Microsoft Wants Even Beginners To Start Coding Windows 10 Apps

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Even though Windows 10 adaption has been impressive, Microsoft knows that its newest OS would live or die by the number and quality of apps. So, the software giant wants to have as many developers as possible creating apps for the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP). On Wednesday, the company unveiled free tutorials for “absolute beginners” to help them start creating Windows 10 apps.

A great way to start coding Windows 10 apps

The absolute beginners series of 80 videos guides you through start to finish. Microsoft assures that Bob Tabor would turn even those with no experience into a pro. Bob will guide you through the techniques and concepts of coding Windows 10 apps in C#, and “challenge you with exercises.” However, the Redmond-based company recommends that the interested people learn the fundamentals of C# first.

The Universal Windows Platform is a powerful platform as it allows the same code to work on a variety of devices including Raspberry Pi, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and HoloLens. If you think your coding skills are better than that of the absolute beginner, Microsoft has the Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 for you. The company’s beginner’s guide is a great way to start coding because there are few resources that cover everything from start to finish.

You’ll be creating four apps

Once you have mastered the basics, Bob Tabor would ask you to create four full-fledged apps. That includes a soundboard, a weather app, an encyclopedia of Marvel characters, and an album cover match game. Microsoft also offers a variety of tools to adapt existing Android and iOS apps to function on Windows 10 devices. It would allow Microsoft to get more people using its OS my making it compatible with existing popular apps on other platforms.

Last week, Microsoft reached a deal with Chinese search engine giant Baidu to push Windows 10 adaption in China. Under the terms of the deal, Baidu would become the default homepage and search option on Windows 10 Edge browser in China. In return, the Chinese company would encourage its 600 million users to upgrade to Windows 10 easily with “Windows 10 Express.”

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