Windows 9 Will Put Microsoft Back On Track

Windows 9 Will Put Microsoft Back On Track
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Windows 9 is unlikely to hit the markets before second quarter of 2015. Leaked internal documents suggest that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will release the preview version of Windows 9 in the second or third quarter of 2015. In the post-PC era, Android, iPhones, iPads are flooding the market while the Redmond-based company is struggling to gain a foothold despite its dominance in the PC market.

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Microsoft can’t afford to gamble with Windows 9

A big questions is whether Windows 9 can rejuvenate the Windows platform in a post-PC world. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet believes that it can. Windows 8 was undoubtedly a failure. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) fixed a lot of things with 8.1, and improved the platform for non-touch devices. But the problem was that the reputation of Windows 8 was tarnished, and no amount of updating or tweaking could change it.

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Fortunately, Windows 9 is under development. Adrian says that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will build this OS based on what it has learned about people’s expectations from Windows platform in the post-PC era. That will help the software giant deliver a platform that is fit for the traditional keyboard and mouse as well as touch. At this juncture, Microsoft can’t afford to gamble with Windows 9 like it did with Windows 8. The company will have to build Windows 9 keeping in mind what users want rather than what will further its post-PC plans.

Windows 9 will be closer to Windows 7 in look and feel

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes believes that Windows 9 will be closer to Windows 7 in look and feel than Windows 8. Until touch becomes ubiquitous on the desktop and notebook, keyboard and mouse users should remain the top priority of Windows. Leaked internal documents earlier this month revealed that Windows 9 is currently in alpha stage. It will bring unified user experience, changes to Metro interface, OneDrive, cloud services, and enhanced Windows activation. The new OS will also have Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Cortana personal assistant.

Windows 9 preview release is expected in Q2 or Q3 of 2015, that means any time between April and September next year. So, the consumer version may possibly be launched by Christmas 2015.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) shares were little changed at $40.32 in pre-market trading Friday.

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  1. Frankly, those who don’t want to upgrade their OS, or get a new PC, should go the tablet route. Both Android-based or IOS-based tablets can do most anything a casual user needs. They will also be more cost effective. IMHO, the Nexus tablets are the best, and always get the Android updates quickest.

    A note on Windows 8.1. I would caution the folks on these boards to actually sample before you automatically decry the program. There is so much misinformation going around about Win8, that it is not wise at all to listen to biased nonsense on the internet. I also cannot understand that most people don’t know about programs like Start8, that cost very little, like very little and make the Windows 8 desktop into a more familiar Windows 7 interface. I did this and really like it. The program is fast and stable.

  2. Yes, you need a brand new desktop computer, I could help you out.
    Are you looking forward to Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux or Windows 8.1?
    Since you do not want a touch computer, which desktop are you looking forward to? Non-touch AIO desktop, Basic desktop computer, high quality desktop computer at affordable price, lightning fast & powerful desktop computer, or faster and stronger gaming system?
    Which computer maker do you prefer? Acer? Asus? Dell? Gateway? HP? Lenovo? Samsung? Toshiba?

  3. Macs are not crap, and are used by real businesses. Hollywood studios use Macs for special effects. Every major sound studio / technician uses Macs for making music, movie sound effects, etc. Banks, intelligence agencies, police departments, hospitals, etc, use Macs for a variety of tasks. Real estate agencies, major Corporations, major airlines, etc, even use iPads.

  4. What you use is very worthless to someone that needs a real computer… I can see where the crap is alright … and I read it above

  5. I use different versions of Windows, Ubuntu, and OSX. It took a whopping 15 minutes to get used to Windows 8. I prefer the Metro interface more than all others I use and it has proven to be more efficient. Shortcut keys FTW. Just use the legacy desktop if Metro isn’t your slice of pie. Gee, that was easy………

  6. They should make a live dvd based os sample to try the new OS before we install it just to see if its a usable os for everyday user. Good Luck Microsoft windows 9.

  7. god I hate to say this, but guys… were getting old… with that said, Microsoft isn’t looking to please us old people, but the younger generation. I got to just face it, My son lives off this “metro” interface crap and I hate it. every time I walk into his room, He always launch everything from the metro screen, (btw, he is 7 yrs old). Unfortunately for us, seems we old people are getting moved out the way (I’m 28 btw).

  8. My company just upgraded from XP and I don’t see them upgrading again for say…. another 12 years, or when Microsoft gets tired of patching a legacy OS and wants to make a few billion extra by force feeding what the think tank comes up with. All while the techs design and implement using Linux while laughing at the users and the think tech execs.

    When Windows Vista came out, we all knew it was a sham to make money. Even MS admitted that they released it too soon and we called it “Windows Fixta”. With 7, they made the corrections and I felt as though Vista was a beta-test and 7 was the actual OS.

    Who actually believes that MS is going to completely change things to create a new OS for Win 9? This will be another patch job, people will refer to Win 8, 8.1 as a beta, and MS will charge full price for the upgrade. MS will continue to laugh once again, all the way to the bank. I’m thinking Mac may be the way to go from now on… unless I get hired on at MS and then I’ll probably be using it anyway.

  9. Actually I did some research recently about a startup app that seems to run a large amount of cpu at times. I can’t remember the name of it, but if you look at your task manager, I’m pretty sure you will see the culprit slowing down your pc. Once you find it, research it and the fix. Don’t choose the first one and make sure it is a legitimate site. Hope this helps.

  10. Windows 9 will put Microsoft back on back track only if Microsoft starts to listen to its users and heed what they say. You want an abject lesson in not listening? Read current feedback from Firefox users on how much they dislike version 29. Something’s afoot here and there are lessons to be learned. There are other such examples and most of them deal with companies who were inflexible and lost their market. Nokia comes to mind as does Blackberry.

    So Windows 9 is effectively going to be a Windows 7 emulator. How ludicrous is that? There may well be better tech under the Windows 8/8.1/9 hood, but the vast majority of PC users just don’t care. If you think that’s not correct look at current comments on the continued use of Windows XP. Also look at the XP “updates fix” and the PosReady OS. Oh yeah, Windows users are just clamoring for a new and better OS. I’ll just keep the original Windows 7 and pass on slipping on that new Windows 9 coat of paint. Windows 8/8.1 was never even a consideration.

    The real truth is Microsoft is in panic mode after Windows 8 caused a huge worldwide slump in PC sales in 2013. And they’ve effective lost the mobile and tablet markets. Oh yeah, they have the products but sales for both are now, and have been, in the ditch. Microsoft is a company run by old minds in old suits making old decisions about “new and improved” products they can’t sell.

    But, on a brighter note, they got shed of Monkey Boy.

  11. What I use is not worthless, or crap…as evidenced by the fact that they are profiting, while MS has lost billions on it’s failed Windows 8 crap. The Slate 1 lost $950 million. The Slate 2 has lost $1.2 billion….so far. Added to the Vista losses, and the soon to be humungous losses of Windows 9 when it arrives, and you can easily see where the crap is. It is in MS.

  12. 8 is great and why upgrade to 9 when/if it is the same as 7? With windows 7 and 8 who needs a 9 lol..I don’t see what MS can add to 9 to make it a must have upgrade so soon after 7 and especially 8…it’s not like the PC is going to dramatically evolve over the next year. The PC isn’t really dead, it is just being re-purposed. The media can’t get anything right anymore.. sensationalism all the time.

  13. I run nearly the same thing you do. I have no speed problems with Windows 8.1. I’m not advocating Win 8.1, it does suck sometimes and I have certainly thought about going back to Win 7, I’m just saying maybe check to see if you have any programs or services running that are bogging down your system. I shut nearly everything off. … I have 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon 7700, AMD FX-8120 CPU running on a decent Gigabyte mobo.

  14. MS is yesterdays news. My 76 yo father dumped the MS headache for Linux 6 months ago. He hasn’t turned back! NO more bump, bang, boo ho blue screen in the middle of the night anymore for him either!

    The smartest thing MScould have ever done was embrace Linux. They are an OS company, but
    good ‘ole Billy rode it out for as long as he could. Now they make more money on Android royalties than on MS Windows…or so I read earlier this week.

  15. I do need a new computer. Mine is now 7 years old, meaning it’s time for the Farm. My “senior” computer is a desktop. I shall replace it with a desktop. I have no use for laptop, tablet, phone or any other of those gimmicks only created and promoted in the mind of bobos to generate income for the dictatorial mercantile sharks. I can wait to get home to use my computer. My rump is not burning. I do not want a touch screen. I do not need a touch screen. I use my desktop while eating BBQ ribs, just imagine a touch screen after my lunch, and then NOBODY is going to shove anything down my throat and tell me what to use. Worse comes to worse, I’ll buy a barebone machine and run a Linux system. Hasta la Vista Microsoft.

  16. The old fear of change argument? How do you know? I’ve been in the computer biz since the early 1980s and I’ve done more change than you ever will. Don’t confuse someone disliking a stupid interface for not liking change. Can you get it through your Microsoft fanboi skull that Win 8 is an epic failure?

  17. Win 9 will also fail if Metro or anything like it is its centerpiece and the article says only that there will be changes to the interface. NO! Get rid of it and OneDrive too! Put it on tablets and phones but keep it off my machine, and I mean OFF and not something I have to change to be able to work. If Microsoft keeps forgetting that there are people who need to WORK on their computers and not just play internet games with stupid apps, that will signal that they are abandoning the market in favor of casual users. This article seems like Microsoft fanboi propaganda, like the writers who keep telling us we don’t like Win 8 because we don’t like change. Those morons have no way of knowing about anything I like or don’t like. I’ve been in the computer biz since the early 1980s and I’ve seen and done more change than these fanbois will ever willingly accomplish.

  18. Hey Microsoft! A hint from a businessman… Lower the price. If the common person can not afford the software they will not buy it. Which is better selling ONE unit at $200 or sell 5 units at $100? Think about it.

  19. LOL I like this guy writer writing “post-PC”. HA! So funny.

    What is he proud of his measly Apple or Android device that cannot perform quarter as good as a Gaming Rig would? Haha. Oh well~ that’s why there are smart devices, they’re for stupid people like that author of this article:

    Vikas Shukla

  20. and yet there will still be people running on windows xp due to their fear of change. Wake up grandpa this is 2014 computers no longer take up the entire basement, get with the times.

  21. It is simply amazing how many REALLY bad decisions MS has made in the past 5 years. Windows 8, XBox 1, licensing and porting MS Office to the iPad…. The bad decisions just keep coming….. Now, they are back tracking on Windows 8 and releasing Windows 9, which will simply change the GUI and pretty much keep everything else. If it wasnt for backend MS products, MS would be in SERIOUS trouble….

  22. A few days ago at a local Microcenter (in Cambridge, MA) I’ve tried both Windows 8.1 on a few laptops and then went to Apple section and tried OS X on Mac Air (13 inch). I’ve never tried either before, used NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and a bit of Unix-like systems (Linux and Solaris).

    So, Windows 8.1: looks like something entirely new, you have to spend some time learning. Using touch screen on laptop is a real pain in a butt. I wasn’t able to get anywhere and left rather frustrated.

    And then OS X: starting Safari was simple Using “gestures” on a pad was something new to me, but after few tries it all came out very naturally. In fact I was rather surprised how simple and intuitive the OS X GUI was.

    Oh, well, I guess I’m gonna wait for another year to see what’s going on with Windows 9, and if Microsoft continues force feed Metro, I know where I’m going. I was a bit concerned with a lack of free/openware for Mac, but seems like ther’s quite a few of them available at this point, and the fact that the guts of OS X are POSIX-compliant means you only need to recompile Unix apps (or use already recompliled stuff like FInk), don’t need antying like Cygwin.

  23. Rather than get on the “Windows new release will fix everything” band wagon, I will go Mac in the future. At least I won’t be expected to learn another GOOEY interface for every release.

  24. I don’t know why, but I’m not sure I am ready for another Windows disaster… so please… please… make this one good. Alternatives are popping up here and there, Mac OS always been there, Android coming on… Chrome. I think this next time, people WILL make a switch.

  25. Good. I bought windows 8 for my current rig and really regret it. This version is NOT meant for gaming of any sort. They need to give me Windows 9 for free for all the crap this system puts me through. At 16 gigs of ram, 2 tb hd and geforce 770, it should NOT run this slow. And yes, I’ve checked, there’s no reason for it. I blame windows.

  26. In your “article” I counted four references to the expression ‘post-PC world’. That is a very inaccurate summation of many factors. First has there been a decline in the number of new desktops being sold? Yes there has been. That leads some pundits to declare that the desktop is dead. Strange that they never consider that those desktops are still doing quite well. There has not been the counter-balancing software that requires more powerful machines to be made. Those old machines seem to be able to keep pace quite well. Until that is no longer the case those new machines will not be sold. Only the trickle required to replace failed systems will be sold. Next time you decide you want to use the incorrect term “post-PC world” pause a second and remember that an awful lot of machines are still running XP on hardware that is not capable of running Windows 7 or 8 or 9. Until there is a real perceived need to upgrade all that hardware you will never see an increase in desktop sales. When that need does happen I will bet you that they will not replace those systems with a tablet. Until then please do not assume that we are going to buy into your expertise.

  27. Too little, and way too late, Mofos. I have gone to Chromebooks for internet surfing, emailing, etc, and Macs for Production work. Windows Xy.z, and all things MS, are dead to me.

  28. I hate these speculation c rap articles , no one has any credible information , but all they have is some hunch and c rap , I hate this kind of journalism !!

  29. They better make sure they include a Windows 7 to 9 upgrade option and with a normal upgrade and a decent price. Knowing Microsoft past, they probably will forget that very very important step and completely bungle the W9 release.

  30. All they have to do is to make 2 versions of Windows. But Microsoft wants to have complete control of how they want you to use your computer. It would be nice if they let you determine how to use your own computer.

  31. Microsoft thought that unifying touch and desktop operating systems would save them the huge cost of having to develop 2 different operating systems. In the end they have lost waaaaaay more money than they would have. THE METRO INTERFACE IS TERRIBLE!
    Windows 8 will go down in history as the worst Microsoft flop. Tablets have their place but they will never out perform the standard laptop platform for everyday production. I have both an Ipad and a samsung tablet and I still mostly use my handy Dell laptop.

  32. Until the arrogant jerks at Microsoft learn to listen to every one of their users feedback and address our demands in a compromising way, I predict nothing but many of these companies making more flobs or going belly up. How am i as a developer going to use Touch on my desktop at work? I find many touch sensitive devices very annoying to use, they’re fine and perfect for tablets and smart phones but I want real legit professional desktop and none of these kiddy stuff.

  33. What’s this obsession with “unified experience”?! It SHOULD NOT be unified! Mouse and keyboard users should not have to jump through the hoops that touch users have to. “Hover corners”?! “Charms bar”?! Why is moving my mouse all over my fing desk better than doing everything I need in a start menu?

    The mistake is a “post pc” mentality. Get it through your skull m$, most of your users are NOT post pc…. We’re ON pcs. Don’t give us another reason to really start looking at Linux alternatives….

  34. Autocad, Cakewalk, Acid Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe and Office are only a fraction of the programs that do NOT need touchscreen and work MUCH better in a desktop situation. My tablet and phone should be the only things with smudges on the display, certainly not my monitor. XP and 7 were fine, stop trying to reinvent the wheel and certainly don’t try to emulate anything like the annoying Apple OS’s.

  35. I really don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t accept that Metro is basically a flop….
    I have had my Windows 8.1 tablet since December 2013, and have never used a Metro app. I did look at the App store a few times but found nothing I wanted that couldn’t be done better by a desktop program…
    So my tablet boots to the plain lame windows 8 desktop, and I have no use for Metro…
    My main PC is still running Windows 7 and it’s never going to windows 8….

  36. To be completely honest with you, since the release of the new Google Chrome where it shows your most popular pages visited in your new tab, and the recently closed tabs feature was removed from the new tab page, I have only been able to find ONE extension for Chrome, and that’s a metro looking extension for the new tab page that has recently closed and some things like Facebook or Netflix so they don’t clutter my bookmarks. I don’t have Windows 8, I have 7. So I’m not aware of the issues people may have with metro. If Windows 9 is like metro or like 7, I’ll be fine either way.

  37. No Metro. Dear sweet baby Jesus, NO METRO. I don’t know how many times people have to say this, but nobody wants Metro. This isn’t like Windows Vista to Windows 7, this is like, “Maybe I should buy Mac OS because at least they’ll let me access my programs easily from a desktop space.” I don’t want a mobile OS working for my computer, I actually WORK with my computer. If all I did was browse Facebook and play WoW, sure, give me a simple interface…but I’m not! Allow me to set up the computer so it’s specific to me as an individual so I can say that I want it to give me all the options it possibly can. I believe “mr_z0123” said it best.

    “Also the windows 7 paradigm of easily getting to administrative applications through the control panel, and other applications through the start button is appealing as compared to putting all the applications on the screen via tiles and having to sift through these to find the intended application. The tiles dont resemble the application very well and there are lots of them making it hard to find the tile that launches your apps. With W7 it is a piece of cake to do that.”

    You’re wasting screen space, and it’s convoluted and distracting to the user. I’m certain you aren’t making money on people building their own machines and getting someone to help them put a pirated copy of Windows 7 on their machine.

  38. Dear Microsoft.

    Please note that desktop PCs comes with a large high resolution screen with keyboard and mouse as their primary input devices. So please do not port the OS that is designed to run on a 2×4 inch display with left and right thumb as the main input devices to the PC.

    Secondly please note that the screen sits vertically on my desk, at arms length behind the keyboard and not in the palm of my hand. So please do not insist that I should interoperate with a touch screen to use your OS. I prefer not to smudge the screen, and prefer not to move my hands away from the keyboard and mouse.

    Also the windows 7 paradigm of easily getting to administrative applications through the control panel, and other applications through the start button is appealing as compared to putting all the applications on the screen via tiles and having to sift through these to find the intended application. The tiles dont resemble the application very well and there are lots of them making it hard to find the tile that launches your apps. With W7 it is a piece of cake to do that.

    If you generally disagree with me, that’s ok, please make it easy for me to use Ubuntu on a PC with windows installed, and if you would, port word, excel, outlook to Ubuntu.

    Many thanks.


  39. This is the most important issue for Windows 9, above everything else. Upgrading to Windows 9 must be incredibly easy for anyone on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, etc. It must happen quickly, it must happen without losing desktop apps or settings, it must happen reliably and safely… and it must be VERY inexpensive.

  40. Windows 9 will be just a corrected version of Windows 8. it will just be lipstick on a pig.

    They did the same thing before. Windows 7 was just a corrected version of Vista.

  41. Note to Microsoft: Please make it easy to upgrade from 7 to 9. Because now it’s impossible to upgrade from 7 to 8.1 without losing installed applications. You have to first upgrade to 8 and then to 8.1 to keep applications, which is ridiculous.

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