Worried about PRISM? Switch to DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Worried about PRISM? Switch to DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Perhaps you’ve heard about the government surveillance system PRISM. Without notice, major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, YouTube, Apple and Facebook send your personal information to government agencies. There is so much controversy surrounding all this that people are looking for third party solutions that are not involved in all this.

Enter DuckDuckGo, a search engine that focuses on privacy and believes in NOT tracking what users search. The search engine assures users that it was never a part of PRISM, as it never tracked any user’s activity.


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Recently, DuckDuckGo recorded a high of 2.3 million queries a day, and the reason behind this is the recent PRISM controversy. Whether or not the search engine will continue to show this success or not is not clear for now, but it surely looks impressive with its focus on searching “anonymously”. In fact, it clearly states, “Google tracks you. We don’t.” Well, that’s a bold claim that anyone can make, which tells us that there are still some safe ways to browse and search the web, without getting tracked or leaving any traces behind.

For those who want to add DuckDuckGo to your browser options, from the search results page, click on the “Add to Browser” button from the top right side (as seen in the above screenshot). Next, you have two options – either you can install a browser extension or you can manually add the search engine to the browser. Installing the extension is a quick way to add DuckDuckGo to the browser.

So go ahead, try it out and let us know what you think about DuckDuckGo.At least try it out for a day or two and see if it provides relevant results for you.

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