Windows 9 Will Bring Back The Start Menu

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Windows 9 is scheduled to be released next April, and unfortunately for Windows 8 users, they won’t see the return of the much-loved Start menu until then. reports that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) vice president Terry Myerson showed off the new menu at the company’s Build conference. He said it won’t be the same as the one in Vista or Windows 7, although it will feature the same functionalities.

Users hope for improvements in Windows 9

The biggest complaint Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has received for Windows 8 was the elimination of the Start menu. People were so used to seeing it that most became confused about how to use the operating system without the menu. Microsoft has since been rolling out updated versions of Windows 8, but none of those updates will bring back the Start menu.

Windows 9 will also include some of the Metro interface, which is what Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) replaced the version with the Start menu with. Myerson said they will be including some of users’ Live Tiles in the right-hand pane featured on Windows 8. Those tiles will stream live updates just as they do on the Windows 8 start screen.

Microsoft never planned to bring back Start menu early

According to, some insiders at Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) thought the plan was to bring back the Start menu with the second update for Windows 8.1. However, sources reportedly told the website that it was always planned to bring the menu back for Windows 9 and not before. The site also said it is considered to be what’s called a “Threshold deliverable,” which basically means that it’s being held for the next big Windows release, a.k.a., Windows 9.

The next major upgrade will also feature the capability for Metro apps to be run in a windowed model. Until then, however, those apps will have to continue being run in full screen. However Windows 9 will make it easier for users to use Desktop mode all the time without ever going to the Metro layout, even for apps that are only available through the Windows Store.

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