WhatsApp For iPhone: Free To Download For A Limited Time

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The popular messaging app on iPhone – WhatsApp, is running a limited time promotion offering it free to download, from being a paid app of $0.99. It won’t be a surprise if other free messaging services are pushed back due to WhatsApp offer.

WhatsApp rightly know that this being a holiday season, many customers will be picking up new Apple devices for the first time and WhatsApp being a popular app, many users will definitely want to try it out.

WhatsApp For iPhone: Free To Download For A Limited Time

Currently three apps are running a promotion on App Store, WhatsApp is available for free, popular to-do list app, Clear and Twitter’s client Tweetbot are also available at a discounted price.

Of all messaging service apps, WhatsApp is the most popular of the lot. For those who are new to WhatsApp, it is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The app uses the same internet data plan that you normally use and sends SMS (text messages), images, video and audio to anyone without burning a hole in your pocket.

WhatsApp has its own strategy in mind when it comes to different mobile platforms. For example, on Android platform, the app is free to download and after one year, the user needs to pay $0.99 for a year, while on iOS, it is a paid app at $0.99. This means that by spending a mere $0.99 initially, users can save money on SMS fees.

If you were waiting to try out this app,  now is the right time. What’s more, you wouldn’t spending  a penny. We don’t know till when this free offer is available, so hurry, take advantage of this offer and install this app for free on your iOS device.

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