iPhone On iOS 7 Freezes: Problems Continue For Apple Users

iPhone On iOS 7 Freezes: Problems Continue For Apple Users

It looks like the iOS 7 problems aren’t going away anytime soon. Apple users are reporting that after upgrading to iOS 7, the iPhone freezes repeatedly. But this is just one of many problems users are reporting with it. Apparently some are still having problems with nausea and dizziness while actually using iOS 7, while others—mostly those with an iPhone 4S—are reporting that iOS 7 is causing Wi-Fi issues.


iOS 7 freezes on iPhone 5

One discussion thread on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s website began on Sept. 19 right after the first poster upgraded to iOS 7. The person reported having big problems with their iPhone 5 after upgrading. The device kept freezing and then turning off and then back on.

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Other users also reported that their iPhone 5 was freezing after the iOS 7 upgrade. Some reported problems with iTunes syncing and problems with their device freezing when performing other tasks after the upgrade. It looks like iCloud and browsing pictures were causing problems for some as well. Many of the posters say they tried all of the advice from Apple and even other users, but to no avail. Nothing appears to help.

Today the posts about iOS 7 freezing on the iPhone 5 continue, although the problems appear to be changing a bit. Some still say it freezes off and on. At least one poster said their device just randomly shuts off sometimes. Others complained that the upgrade decimated their device’s battery life. A few posters to the forum noted today that their iPhone freezes right after a missed call, so apparently the bugs continue.

iOS 7 freezes on iPad 3

Another discussion thread on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s website was started on Sept. 18 and concerns the iPad 3, which users say is freezing after they install iOS 7. Some users noted that the issue appeared to be fixed by turning off the Background App Refresh. However, they say their wallpaper on the iPad still freezes.

When will the iOS 7 problems be over?

Of course iOS 7 isn’t the first update to be plagued with problems, and it probably won’t be the last. It is such a major change this time around that it perhaps isn’t surprising that so many people are having problems with it. At least users are actually able to download the update now since in the beginning they couldn’t even download it. But then again, it sounds like many people who did download the update are sorry they did it, and unfortunately Apple has made it impossible to downgrade back to iOS 6.

Users should note that in some cases if their iPhone or iPad is freezing continually, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might replace the device. Some users report that the company did replace their devices free of charge, while others said they had to pay a fee for a refurbished model. It’s important to contact Apple directly though, and not your mobile carrier, since the carrier will probably just tell you that Apple’s working on it and that they don’t know when it will be fixed.

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