62-Bagger and Counting: An E-commerce Business That Actually Makes MONEY But Almost Didn’t by Fundoo Professor

H/T Value Investing World

Here is a teaching note I prepared for my students before tomorrow’s guest lecture by Sunil Agrawal, CEO of Vaibhav Global Limited in my class at MDI.

Disclosure: I own shares in VGL. This note is not a recommendation to buy VGL’s shares. Rather, it’s a document I have written to help you understand what I liked about VGL. To be sure, there are many things to not like about VGL. There isn’t enough time to list them all. In any case, you should assume that I am biased and I could be wrong. I have been wrong many times in the past.

Vaibhav Global 62-bagger

See full teaching note on 62-Bagger and counting below.