David Winters Videos On Value Investing: ‘Part II’

David Winters Videos On Value Investing: ‘Part II’
Image source: Wintergreen Funds

David Winters of Wintergreen Advisers is posting a lot of great videos on their youtube account (and best of all no ads on them). For your convenience we are posting them in a few series of articles (if we did one would load too slowly). See some earlier videos here. Below is ‘part II’, see parts I and III here.

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Can I get rich by buying stocks on my own?

Wintergreen Advisers CEO David Winters says “trading your way to wealth is an illusion,” and believes everyone should save their money and make investments that make sense.

London Value Investor Conference 2022: Chris Hohn On Making Money And Saving The World

business activist 1653311320Chris Hohn the founder and manager of TCI Fund Management was the star speaker at this year's London Value Investor Conference, which took place on May 19th. The investor has earned himself a reputation for being one of the world's most successful hedge fund managers over the past few decades. TCI, which stands for The Read More

What is risk?

Value investor David Winters discusses risk – the potential that you can lose your capital. He believes you should never make an investment that you are going to worry about and that all investments have fluctuations.

What is the advantage of investing in an actively managed mutual funds

Wintergreen Advisers CEO David Winters explains the advantages of investing in an actively managed fund, versus investing in an ETF that is tracking an index.

Why didn’t you start a hedge fund?

Value investor David Winters discusses why he prefers the transparency of the mutual fund structure over a hedge fund.

What lessons can be learned from market crashes?

Global value investor David Winters describes the lessons he learned from the market crises in 1999 and 2008, including the importance of being patient and thinking independently.

How do you find good businesses around the world?

Global value investor David Winters explains how to find good businesses – by reading a lot and being patient, following the Wintergreen Trifecta, and traveling.

Is investing in mutual funds the secret to creating long-term sustainable wealth?

Wintergreen Advisers CEO David Winters discusses how investing in a global value mutual fund is a way to create long-term sustainable wealth.

How does a well-selected portfolio protect my investments?

Value Investor David Winters discusses how a well-selected portfolio can help protect against market downturns – by investing in companies that generate free cash flow, management that is working for shareholders, and companies that are not speculative.

Can I get sound financial advice by watching TV?

Global value investor David Winters explains why relying on TV for investing advice is not a good idea.

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