Yahoo And Marissa Mayer Finally Say Goodbye To CFO Tim Morse

Yahoo And Marissa Mayer Finally Say Goodbye To CFO Tim Morse
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It’s been coming for quite some time now. No, not iPhone 5, or the iPad Mini. In fact, the latest new development from the technology sector doesn’t even involve Apple at all, but rather, Tim Morse’s departure from Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO). Since Marissa Mayer was appointed as Yahoo’s latest pick for CEO, and Morse, who had been serving as the interim CEO, was passed over for the job, everyone has fully expected to see him leave.

Yahoo And Marissa Mayer Finally Say Goodbye To CFO Tim Morse

All Things Digital reports that Mayer made the not so unexpected move to replace Morse with Ken Goldman. Tim Morse had been serving in the capacity of CFO ever since Mayer’s appointment to the lead role. Her tenure so far has not been one riddled with executive departures, although she did dismiss David Windley, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s HR executive, only 1 month into her position.

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We have all seen Morse’s exit coming, though we were not certain of when it would be. It only stands to reason that after being slighted in the search for a new CEO, Morse would begin seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Mayer has planned to replace many of Yahoo’s top echelon with people of her own choosing, which is not uncommon for a brand new CEO to do. Certainly the 37 year old mother to be wants people who not only can be trained to follow her line of thinking, but who have no leftover loyalty to a departed master. It’s not unthinkable that most of the executive office will be overhauled, especially in light of the company’s recent performance, as it has slipped further and further into the morass of a languishing Internet company.

Sources, cited by All Things Digital, said that Morse had been repeatedly pushed aside in the decision making process of where the company was going, by Marissa Mayer, and that he had been seeking other companies to work for. They also claim that he had wanted to stick it out to the board meeting which was held last week, before he made his departure.

As Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) bids goodbye to Tim Morse, and hello to Ken Goldman, formerly of Fortinet, a threat management technology firm, they may be witnessing the beginning of a furious housecleaning by Mayer. It will be interesting to see where she takes the company over the coming weeks and months, and most people seem to agree that she does take her employees opinions, regarding such matters, seriously.

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