Apple Watch Can Get You Mad For Running, Says Nike In A New Ad

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New ads for the Apple Watch show Kevin Hart running and going slowly insane. You must watch this new series of ads, The Man Who Kept Running, which Nike created for the Apple Watch Nike+. According to the ad, special watch is ideal for obsessive runners.

Humorous but informative

On Tuesday, Nike debuted the TV commercial series that features Kevin Hart as a pitchman. The ad series was posted on the company’s YouTube channel, and it ranges from six 38-second spots to a full-length introductory clip. All the videos feature Hart’s trademark humor. The first commercial is set in October and starts by disclosing the new Apple Watch Nike+ smartwatch.

The subsequent clips show the additional functions of the Apple Watch Nike+, also available on other Apple Watch Series 2 devices through the Nike+ Run Club app, like in-app communication, GPS run tracking, and features that allow virtual and friendly competition with other runners.

Apple Watch Nike+ ad it’s all about running

In the first video, we see popular comedian Kevin Hart, who appears perfectly normal. Then someone gives him an Apple Watch Nike+. A day after getting the watch, Hart disappears. We find him in a desert where he can be seen running aimlessly over 700 miles through the backwoods of America.

Running is pretty much all Hart does in the ad, except sometimes he stops and talks nonsense. He admits that he is hearing a voice in his head. He continues running. Soon he grows a long beard. Then he is running and wolves are chasing him, notes CNET.

“See, running used to be hard for me, but then things changed when I woke up and started to hear this little voice in my head,” Hart says.

In another short video, we are at Day 75.

“Day 75 of what, you might ask. Of Kevin Hart going mad, I might answer,” notes CNET.

He attempts to drink water out of a cactus and makes bestial noises. He waits until it is only 119 degrees Fahrenheit to continue running. One would wonder why someone would do this, but the answer is simple: to run.

In Day 86 in the third video, the popular comedian just says “Fist Bump” over and over again. In the fourth video, we are at day 98, and we see Hart standing on his head. He starts to run because he is competing — virtually of course — with Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah. Even the wolves have given up on him by this stage.

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