New Xiaomi Electric Bike To Hit Chinese Markets Next Month

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A Xiaomi electric bike was just announced that provides another viable transportation option for Chinese buyers – with a worldwide release planned for the future.


Although much of the hype worldwide surrounding the company recently has been due to their smartphone line, Xiaomi has an impressive line of products that offer a combination of affordability and quality. From consumer electronics to sofas, they seem to have their hand in nearly every sort of industry, and this new Xiaomi electric bike is definitely not their first foray into personal electric vehicles either.

With that said, the Xiaomi electric bike, known as Himo, is both impressive looking while remaining simple in the way that it gets you from point A to point B.

New Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo

Himo, the new Xiaomi electric bike, will be available for 1,699 ($261), which makes it a relatively affordable way to get around town. While electric bikes have nearly zero presence in places like the United States, they are pretty prevalent in Asian countries and Himo will likely be well-received in the Chinese market – especially considering the sturdy construction and impressive design of this newest model.

There tends to be a standard design that cheap electric bicycles stick to in China, which uses generic e-bike components that are bolted onto the frame wherever there is space. The Himo is a lot more aesthetically appealing than many competitors at a similar price range, with all of the electronics for the Xiaomi electric bike concentrated in an IP54 waterproof central casing. In addition to hiding ugly electronics, it adds practicality and the ability to ride Himo in the rain.

The device is small and easy to transport, but it’s also not without features. This particular Xiaomi electric bike includes a fully-featured LCD display that provides relevant readings such as speed, distance, motor assist level, and the battery’s state-of-charge. These features will make it easy to stay apprised of all aspects of the Himo’s performance and ensure that you don’t get caught without charge and forced to pedal your way home.

In addition to the LCD features, the Xiaomi electric bike comes standard with both a headlight and tail light that are powered by the main battery, removing the inconvenience of having to swap out batteries in those annoying little lights. One of the most impressive features of the Himo, given its price point, is the fact that the tail light is hooked up to respond to braking on the handlebars – adding more utility than most cheap bikes would provide.

The Xiaomi electric bike is powered by a 250 W brushless geared DC motor that is housed in the rear wheel, and pulls power from a 36V Li-ion battery. According to Xiaomi, the Himo is rated for a 50 km (31 mi) range on a charge, though that is likely with the lowest assist setting. If you’re having the bike do most of the work, it’s likely that the range will be significantly shorter.

The Himo will start shipping within China on July 30th, and it’s likely that worldwide retailers will pick up for international shipping over the next couple of months.

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