I Was 11 Years Old With A Gun In The Oval Office…

I Was 11 Years Old With A Gun In The Oval Office…

JL Yastine here again. Let’s face it, we don’t live in the same United States we grew up in 30 or 40 years ago. No one knows this more than our privacy and asset protection expert Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter.

Many years ago, “privacy” meant having a big fence to block out the neighbors’ view of the backyard, or perhaps an unlisted phone number.

Oval Office

Heck, for years, the phone in my parents’ house was on a party line shared by two or three other households. You’d pick up the phone to make a call, and if you heard someone already talking on the receiver, you’d hang up and try again five or 10 minutes later.

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Can you imagine having to deal with that today?

As Ted will tell you — we do deal with that today.

The only difference now is we communicate in many forms, and all that data is out there, just waiting to be read, monitored, logged and tracked by the federal government, cybercriminals, law enforcement agencies and lawyers of all makes and models.

Ted knows all this, and provides you with solid, easy-to-understand takeaways to protect your privacy and your hard-earned wealth. And best of all, you can take action on his advice today.


JL Yastine

The day I took a .45 caliber gun into the Oval Office…

It was 1973 and my Republican father had just been elected to Congress. Every television and radio station screamed with updates about President Nixon and the Watergate scandal. A Republican just being elected put a message out there that the Watergate scandal must not be that bad … Because of this, President Nixon wanted to meet with our family immediately.

Growing up in a political family there were always congressmen, senators and other famous people coming to the house. Even Elizabeth Taylor came over when she was married to Jack Warner. And then of course, if we went to Washington for any functions, we were surrounded by powerful, important people. But on this day in 1973, President Nixon wanted the Bauman family to come to the White House.

I was sitting in the 7th grade taking notes from the blackboard when I saw the proctor walking down the hall with a note in her hand. The boredom went away as I filled with hope that her note was for me and I would be out of class within minutes. I watched in silence as she entered the classroom and spoke with my teacher. The seconds seemed like hours until my teacher looked right at me and said, “Ted, your mom is here to pick you up. The President wants to see your family.”

The next couple of hours were a blur. My siblings and I were shuffled alongside my parents who were in a hurry and filled with excitement about taking us to the Oval Office. I remember looking at all the artwork, furniture and doorways. Everything looked ‘oversized’ and perfectly placed. My siblings and I looked at each other with wide eyes as we took our first steps into the Oval Office.

To my surprise, President Nixon was amazingly friendly, like a natural politician, regardless of any scandal going on. He certainly was a master of just being nice to people and making them feel comfortable around him. After the meeting, we all stood to take a family picture with President Nixon. I squeezed in and put my hand in my pocket just as I was told. And that is when I realized I had a cap gun that looked just like a semi-automatic .45 in my pocket. I felt my face flush just as the camera clicked.

I was 11 years old with a gun in the Oval Office.

As we finally walked out of the White House, I looked up at my father and pulled out the .45 caliber cap gun. He looked down at it and started laughing.

This is how politics used to be … People trusted each other.

The Olden Days

My father was a busy man. There were some weeks I would see more of him on television than in person, but I always understood that he was pursuing a path to make a difference.

Politicians have power that derives from their office, and building relationships with the people and making changes was how my father embraced this power. People had faith in their leaders and together they made an impact.

This was good politics.

The trust, structure and strength of this time seemed unbreakable.

We Are Under Attack

About seven years ago, after living abroad my entire adult life, I returned to America.

The shock, fear and sadness hit me like a tidal wave.

I saw economic corruption on Wall Street … political corruption on Capitol Hill … madness between police and citizens … and a media system that does not report the heart of the matter. Laws such as the Patriot Act, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and civil asset forfeiture were inflicted on the country without anyone even realizing the impact of these laws.

The freedoms that we as Americans are so accustomed to are in jeopardy.

The America my father stood for and helped to build is nothing more than a distant memory.

The “inalienable rights” that were once enjoyed by each citizen seem to have been stripped away.

Our privacy, as well as our personal and financial freedoms, are now more than ever controlled by big government. Instead of the government serving its citizens, citizens are now serving the government.

Today, we as Americans are under attack.

My Love for America

Even with corruption and special favors being performed, I still love America. Pure freedom no longer comes free like it did back in the day, but we can fight this. A conventional approach is no longer an option. We have to fight with our minds and with alternative methods.

This is why I write The Bauman Letter. Together, we will be seeking ways to maintain your privacy as well as build and protect your wealth. Coming back to America has reinforced how important it is to have alternative sources of ideas, news and information besides just mainstream media.

I’m a free thinker and I get my ideas from anywhere I can and examine them in the light of evidence and what history can teach us about similar situations.

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that you take action to protect your wealth and liberty.

It’s time to control your rights and liberties.

It’s time to be sovereign.

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman

Editor, Sovereign Confidential

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By JL Yastine, Editorial Director

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