The Jason Zweig Special: The Intelligent Investor Weekend Read

The Jason Zweig Special: The Intelligent Investor Weekend Read
The Intelligent Investor wtih Zweig’s Commentary

The Jason Zweig Special: The Intelligent Investor Weekend Read by Jae Jun, Old School Value

One of the very first investment writers I came across was Jason Zweig.

Graham and Buffett are obviously number 1 and 2, but I think Zweig ranks #3 for me.

And that’s funny because many people don’t recognize his name, and yet, he is probably in the list of the first 10 investment writers they’ve come across too.

Jim Chanos Unveils Lastest Short As Fund Manager Bets On Further Market Declines

Data 1639507577Jim Chanos has a new short target in his sights. Earlier this week, the hedge fund manager disclosed that he is betting against "legacy" data centers that face growing competition from the trio of technology giants, which have previously been their biggest customers. The fund manager, who is best known for his winning bet against Read More


If the first book you read on investing was one of the newer editions of The Intelligent Investor, you’ve likely read the one with Zweig’s commentary.

In fact, it was Zweig’s commentary and notes that helped me get through the book the first time.

Otherwise, I would have ditched it after a few chapters as it was just so dry and difficult to understand for a first timer.

It was better than any sleeping pill for me.

Unlike many writers on the internet, Zweig is clearly at the top of the class. He has been at it for a long time and his column for the WSJ titled The

Intelligent Investor is one of the best financial columns you can read.

Add Zweig to your weekly reading list.

If you don’t have a subscription to the WSJ, here are some articles for you that I picked out from his site.

How To Use The News And Tune Out The Noise- By Jason Zweig

The best pieces of writing are the ones you read 5 or 10 years later and yet it sounds as if it was written yesterday.

When we watch the market, much of what seems like news turns out to be nothing more than noise. A year ago the press was nearly unanimous in declaring Southeast Asia to be one of the world’s best long-term investments; next, when the Asian Tiger markets collapsed last fall, you were advised to bail out; then, when those markets bounced up early this year, the coverage waxed bullish again; and now, with Asia in retreat, the news is back to bearish. Trying to follow all this is enough to give you whiplash–and to distract you from the key question: If Asia was a good long-term investment a year ago, isn’t it an even better value today at half the price?

The Best Investor You’ve Never Heard Of

A short piece.

Seriously, you won’t know who it is.

If You Think the Worst Is Over, Take Benjamin Grahams Advice

Who knows where the market is headed in the next year, but you can always look back and be aware of what advice you need to heed.

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