David Winters Videos On Value Investing: ‘Part III’

David Winters Videos On Value Investing: ‘Part III’
Image source: Wintergreen Funds

David Winters of Wintergreen Advisers is posting a lot of great videos on their youtube account (and best of all no ads on them). For your convenience we are posting them in a few series of articles (if we did one would load too slowly). See some earlier videos here. Below is ‘part III’, see parts I and II here.

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How can I tell if a portfolio manager is looking out for their shareholders?

Wintergreen Advisers CEO David Winters says the best way to know if a portfolio manager is aligned with their shareholders is if they have a material amount of their own money invested in their fund.

What is the advantage of investing in a global value mutual fund?

Value investor David Winters explains the advantages of investing in a global value mutual fund – they are professionally managed, not speculative, and have the ability to be long-term holders of securities.

London Value Investor Conference: Joel Greenblatt On Value Investing In 2022

The first London Value Investor Conference was held in April 2012 and it has since grown to become the largest gathering of Value Investors in Europe, bringing together some of the best investors every year. At this year’s conference, held on May 19th, Simon Brewer, the former CIO of Morgan Stanley and Senior Adviser to Read More

What is your main objective at Wintergreen Advisers?

Global value investor David Winters talks about his objectives at Wintergreen Advisers – how he looks for investments that should do well not matter what happens in the world, and how he prefers companies that generate lots of free cash flow in multiple currencies.

What is global value investing?

David Winters describes what global value investing means.

What is diversification?

Value investor David Winters discusses the importance of investing in a variety of securities that are not in the same pool, and explains why companies like Jardine Matheson make attractive investments.

When should I start investing?

Value investor David Winters believes everyone should always be thinking about saving some money and making wise investments.

Does frenetic trading lead to higher returns?

Global value investor David Winters discusses why he thinks patience and less turnover often leads to better returns.

How important is patience to a global value investor?

Global value investor David Winters explains the importance of patience, doing your work, and waiting things out, as keys for successful investing.

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