Windows 10 To Arrive On Xbox One After Summer

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Windows 10 won’t arrive for Xbox One until later this year. This report was confirmed by Phil Spencer, the lead of the Xbox team. Spencer replied to a tweet from a fan, and he reminded everyone that the Xbox One version won’t arrive until after summer. Unfortunately he didn’t offer more details than that.

Microsoft won’t release Windows 10 for Xbox One until later

The most likely reason for the delay has to do with Microsoft’s need to perfect the Windows 10 operating system for the Xbox One. The tech company wants to ensure everything goes smoothly right from the start, and it may take awhile to create the final product. Since Spencer didn’t offer an exact time frame or date, Windows 10 for Xbox One could arrive anytime from fall to early spring 2016.

Windows for Xbox One will be a different experience compared to Windows for computers or mobile devices. The primary purpose of the operating system on a game console is the ability to stream games, capture the best game moments and edit footage. It was designed to enhance the gaming experience rather than bring the traditional computer experience to the game console.

Microsoft gears up for Windows 10 release

As Microsoft prepares for the big E3 event next month, we can expect to hear more from the company regarding Windows 10 and the operating system for Xbox One.

Windows 10 is the upcoming operating system from Microsoft, and it will offer some nice features everyone can enjoy. One of those notable features is Cortana, a personal digital assistant, and it works on all devices. Microsoft apps also go universal, and that includes Microsoft Office. This update will make it so much easier to create new files and access files from anywhere, even mobile devices.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Windows 10 is the new Edge web browser that allows users to write on webpages or save favorites for later.

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