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How To Get Twitter’s New Profile Look Without Waiting

The much-awaited Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s new look is now live, and if you’re one who uses Twitter.com’s web app instead of TweetDeck or a similar app, then you might have noticed the new profile look on many Twitter accounts. This new look is technically rolling out slowly for all users, but if you’re an impatient one and want to get this new look right now then there’s something that you can definitely do about it.

Twitter’s new redesign looks very similar to the photo-centric layout of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google+. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) now comes with a media centric look and a fresh new layout. The company has previously announced this new design on the Today Show and it slowly began to roll out the changes starting from April 8th. New users of Twitter were given immediate access to the new look, and such users don’t need to wait for it, unlike old users.

How to get new Twitter profile layout

So if you don’t want to wait for this new layout, then you can skip the line and get early access to it by visiting this link. Once there, click on the “Get it now” button as highlighted in the screenshot below.

You’ll now be able to see the new look. Click on the “Turn it on!” button from the top.


The new look features a cool three-column layout, big cover photo (inspired by Facebook, perhaps) and overlapping profile photos. You can also pin one of your tweets to the top of your profile page. The “trending” section has moved to the right sidebar. When viewing someone’s profile, you can filter it down to tweets/replies, tweets with photos or just tweets.

While the new design might look a much needed change, not everyone will be happy to see it. Many users don’t like changes, but in the end it is not the users like you and me decide what’s going to happen. Ultimately these social networks do find a way to add something new and fresh, and we have to silently accept these changes.