UPDATE 04-21-2017: With the Galaxy S8 now primed for general release, attention is turning to the other major device from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8. This is naturally a critical release for the Korean corporation, following the disastrous exploding fiasco associated with the Galaxy Note 7 predecessor. And as preparations continue for the next generation phablet, some intriguing new leaks of the device have appeared online.

Leaked image

Slashleaks has published what purports to be a leaked image of the forthcoming smartphone running the Bixby AI assistant. Bixby was introduced for the first time this year, and is expected to play a major role in the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8
Image Source: Twitter

What is notable about this photograph is that the device pictured in it appears extremely similar, if not identical, to the existing Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The wraparound display from the flagship smartphone has been retained, while the physical Home button has been similarly eliminated seemingly. This is becoming an increasingly fashionable aspect of smartphone design, with Samsung having already dispensed with the Home button for the Galaxy S series, and Apple expected to follow suit when the iPhone 8 is released.

Thus, the slimmed down bezels and rounded design from the Galaxy S8 has been retained, at least according to this image. This will enable Samsung to produce a larger screen for the Galaxy Note 8, while the S Pen stylus is also expected to be retained. It will be increasingly difficult for Samsung to distinguish the Galaxy Note 8 from the Galaxy S8, considering the sheer size of the flagship release this year. This means that the S Pen could play a critical role in the Galaxy Note 8, with a unique design incorporating a speaker system predicted in some quarters.


Samsung is also expected to fit a particularly large screen in the Galaxy S8, with some reports suggesting that it will benefit from a 6.4-inch panel. It is also believed that Samsung will introduce 4K resolution with the Galaxy Note 8, something that has been rumored now for at least a couple of years. But with 4K now breaking into the mainstream, it is thought that Samsung will finally take the plunge when the Note 8 hits the stores.

This would be a logical move for Samsung considering that the Korean company has become increasingly associated with curved screen technology. Not only is Samsung the world’s largest seller of television sets, but it has also become intrinsically linked with the curved screen technology that it has particularly popularized. The time seems right for Samsung to switch to 4K, with the resolution now utilized in a fairly wide variety of visual media.


Every new generation of the Galaxy Note series comes with upgraded specs, and the Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly expected to follow this custom. Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 9 series chipsets are anticipated to feature in the Galaxy Note 8, while the processor included will certainly be clocked at a higher speed that the one used in the Galaxy Note 7. It has thus being suggested in some reports that the four more powerful cores in the octa-core processor of the Galaxy Note 8 will be clocked at 2.5 GHz.


With Samsung having chosen to freeze the quantity of RAM included in the Galaxy S8, it is possible that we could see a significant increase when the Galaxy Note 8 emerges. There were a lots of rumors that Samsung was considering including 6GB of RAM in the Galaxy S8, and this eventuality may finally come to fruition when the Galaxy Note 8 is released. This would obviously help the operating speed of the Galaxy Note 8, ensuring that it is a particularly slick device.


Reports have also suggested that Samsung may introduce 128GB of storage as standard in the Galaxy Note 8. Regardless of this, it is highly likely that there will be support for micro SD, so a flexible approach to storage will once more be taken by the Korean corporation. But there have been suggestions that ire and criticism regarding the amount of native storage in previous Galaxy releases could motivate Samsung to increase it when the Note 8 is unveiled.


This will be a critical component of the Galaxy Note 8, with Samsung needing to emphasize durability and stability following the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. Thus, the emphasis will be on reliability rather than increasing the size of the battery, and we shouldn’t expect a significantly larger cell than the 3,500mAh capacity of the S8 Plus.


Samsung is also expected to update the camera system used in the Galaxy Note series, with a dual-lens expected to feature. Samsung has previously showcased the potential of the dual image signal processor included in its proprietary Exynos 8895, and this would seem very likely to make an appearance in the Galaxy Note 8. Analysts have noted that it is obviously extremely unlikely that this technology would be developed without a specific product in mind.

Virtual reality

Alongside the 4K screen tipped for the Galaxy Note 8 is the intriguing prospect that Samsung will particularly embrace virtual reality technology. High pixel density makes an enormous difference when playing or viewing any virtual reality content, and thus the time could be right for Samsung to advance its efforts in this area. The East Asian electronics giant is already committed to virtual reality as a concept, while Apple has stated publicly that augmented reality may suit its purposes better.


Another interesting possibility for the Galaxy Note 8 would be the inclusion of RGB AMOLED. This would be a step forward from the diamond PenTile arrangement used in the S8. RGB AMOLED would enable Samsung to increase the pixel density in the Galaxy Note 8, as each pixel would be made up of three subpixels, not two. This may be a rather niche suggestion, but it is one that would be practical for Samsung.

Fingerprint scanner

Samsung has also been working behind the scenes on a fingerprint scanner to be integrated directly into the display of the Galaxy Note 8, which could overcome some of the practicality issues associated with the poorly located scanner in the Galaxy S8.

UPDATE 03-24-2017: As Samsung continues development for the forthcoming Galaxy S8, it seems that those wanting a phablet from the Korean corporation will definitely have to wait for the next generation Galaxy Note 8. News has emerged in the last 24 hours which indicates that the Galaxy Note 7, notable for having been recalled following dramatic explosions, is about to be rendered completely useless.

Galaxy Note 8
camera4u / Pixabay

Charging disabled

Samsung has informed Galaxy Note 7 users that those who have failed to return their handsets will see the charging capabilities of the smartphones disabled. Whether it would be wise to hang on to such a discredited device in the first place is entirely debatable, but all may not be lost for the Western Galaxy Note user. It seems that Samsung will only be able to implement this

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