Viber Reaches The Milestone Of 100 Milllion Concurrent Users

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Despite no shortage of competition, Viber is the leading mobile communications platform which offers both free messaging and free phone calls in HD quality between users. The company announced that it can now claim over 100 million concurrent users online and has over 360 million unique registered users. The first number is also indicative of the fact that Viber has a community of users that engage with each other regularly and are often active.

What are concurrent users?

Concurrent users” is measured by how many people have Viber running on their devices or desktop at the same time. The company added that if you include the ability to be reached by push notifications it estimates that 200 million people are reachable at any given time given its worldwide reach.

“As usage increases, our priority remains the same – introducing features, adding more platforms, and improving Viber with every new version. This is exactly what we’ve done with the new Viber Desktop, and we’re really excited for our users to try it out,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber.

Improved Viber Desktop

While the milestones mean a great deal to the company, they were announced alongside the release of a new version of Viber Desktop. While the design changes really do clean up the interface, the company put a special focus on something that, as I’m not a 12-year-old girl, means less to me and presumably others, the popular stickers that a large portion of its user base enjoy the use of each day.

The use of stickers just got easier as Viber has made it easy for users to find and select them in order to add them to their e-correspondence. The revamp includes an “in-your-face” sticker menu that can be docked on either side of the app. For those no interested in stickers, have no fear Viber also improved its video quality as well as the performance of Viber Desktop.

In an effort to continue its global growth, Viber also announced that its support site added two more languages to its support site. Portuguese and Spanish now join Japanese and English as the company looks to developing markets to further fuel its expansion.

The new version can be downloaded here: .

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