Ken Griffin: Fed Policy Harmful for Job Market [VIDEO]

Ken Griffin: Fed Policy Harmful for Job Market [VIDEO]
Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin: Fed Policy Harmful for Job Market [VIDEO]

Ken Griffin of hedge fund Citadel Capital, is not happy with Ben Bernanke. Ken Griffin spoke at the Milken Conference and said QE was destroying jobs and stated:

“As we’ve all learned over the years, if you reduce the cost of capital you increase your use of fixed assets and you take out jobs. Corporate America, seeing an ever increasing cost for its employee base and extraordinarily low interest rates, is taking every step it can possibly take to reduce employment, to build factories abroad and domestically to substitute technology and automated processes for people,”

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Panel Detail:

Monday, April 29, 2013
8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Global Markets in Uncertain Times

Politics is on the minds of global investors and economic observers. In the United States, debt pressures, ideology and other factors led to the struggle over sequestration, yet the recovery is progressing. Europe is still afloat, but the lifeboat is prone to leaks. In China, a new leadership group is trying to revitalize economic growth amid the pressure of rising needs – which implies growing consumer demand. At the start of the 2013 Global Conference, we’ll bring experience and judgment to bear on the unknowns of the global economy and markets. Will central banks modify their activist stance? Where are costs rising or falling, and will that change the direction of capital flows? How long can inflation stay tame? Are the next big opportunities in minerals, manufacturing or technology?


Madelyn Antoncic, Vice President and Treasurer, The World Bank

Willem Buiter, Chief Economist, Citigroup

Terry Duffy, Executive Chairman and President, CME Group

Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer, PIMCO

Ken Griffin, Founder and CEO, Citadel


Alexander Friedman, Global Chief Investment Officer, UBS AG

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