Facebook Now Allows Verified Page Users To Edit Posts

Facebook Now Allows Verified Page Users To Edit Posts

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s new feature will give verified Page users some relief. The social networking giant has unveiled an edit option for administrators of verified Pages. Now they can make changes to their text-only and link posts. Page administrators consider this an important relief. Nobody likes to see a glaring typo immediately after hitting the post button.

Facebook broadens the edit option

The Menlo Park-based company has already been offering the option to edit posts and comments on Android, iOS and the Web for personal accounts. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) introduced the verified profile/Page feature to prevent fake accounts from impersonating well-known public figures and businesses. However, you can’t request that your profile be verified. The company automatically verifies certain profiles and Pages for verification. Facebook verifies only four types of profiles and Pages: celebrities, government officials, journalists and popular businesses and brands.

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The verification has become extremely important as the number of fake profiles and pages continues to grow. According to the latest report, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has more than 137 million fake accounts. Of that, between 10-25 million accounts were misclassified, meaning someone else has created an account under a different name. Facebook has increasingly been trying to make its platform more safe for individuals and businesses as its growth in user base continues to slow. It was clearly visible when the company executives avoided discussing the issue of teens shifting to other cool apps from Facebook.

Cheers to ten years of Facebook

The Mark Zuckerberg-led company is celebrating 10 years of its existence today. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was founded on February 4, 2004 in a Harvard dorm by Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Today, the company has more than 1.23 billion users worldwide, and has a market value of more than $150 billion. Its user base is likely to keep growing as more users, especially from emerging markets, join the social network.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares jumped 0.67% to $61.89 in pre-market trading Tuesday.

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