Winning in Online Casinos: Are There Ways to Increase Your Odds?

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Casino games are also called gambling games because every time you are betting your money on the outcome in a game of blackjack, poker, roulette or slots, you are essentially gambling on your luck. However, what most people fail to mention is that there are other factors at work which determine whether you will win or lose.

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Keeping that idea in mind, we will now look at the factors other than luck that could end up increasing a player’s chances of winning big in an online casino quite significantly.

Skill, Not Just Luck

Classic casino card games are games of luck for sure, but some of them involve a significant bit of skill to win as well. Poker comes to mind as there are professional poker players out there who steadily win millions of dollars every year in poker tournaments. Then of course, there’s blackjack and baccarat, which are also highly reliant on the players’ actual in-game skills rather than pure luck.

Analytical Ability

If someone is a good analytics expert by profession or hobby, they are likely to be great in sports betting as well. However, there are some criteria to meet, as mentioned below:

  • They must be aware of all rules of the sport in question
  • They must have a clear understanding of how the odd system works in that specific sport
  • Their research data about the most important factors in determining an estimated outcome should be on point

If you are good in seeing patterns, and you have been following any particular sport for a while now, you will have a much higher chance of winning by betting on live sporting events.

The More You Play

If we were to take a mathematical approach towards figuring out how to improve our chances of winning in casino games, the simplest answer would be that the more we play, the higher are our chances of winning. Now, this isn’t as straightforward as it seems, because of the following reasons:

  1. The odds of winning could be so low that the improved chances will still be far too low
  2. The casino could be rigged, and in that case, the player can never win

Both of these issues can, however, be nullified by playing in legitimate online casinos and high RTP slots. A high Return-to-Player percentage indicates that players really do stand a chance of winning by playing more at that particular slot machine.

The Magic of Welcome Bonuses

We just mentioned how the chances of winning in online casinos increase when we play more, but only as long as it’s a legitimate casino, and the slot game has a high RTP. Putting that principle to work, it is possible for players to increase their chances of winning even mega jackpots such as Mega Moolah, Joker Millions or Empire Fortune by 100s of times with welcome bonuses.

If we were to take the example of an online casino such as Leovegas, new players from India can improve their chances of winning by thousands of times there, thanks to the hefty ₹80,000 welcome bonus which the casino offers to new players on signing up and making the first deposit.

There are specific wagering requirements in every casino though, and the bonuses will be given out over the course of time and multiple deposits. Nevertheless, adding up the potential of winning with bets placed from player deposits and the bonus amounts together truly does increase the chances of winning in online slot games and mega jackpots to a great degree.

Leave While You are Ahead

It sounds so easy and intuitive, and yet, almost no gambler ever does that! If you win, be it small or big, quit for the day while you are ahead. Casinos will give you reasons to stay online and make more money by betting what you have just won, but you need to resist that lure and quit while you are still ahead of the casino. It’s a surefire strategy to keep your losses to a minimum, and letting your winnings from getting away from you again.

Finally, the last piece of advice would be to never tempt fortune. If you have a losing streak on a particular night, just go offline for the night and don’t try to win it all back again. Where luck is involved, it’s best to take a hint, and early on at that.