Edit Your Facebook Status or Post: On Web And Android, iOS Soon

Facebook now lets you edit status updates

If you don’t like the autocorrect feature on your Android and iOS devices, and if that feature has ever put you in awkward situation, then Facebook has come up with a solution. The social network now lets you edit status updates, starting Thursday.

This editing feature is currently available on the web, and on the Android application of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The Android app page says, “Edit your posts and comments, and tap to see all your changes.” This app update is slowly being rolled out to all users.

To try out this editing feature on the web, you simply need to click on the small down arrow from the top-right corner of the post, and then click on “Edit” option. Next, you can edit your post and then click on the “Done editing” button. As you can see in the below image, this feature has already been rolled out for me.


While many people like this new functionality on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), this option can also be misused by people. For example, a user can write “Who loves Ice cream?” and then receive a number of likes and comments. But then later the user can edit the post to something like “Who hates Ice cream?” Ok, no one does, but you got the idea.

Facebook tackles this serious issue by marking the post as edited, and users who you’ve shared the post with can also view the edit history with just a click. Google+ too works somewhat in a similar way, however, don’t expect the same functionality to come to Twitter anytime soon, as real-time is one of the most important factor of Twitter. Twitter would need to come with a strong strategy before allowing users to edit their tweets.

Facebook for iOS will soon be updated

This feature will be very useful for those who make lots of typos, either by mistake or either because of the autocorrect feature. Now with this editing feature, one can edit the post instead of deleting it, which would lose likes and comments on the post. Now your precious likes and comments can be retained, and you can simply correct that small typo in your status update on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for iOS will soon be updated with this new edit post option. Right now, you can try out this feature from Facebook on the web, and on the Android platform.