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ValueWalk’s interview with Adam Fields, the Founder and CEO of ARTA. In this interview, Adam discusses his and his company’s background, global white glove logistics, what advantage ARTA has in the shipping industry and the trends they see in 2020.

Can you tell us about your background?

Prior to founding ARTA, I was a Vice President at, an online marketplace for fine art. While overseeing operations, it became increasingly clear to me that shipping art, for both online and offline sellers, was an extremely difficult and antiquated process. Recognizing these inefficiencies and new trends in e-commerce, I left the company in 2014 to start ARTA and create a powerful solution that enable global commerce for items requiring white glove logistics and services.

What about your business? What products/services related to white glove logistics do you offer?

ARTA delivers innovative technology and fulfillment solutions for global white glove logistics. We provide a proprietary API and platform that streamlines the shipping of high-value, oversized, and fragile goods requiring extra services from point of sale to delivery.  With a single solution, we safely, easily and cost effectively ship high-touch items to more customers in more locations to drive sales, enable opportunities for new categories and expand the global footprint for businesses today.

How do you differ from competitors? How do you have an advantage in the industry?

Simply put, no one else does what we do. Just as UPS and Fedex have automated the shipping process for parcel goods, ARTA was created to fill a hole in the logistics industry and similarly automate shipping for oversized, valuable, and specialty items. We have a global network of 500+ trusted service providers that we work with across 62 countries, a network that has taken 5+ years to build and is the only of its kind. Today, ARTA is used by thousands of galleries, auction houses, e-commerce platforms, and consumers worldwide.

What can businesses leverage to broaden global reach and drive sales

Consumers today expect to be able to purchase anything online, and receive it quickly. To compete against the trend setters like Amazon, it is imperative to invest in logistics to ensure the post-sale process is smooth and efficient for your buyers. Investing in a reliable logistics automation partner (or partners) is one of the most important factors that can help drive sales and expand your audience.

What’s your forecast for high-end white glove logistics in 2020?

Items requiring white glove logistics are the fastest growing sector of ecommerce, and I see that only accelerating in 2020. This will lead to an increased need for automated shipping solutions for these types of unique items, and related logistics opportunities will only continue to grow.

What are the trends you expect to see in 2020?

I expect to see more innovation around shipment tracking, with consumers being able to see where their package is during the entirety of the fulfillment process. In addition, given the global focus and concerns about climate change, I believe shipping and freight companies will be pressured to look hard at their impact on climate change and make investments in more environmentally friendly assets or business practices.

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Adam Fields is the Founder and CEO of ARTA, a digital platform and API delivering global white glove logistics and services. Prior to founding ARTA, Adam was a Vice President at, where he became hyper-aware of the difficulties that came with shipping art for both online and offline sellers. Recognizing these inefficiencies and new trends in ecommerce, he left in 2014 to start ARTA and create a powerful solution to enable global commerce for items requiring white gloves services. Today, ARTA is used by thousands of galleries, auction houses, and ecommerce platforms worldwide. Adam holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and though he grew up in Downtown Chicago, he has called New York City home for 10 years.

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