Xbox Scorpio To Embrace UWP Games That Work On Windows 10 And Xbox One

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Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio console, the system which will take console gaming to a whole new level, is expected to hit the shelves at some point during the 2017 holiday season. While that feels like a long way off, some surprising revelations have come to light which will have Xbox fans drooling.

Xbox Scorpio the most powerful console ever?

Windows Central has published an article which contains information it claims is from a credible source. This information relates to the idea Microsoft had a couple of years ago. It wants to create a single ecosystem that spans PCs, consoles, mobile, and Hololens.

Called the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft has a plan, and at the center of it will reportedly be the Xbox Scorpio.

What is UWP?

The Universal Windows Platform is essentially a suite of tools capable of seamless integration across Windows, the Xbox One, and mobile devices. This means that with very minimal work, developers can use apps and games across multiple devices.

For instance, a game created for Windows 10 PCs can be played on the Xbox Scorpio with only small changes required. This idea is already being put into practice, as the apps that people currently use on the Xbox One were first developed for Windows 10 and then ported across.

xbox scorpio uwp development
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Scorpio to run Windows 10 and Xbox One games

When released in 2017, the console will be the major component, if not the central piece, of UWP. Not only will it deliver a huge 6TFLOPS of graphical power, but it will also be a tool for developers to create games for Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

Able to mimic an Xbox One at the hardware level, the Xbox Scorpio will be much more than a console. Game development for the Scorpio will make it easy to test games on the Xbox One too.

4K gaming

Any game developed for the UWP platform will be able to run natively on the Xbox Scorpio at 4K. This will also include older titles that are available now, such as Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

While the above is great news for game creators, we will finally see the end of poor-quality PC ports. This is because of the Xbox Scorpio’s massive graphics power. At last, there is a console just as capable a good gaming PC, meaning that games created for any UWP system will work fine on another.

Scorpio to run improved Xbox One OS

More reports about what Xbox Scorpio will run on have also come out. According to the Windows Central source, they have it on good authority that this will be the Xbox OneOS. However, considering that Scorpio will be able to support VR and 4K gaming, some tweaks will be required.

No one knows whether it will look the same as the current OS. But if you consider that Scorpio is an addition to the Xbox family, not a replacement, it’s likely to keep some features.

What does this mean if you’re an Xbox One owner? It means that all of the time Microsoft put into developing features for the console won’t be lost, including its backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games, the soon-to-come Arena, and the groups and clubs update. The ability to use Beam streaming, Cortana, UWP apps and an Xbox One game library will also be available on Xbox Scorpio.

If you’re hungry for more information, we will keep you informed when any becomes available. However, Microsoft will be outlining how game developers can bring their games to Xbox Scorpio at Build 2017. Additionally, there will be a big console reveal at E3 2017.

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