Whitney Tilson Launches A $3,000 Financial Literacy Course For High Schoolers

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Whitney Tilson is launching  an economics, business etc related course for high schoolers, as we previously reported – see his email below on the topic



I think it’s important for every young person, ideally by the end of high school, but certainly by the end of college, to learn the basics of economics, business, finance and investing – yet despite being in that world myself, I’ll confess to doing a lousy job of teaching these things to my own daughters!

This realization, combined with the fact that many students have 2-3 weeks in June with not much going on between when school ends and their summer jobs/camps/trips begin, led my partner Glenn and me to create a seminar that we’ll be teaching in NYC starting five weeks from tomorrow (MondayFriday, June 18-22) aimed at high school and early college students entitled An Introduction to Economics, Business, Finance and Investing.

As you can see from the overview (attached and below), we’re going to cover a lot of ground during the week, with the assumption that our students know nothing about these subjects.

The initial class includes my 16-year-old daughter, two of my godchildren, my best friend’s son, and two students who are graduating from an inner-city high school (on scholarship courtesy of my generous friend Chris Stavrou).

If you know anyone who might be interested, please ask them to send me a bio/resume and brief cover letter highlighting what they can contribute to and hope to get from the program.

The tuition is $3,000 for the week – less than half of what we charge for our regular programs – and are offering a 20% discount to friends and family (anyone receiving this email).

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you!




Rooted in sharing his two decades of experience as a value investor and hedge fund manager, Whitney Tilson has created a new business, Kase Learning, and launched an intensive, five-day bootcamp entitled An Introduction to Economics, Business, Finance and Investing.

The program is designed for late high school and early college students (ages ~16-20) who want to learn real-world lessons on a broad range of business and finance subjects. It is for beginners and assumes no prior knowledge. It will take place in NYC from June 18-22 (9am-5pm each day).

During the week, Mr. Tilson, his colleague, Glenn Tongue, and several guest speakers will share their extensive experience and answer all questions.  It’s going to be equal doses of learning, self-improvement and fun!


The curriculum includes:



  • An overview of the global and U.S. economies (GDP, growth rates, trade)
  • Micro- and macroeconomics
  • What happened during the global financial crisis?



  • Characteristics of good businesses
  • What is an entrepreneur and how to become one
  • Case studies of legendary companies and entrepreneurs



  • An overview of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Defining and explaining terms such as gross, operating and net margins, EBIT, EBITDA, free cash flow, inventory, accounts receivable, account payable, and cap ex
  • Calculating key metrics like return on equity and assets, days inventory, cash conversion cycle, leverage, etc.
  • How companies are financed (debt vs. equity)
  • Capital allocation (reinvestment, acquisitions, dividends, share repurchases)



  • Different types of investing
  • Investing vs. speculation
  • Key concepts of value investing (intrinsic value, margin of safety)
  • Investor irrationality/behavioral finance
  • Three ways to beat the market
  • Three steps to evaluating stocks
  • Valuation techniques
  • Traits of successful investors
  • How to develop an edge
  • Examples of good stock pitches
  • Where to find great investment opportunities
  • Investor irrationality/behavioral finance


Personal Finance & Development

  • The magic of compound interest
  • How to live beneath your means
  • Good and bad types of personal debt
  • How to get a job
  • Cultivate mentors
  • Make a strong first impression
  • Become a better writer and public speaker
  • Avoid calamities



The program is limited to two dozen participants and is highly selective. To apply, please email a bio/resume and brief cover letter highlighting what you can contribute to and hope to get from the program to: [email protected]





PDF with more info here  -> Kase Learning seminar-An Introduction to Economics, Business, Finance and Investing

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