World War 3 Talk Again: Ukraine Attacks Russian Convoy

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CNBC is reporting that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told British Prime Minister that their military had destroyed a “significant” of a Russian convoy overnight. He said the armored convoy crossed into Ukraine. A spokesperson for the Ukrainian military said they had tracked the Russian armored convoy as soon as it had crossed into their country. The spokesperson said they took “appropriate actions.”

Journalists from The Guardian and the Telegraph said the convoy Ukraine attacked was clearly made up of military machines. They said they saw at least 23 military vehicles, including armored personal carriers, fuel trucks and a number of other logistics vehicles that were marked with Russian military plates. They said the convoy passed through a break in the border fence and into Ukraine.

Russia accuses Ukraine of trying to keep it from providing humanitarian aid to the eastern part of Ukraine. Moscow demanded a ceasefire there so that it could deliver humanitarian supplies. Russia added that it had previously agreed with Ukraine about the path its aid convoys would take through Ukraine. Russia also said its foreign minister is still taking with Kiev about the humanitarian aid missions.


A spokesperson for the Ukrainian military confirmed that they have destroyed party of the Russian convoy they attacked today. A spokesperson for Russia’s foreign ministry confirmed that the Ukrainian military engaged its convoy, according to CNBC. The spokesperson said Ukraine is attacking to halt humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the convoy that was attacked was the one carrying humanitarian aid shipments or one that was armored, although Ukraine claims the convoy was armored.

Stock markets react to World War 3 worries

All stock markets are slumping as investors worry about World War 3. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite both suddenly shot downward after the news. Bond yields and gold prices both slumped, and on Forex Factory, investors are reporting that they’re long on yen and short on the dollar.


Talk of World War 3 will undoubtedly surface again as there’s more news of violence out of the Ukraine crisis. Today Ukrainian officials said they attacked an armed Russian convoy. That’s according to Adriy Lysenko, a spokesperson for the National Security and Defense Council.

Stock markets have begun to slump on the news, with Market Vectors Russia ETF (NYSE:RSX) turning negative, reports Street Insider.

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