WT2 Plus translator earbuds: An easy way to converse with almost anyone

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The advent of the internet has almost removed all cultural and language barriers in the virtual world. However, when it comes to face-to-face conversations, people often face a problem when they are in a foreign country. With an aim to overcome this barrier, Timekettle has come up with a near-magical gadget that enables you to converse in almost any language. Usually, when two people who speak different languages talk, they have a translator to assist. Timekettle has also introduced a translator that you can always carry along with you, and it is their WT2 Plus AI Realtime Translator Earbuds.

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WT2 Plus translator earbuds - good, but not perfect


It is a pair of mono earbuds, which delivers near real-time, bi-directional audio. Timekettle also has an app to complement the earbuds that serves up visual translation. Both – the app and earbuds – support 40 different languages, or you could say, it allows you to converse with 85% of the world’s population. Moreover, it can handle 88 accents, the company claims.

The app is user-friendly and easy to use. All you have to do is pair the earbuds, which takes just a few seconds, and select the language you need to translate. Further, the earbuds feature three different modes for different situations – Touch, Simul, and Speaker Mode.

Touch mode involves physically tap-and-hold and is suitable when you are at a busy location. Simul Mode is "always-on" mode, while the Speaker Mode is best for tourists. You can easily switch between modes using the app.

Coming to the most important part, performance, the company claims the gadget gives 95% accuracy with an average time of 1-3 seconds to translate. In our test, we found the experience overall good. The translation was quick provided both persons spoke clearly (but in most cases the translation wasn’t between 1-3 seconds).

However, in the case of more than two voices, the earbuds start to give inaccurate results. And, as can be expected, Simul Mode was the least accurate of the three. Another likely issue with the earbuds would be their fit.

Overall, it still is a breakthrough product and gives near accurate results if you construct your sentences properly. It is certainly a must-have product for those who love travelling and for executives whose work involves meeting people from different countries or regions.

For more details on the product visit this link.

Full disclosure: The company was kind enough to send a free product in return for an honest review.