watchOS 2 Update Delayed By Bug [REPORT]

watchOS 2 Update Delayed By Bug [REPORT]
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watchOS 2, the next version of the Apple Watch’s operating system, was supposed to be pushed out today with iOS 9, but it looks like a serious bug has delayed that release. An Apple spokesperson did not say when it will release watchOS2, reports TechCrunch, other than to say the company will do so “shortly,” whatever that means.

Bug found in watchOS 2

According to TechCrunch, a spokesperson for Apple said it’s taking them a “a bit longer” than expected to fix a bug they found recently. All eyes will be watching the watchOS 2 rollout, possibly even more than the iOS 9 update, which is sure to receive a lot of attention as well because of all the problems last year with the iOS update. The reason watchOS 2 is so important for Apple is because it is the first update to the operating system for the Apple Watch.

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TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino speculates that the bug must be affecting an important part of the operating system in order for Apple to delay its release, adding that it “takes some guts to hold widely publicized release to get it right, so good for them.”

watchOS 2 features greatly anticipated

Apple will be adding a lot of new features to the Apple Watch with watchOS 2, like native support for third-party apps, something app developers have been anxiously waiting for. The reason native support is so important is because it should improve the performance of those third-party apps. It’s possible that developers will dive deeper into the Apple Watch with more apps after native support is added.

Another key feature that will be added with watchOS 2 is the ability for developers to make widget-type features for the face of the Apple Watch. This will enable users of the device to add bits of information to the face to make it easier to glance at them without digging for an app inside the device. Those “complications,” as Apple Insider calls them, also add a new feature Apple calls Tim Travel, which enables Apple Watch users to easily see details like calendar items, weather, and other things which are applicable for later in the day by just turning the Digital Crown on the device.

Apple is also adding Nightstand Mode, which enables users to view the face of the watch while it’s lying on its side to charge.

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