What Price for the whole business would YOU pay? Then tell me the per share price.  The company had operations for 25 years prior to going public. The company’s stock price will under perform the market (SPY) about 1/3 of the time over the next forty years.

BUSINESS XXX?19741973197219711970
Working capital27,132,58016,796,897
LT Debt **10,578,2695,065,567
Shareholders’ Equity30,734,128$24,753,623
Outstanding Shares6,542,2506,512,950
Net Sales$167,560,892$124,889,14178,014,16444,286,01230,862,659
Income Bef. Taxes11,883,7548,917,1885,569,0273,170,5992,198,764
Pro-forma Net Income$6,158,5204,591,4692,907,3541,651,5991,187,764
Units in operation7864513832
** Co. has a $12 mil. Credit line renewed yearly of which

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