple Watch. Further, recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 6S will borrow the Force Touch technology from the Apple Watch. Force Touch can intelligently detect between a hard press and a soft tap, allowing users to interact with the device easily.

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