More Than Half Of Facebook Users Use It While On The Toilet

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Multiple studies have shown that Facebook is very addicting, and apparently people don’t even want to stop long enough to take care of necessities like going to the bathroom or even taking a shower. Now a new study reveals what people are doing while they’re using Facebook, and certainly some of these items probably fall into the category of “I didn’t really want to know that.”

But then again, maybe you’re one of those Facebook users who log in while sitting atop the “porcelain throne.”

Facebook use has become compulsive

This latest study was conducted by the folks at Stop Procrastinating, who surveyed 2,000 Facebook users. They learned that 56% of Facebook users think their usage of the social network is compulsive, and of that 56%, 68% of them were worried that they couldn’t control their use of it.

One concern about social media that has heightened lately is that it appears to be replacing real person to person social interactions, and 45% of those who describe their usage of Facebook as “compulsive” actually made an excuse to step away from a social setting to use it. For example, they may step away from a meal they’re having with friends just to go to the bathroom for the purpose of using Facebook. Also 11% of users said they’ve used the social network while on their first date.

Another sign that Facebook use has become compulsive is becoming angry or irritated because someone kept them from updating their page when they wanted to. According to researchers, 36% of those who participated in the survey said they had experienced these feelings.

Where are people using Facebook?

Researchers also discovered that 56% of Facebook users are using it while sitting on the toilet, 32% use it while in the bathtub, and 15% actually use it while taking a shower. I guess the rise of water-resistant smartphones makes that last one a possibility. Thank you, technology.

Twelve percent of people actually updated their Facebook status at their own wedding (wouldn’t want to miss changing that relationship status ASAP, apparently), and 17% admitted to using Facebook during the speeches at their friend’s wedding. Unsurprisingly, 72% of users said they use it when they should be working or studying.  And there are all kinds of other fun facts about where people are using Facebook in the infographic put together by the folks at Stop Procrastinating:


Courtesy of: Stop Procrastinating

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