iPhone 6 Screen Probably Not Leaked

iPhone 6 Screen Probably Not Leaked
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The iPhone 6 continues to be a focal point for the technology world, with some rumors becoming generally expected and others remaining mere fantasies. Most agree that the handset will be a bit larger than previous models, possibly up to 4.7 inches in size.

iPhone 6 could have an edge to edge screen

Recently there were some allegedly leaked photos of the iPhone 6 screen, but Techno Buffalo, in a video picked up by Huffington Post, explains why it probably isn’t the real iPhone 6 screen. He notes, as have others, that the home button cutout wasn’t centered. The screen does show an edge-to-edge display though, and he suggests that perhaps the component is from a prototype.

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Mixed in with all the rumors, we’ve seen plenty of iPhone 6 concepts, including a new iPhone Air one developed by Sam Beckett and highlighted by The Next Web. That one covers many of the rumors, like the larger screen, so it could be pretty close to what the handset ends up looking like.

iPhone 6 concepts for dreamers

But we also have some more fun ones like a concept video which shows the iPhone 6 with a holographic projector, which comes from design studio SET Solution and was picked up by Uswitch. This is a different video than the one which surfaced last year, showing a holographic keyboard and what basically looked like a holographic computer screen.

Of course Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans should note that this concept is so wild that it’s unlikely we will ever see anything like this from the technology giant. The projectors are embedded on both sides of the handset, giving it extra virtual screens when it is placed on a flat surface. The creators suggest that it could even offer “real 3D video games” using the screen which pops up vertically.

To control the holographic screens, users just use finger gestures. They can also toss their various screens around and position the as they like. The iPhone 6 in chis concept also features an edge to edge display.

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