iOS 7 Causes Wi-Fi Problems For iPhone 4S Users

iOS 7 Causes Wi-Fi Problems For iPhone 4S Users
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The iOS 7 upgrade continues to cause problems for some iPhone users. Although most of the issues have been cleared up, new problems keep being discovered. Now many iPhone 4S owners are finding that they now have problems with their device’s Wi-Fi capability. That’s according to a report from Apple Insider’s Shane Cole.

iOS 7 Causes Wi-Fi Problems For iPhone 4S Users

iOS 7 problems similar to those with iOS 6

According to Cole, the issues are with the Broadcom Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth controller on many iPhone 4S devices. They are also quite similar to problems users reported when iOS 6 was rolled out about a year ago.

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The problem causes the device’s Wi-Fi option under Settings to no longer be available. It looks like it is greyed out. Although most of the devices which are reported to be having this problem are the iPhone 4S, there are a few others which crop up here and there as having the issue, including the iPad 2 and 2, the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5.

Temporary resolution

Some users of these devices said they were able to temporarily resolve the issue by putting them in a freeze or refrigerator for a few minutes so that they would cool down. This would suggest that an overheating problem is causing the issue. Some believe that some kind of long-running Wi-Fi process might be to blame, particularly since iOS 7 has background data transfer capabilities. Others speculate that the large firmware update for the device’s Wi-Fi controller is at fault.

When these Wi-Fi problems happened last year with iOS 6, some users were able to fix the problem by downgrading back to the previous iOS version. However, this year Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has blocked downgrades so that users are not able to revert their devices to the previous version.

Apple said to be working on iOS 7 Wi-Fi problem

According to Apple Insider, some users of iOS devices experiencing this issue were immediately give a replacement by Apple after they contacted the company. The status of their warranty at the time did not appear to be an issue. However, others were told they would have to fork over $200 for a refurbished handset.

Customers who contact their wireless carriers instead of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) are simply being told that the company

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