Visit Your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Right From The Desktop With Pokki

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These days one cannot live without social media. Imagine a day without Facebook and Twitter. Some use social media to keep an eye on others, some use it to stay connected with friends and relatives while some use it for entertainment. Whatever the purpose may be, social media has crept into our lives and that’s the truth. If you are searching for an easier way to access your social life, then you are at the right place. Pokki makes our lives easier as it creates social shortcuts right on the desktop of Windows PC. Let’s learn in detail how Pokki works.

Pokki, though an unusual name but it can do wonders. Pokki, is an application that needs to be installed first which creates shortcuts for various apps. These shortcuts can then be accessed from quick launch bar in Windows. This means that you can free up browser tabs for other important things. Many people have the habit of opening Facebook on one tab and Twitter on another, but with this app you don’t need to open browser tabs as Pokki is a standalone app and doesn’t requires a browser.

Head over to Pokki and explore various apps available. You can call these apps as social shortcuts for your desktop.

Visit Your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Right From The Desktop With Pokki

Explore the “popular” category or explore individual categories like education, entertainment, games, social, music, etc. From this list, you will be able to find at least one app that suits your needs.

Hover over the apps name and then you can see information and features that the app offers. Click on the app to know about more detailed information with screenshots.

These screenshots are of the actual app which should give you an idea of what features the app offers. If you found any app interesting, then click on the blue “download” button to download and then install the app.

Let’s take an example of Tweeki, which is a superb minimalist version of Twitter. With Tweeki, you can access your timeline, see who is mentioning you, check your direct messages, see what’s trending or search on Twitter.

After installing Tweeki, you can see a new icon in the taskbar. Click on it to start Tweeki.

If you are logging in for the first time, then you need to sign in with Twitter and also authorize this app to access your information.

The first tab that you see will show the trends, suggested users and top tweets on Twitter. Click on the second tab that is “Timeline” where the fun begins.

This is your Twitter timeline and from here you can favorite any tweet, send a direct message, reply, retweet or compose a new tweet. Tweeki will also display new tweets and will separate these new tweets from the rest. We can call this as a mini version of Twitter on desktop.

This was just an example of one app, but Pokki offers many popular and useful apps like Facebook, Gmail, Instagrille (for Instagram), myTube, gTranslate, Headlines, Calculator and many more.

Try out these different apps and you can save some tabs. What’s more, these shortcuts are lightweight version so they load up easily and are always there for you, even after you close the browser.

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