Use Wepoint Control Your Phones, TVs, Tablets, PCs With Finger Gesture

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Have you ever dreamt of controlling your digital devices, such as phone, tablets and smart TVs, with your fingers? You must be thinking that I have gone nuts as you already control these devices using your fingers – thanks to the touch screen. There is another touch screen tech, but here I am talking about a non-contact interface, or using your finger gestures to control your devices. Yes, such magic is possible, and the Wepoint smart wearable device allows you to create this magic.


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Wepoint Smart Wearable Device – What It Does?

Wepoint is an electromagnetic based gesture tracker that turns your hand into an air mouse. We could also call this smart wearable device an innovative wearable mouse that allows you to control devices by moving a finger in the air.

This means you can easily interact with your digital device using finger gestures. Yes, you can play games, shop, browse websites and do much more without even touching your device.

This ring-shaped wearable device supports most Android and Windows 10 devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, and smart TV). The maker (Sowego) claims that iOS compatibility will be available soon.

In terms of ease of use, Wepoint gets full marks. Using it is as easy as moving a finger. The cursor moves vertically when you move your finger up and down, and it moves horizontally, when your finger moves left and right.

To click or select an item, all you have to do is press the touch button on the left side of the wearable. It may sound complex, but in reality, I got used to the functionality pretty easily.

Setting up this wearable is easy as well. You just need to wear the wristband (which houses the sensor) wrapped around the palm of your hand, and the ring part on your index finger, and set it up with a device of your choice.

In terms of accuracy and precision, the device gets full marks as well. Once I got used to it, I faced no real issues while using it as a mouse or a pointer.

Why Do You Need This Wearable?

The health benefits and freedom one gets in using a device are undoubtedly the biggest selling points of this wearable. Usually, when you interact with your smartphone, you need to hold it, as well as slide, and when using a computer, you need to sit in the same posture for several hours. This, as we all know, can lead to health problems such as shoulder, neck, back pain and more.

Those whose job requires them to stay in front of their monitors or screens will agree that they always wish they had a more relaxed way to interact with their device. And, with Wepoint, you get just that. You can easily operate your computer or smartphone by sitting in the posture you are comfortable with, or even lying on a sofa or bed.

Within just a few days of use, the difference this wearable made was noticeable. I felt much more relaxed at the end of my day, which usually involves sitting in front of a screen for at least eight hours a day.

In all, Wepoint is an intuitive solution for those looking to enrich their device experience, as well as enjoy a non-contact interface. Not to mention, this device could prove a game changer for those with mobility issues.

For more information about the device and to buy it, you can visit this link.

Disclosure: The company was kind enough to send us a free product in return for an honest review.